Like Buying Render [RNDR] at $1.50? NodeAI Crypto

Demand for AI is growing at an extremely Rapid Pace really think about the Implications of all this demand for AI Will only increase with time and with That gpus are in extremely high demand Most people don't realize AI tasks need To be processed all that information Needs to be stored there's a big gap in The market right now as far as what AI Can do versus how frictionless it can be Done node AI is heralding in a new era In Ai and cloud computing by Democratizing GPU access we've partnered With them today very excited to share This project with you node AI is crypto Plus AI plus deepen plus real world Assets plus utility plus Revenue share All put together GPU is at the Forefront Of the next wave in deepin Ai and real World asset tokenization rwa it's Streamlining the the way we use Blockchain to turn physical high-cost AI Technology into shared digital assets This move makes it easier for Communities to jointly invest in and Benefit from these Advanced Technologies Node ai's approach is simplifying access To and ownership of cuttingedge tech Reshaping the future of decentralized Digital infrastructure so node AI Facilitates seamless rental and lending Of GPU nodes basically GPU owners maybe You or anybody across the vast Network Can lend their idle Hardware to others

Via node AI earning GPU tokens based on The usage this basically turns inactive Resources into an opportunity for Passive income and by the way users on The supply side not only earn their Native token the GPU token for sharing Your resources you also earn ethereum The eth token for sharing your resources And then users on the demand side if you Need some of that processing power for Your AI tasks they're very flexible on How they do this if you have high demand And need a lot of AI processing power They got you or maybe you just need AI Processing power on a more sporadic or Or onetime or two-time basis they also Have options for you it's really Interesting what node AI is doing They're basically crafting the world's Most expansive GPU Network designed to Enable Enterprises and AI enthusiasts Alike to delve into AI Tech without Fring over the infrastructure as AI Technology surges in popularity it's Putting a strain on GPU availability This presents a unique chance for those With spare Gpus GPU owners can generate a steady Stream of passive income by lending out Their gpus for AI tasks this not only AIDS in fulfilling the increasing demand For AI but also turns unused gpus into a Lucrative asset it's a win-win Supporting the a AI boom while

Benefiting GPU owners financially let's Talk about Revenue share how does the Revenue get generated first let's talk About the GPU token then we'll talk About the ethereum token first of all to Participate in the revenue sharing Program users must stake GPU the native Token of node AI staking involves Locking up certain amount of your tokens In the platform demonstrating your Commitment and support to the ecosystem Now where does it come from where does The revenue come from the node AI Platform generates Revenue through Various channels including fees from Renting AI nodes charges for using OnDemand GPU resources and earnings from Providing AI API endpoints to Enterprises and developers distribution Of profits how does that work well a Portion of the revenue generated by node Aai is set aside to be distributed among All participants in the revenue sharing Program the distribution is proportional To the amount of GPU tokens each user Has staked ensuring a fair and Equitable Return for all the key benefits of this And kind of the ideals that are Important to them in this process are Incentivized participation trust and Transparency enhanced security you know Supporting the network Community Empowerment and passive income of course Now let's talk about something I find

Really interesting earning ethereum Through this as well stake and earn Ethereum this feature is designed to Incentivize long-term participation I Like that how does it work so same as Before stake GPU tokens users can stake GPU the native token of node AI as a way Of investing in the platform and Demonstrating their commitment to the Ecosystem earn ethereum in return for Their staked GPU tokens users are Rewarded with ethereum eth the amount of Ethereum earned is proportional to the Quantity of GPU tokens staked in the Duration of the staking period this is Again a secure and transparent process Noted AI ensures that the staking Process is secure transparent and Userfriendly providing participants with Clear information about their staked Assets and potential rewards passive Income stream by staking GPU tokens Users create a passive income stream Earning eth without needing to actively Manage or trade their assets how much Will I earn by staking GPU you will earn Rewards on a monthly basis the staking Pool will be limited to benefit early Supporters and maximize distributed Rewards per Staker this is based Basically how the staking contract works This infograph so ready to earn ethereum Ready to earn GPU tokens grab your slice Today how to stake your GPU tokens first

Visit nodes. a click the da button on The top right connect your wallet click On staking select how much you wish to Stake submit to start earning ethereum Rewards taking a look at the tokenomics This is their contract address meaning You can just copy and paste B this to Any kind of ether scan or actually chain Analysis and and verify this information 90% of the supply is for liquidity on Decentralized exchanges 10% goes to Centralized exchanges if and when They're ready to get listed 100 million Total Supply you'll notice no team Allocation our team operates on real Revenue hence no team tokens there's a 4% buy and sell tax to support the Ecosystem growth 2% for GPU expansion And maintenance 1% for marketing 1% rev Sharing pool and when it comes to Revenue sharing 60% of the revenue Allocated is to revenue sharing pool 30% Of Revenue is for the team and Maintenance cost and 10% of Revenue is For GPU node expansion let's talk about The future for node Ai and what comes Next first of all exciting news we've Been funded and approved for the web3 Google startup program a significant Step closer to becoming a trusted Service provider you know it's still Very early for this project as they're Just Midway through stage one launch Node AI website and dap check GPU Fair

Launch check next up is stake to earn Rewards Build and Grow community and Referral program like the staking is Something you can do now exciting Announcement stake to earn eth is now Live stake GPU token get a slice of our Daily revenue the DAP the Stak contract Address GPU node rental will go live Next causing a surge in revenue and apy Stay tuned and then comes stage 2 where They launch Enterprise API endpoints They expand their GPU servers there's AI Trading tools rent AI nodes 7 figure Yearly Revenue Target this would be big And then stage three launch personalized AI nodes GPU server expansion Phase 2 Node AI Marketplace mobile app for Monitoring and global data center it's Still pretty early for this project but They're doing well for where they are Currently 85% of their GPU nodes are Being hosted by community members Currently 4% of the supply is in staking Pools and is rapidly growing also take a Look at this video it seems you can Launch your favorite blockchain nodes Effortlessly with just a few clicks with Node AI you bypass the technical Complexities and jump straight into the Action setting up your note has never Been easier or more accessible I'm going To leave links in the description so you Can check these guys out yourself visit The website guys learn about node AI

They have a lot to offer my name is Aaron see you tomorrow


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