I just found a Hidden Gem in crypto Gaming in the Avalanche ecosystem They're called playable games playable Games is like if Gala games and axi Infinity had a baby we've partnered with Playable games today to make this video Possible so Gala games is actually what I originally thought of when I was first Checking out playable games particularly Their node system so Gala nodes used to Be little money printers last bull Market I had a lot of friends who were Doing this it's also because Galla was Doing so well and obviously all good Things must come to an end but I'm Saying this because I'm saying this I Think has the potential like Gala had Potential in 2020 not Financial advice By the way I'm not a financial adviser Just giving you info and opinion like if We were having a beer together down at The local College bar anything can and Will happen that's for sure so I first Heard about playable games by fellow YouTuber Alex Becker I like this this Guy but another Studio I'm looking at Right now is playable Gams uh it's an AAC Studio it's a lot smaller of cap so It's a little bit more higher risk play Again Studios run really really really Hard in B runs so I like Studios and This is a studio on aack if you're Looking for a little bit more high-risk Tolerance there you go also I know that

Crypto banter has talked about playable Games not ran one of the Rising Stars Obviously the call of the week for us Here was playable games and I'm still Super bullish on this um but we've seen A couple of dip over the last few days And they have been scooped up every Single time at a 12 million market cap I Do think this one continues but tread With caution and then I see that this is Gaining a lot of traction on crypto YouTube in general I.E people are Talking about it and gaming YouTube I Mean it is a gaming studio they make web 3 games so their first game this is Their Flagship game it's called Nexus It's now available on epic games you Could play this it's a 5v5 MOBA third Person shooter you can play it or you Can watch people play it it's an Exhilarating gaming experience so people Are playing it you can watch gaming YouTubers talk about it and play the Game check out just 60 seconds here of This streamer enjoying himself playing The game how youall doing hope you're All having a wonderful day we're going To be playing some uh playable games We're playing Nexus today this is a Brand new emerging play dur nft game of Course it's all some new stuff and Obviously there are Stakes because if we Win we will be receiving the illustrious Check this out right here playable

Mantis skin yeah that skin right there Is what we are competing for right now Yeah so the best idea for everybody to Know when you play this game for the First time is you want to upgrade to a Level three weapon as fast as possible The best way to win is with a level Three weapon and then build out your Abilities and then you want to Kit out Your items to support your build that You chose all right I bought the heal Station they're over there on the right Side what are they doing over there on That right side uh I'm on the right side There's two to the right they just took Me out ooh there's a good move so a Little bit about this game while you're Watching these guys battle for their Lives Nexus is designed as a tournament Game akin to League of Legends Nexus Focuses on longevity and player Engagement all nfts in the game are Purely cosmetic ensuring Fair gameplay And regarding their skin system they say We're implementing a CS2 style skin System with thousands of unique skins Achievable through in-game Accomplishments actually here's the Founder himself talking about the Nexus Game and how exactly they're Incorporating digital assets into the Game and into gameplay this is how the Digital assets work in this game at First he's going to talk about the

Cosmetic skins that you can win and how To do that and then at the end he brings Up something kind of interesting Texas Is a tournament game so there can be Zero pay to win elements so our nfts are All just skins so they're just cosmetic So just a like a change the look of the Character we've worked out a very Sophisticated system of each one of our Skins will have thousands of variants And so by playing the game you'll earn a Reward chest and in that reward chest Will be a random chance to win some skin So you'll win something And there'll be skins of many different Variants so some will look very worn Others will be pristine and there'll be Everything in between some will be Battle scar some will be whatever so um It means you get to win something by Playing and there's a chance that it's Actually got value so well everything's Going to have value it's just how much Value so um and if you get a skin you've Already got or a a version of a skin You've already got you can just take That straight to a Marketplace and sell It and then we also have cosmetics in The sense that we're going to have like Different type bullets and different Type sounds and taunts and EM emotions And emotes and whatever else so there's Going to be all that and then we're just Currently rolling out now our first play

To earn so not pay to win but play to Earn economy in Nexus and that's going To be built around skins and we're Basing it off the csgo or CS2 um skin Economy so this does run on its own new Blockchain they successfully launched Their own chain called bull it's an avac Subnet the team is solid Father and Son Together co-founders and you know beyond Them much more their development team is Composed of 20year veterans from Wicked Witch I didn't know this it's a renowned Studio in Australia and Daniel Visser Their head of games brings extensive Experience in success and actually sold Wicked witch for around 15 million so They're quite public experienced capable Their upcoming releases include starving Martian this is a casual background Farming game like a Farmville set to Release before the end of the year then Ordm a complex Magic the Gathering style Card game fully nft based offering deep And engaging experience in the future They'll be finalizing a battle royale Style game called war of Steel and They're a continue development on Something called Dogs of War it's a Unique blend between DayZ and an MMO They do have nodes that you could run it Does cost something and of course you Earn their token could be beneficial Going into the bull market and of course It does come with perks ever dreamt of

Being in an exclusive club the vi3 club Is your ticket it's not just about Early Access and feedback it's about being Part of the core that shapes our future You'll Play The The Games first and your Suggestions will be heard first you'll Have the alpha to tell the rest of the World about what's coming next at Playable games and now it's also Complimentary part of becoming a Noto GG I'll see you in the vi3 chat and just to Give you some more info on their coin The actual coin associated with this Studio some quick info hey I like this Guy bull Isn't just a coin or a token It's the lifeblood of all games on the Playable games platform it's about Creating a seamless exhilarating gaming Experience while providing ownership and The freedom to transact to our players Bull coin is the backbone of that Mechanism it's the only coin we will Ever use in the playable games ecosystem On all 30 plus of our own games we'll Also only ever use bull coin for any Other Studios we publish games for bull Coin is our focus and you could say it's Our bullog and we're not just about fun We also take security very serious That's that's why we've got the ceric Stamp of approval for our blockchain so I like that he said that their current Coin is the only coin they're going to Use for their playable games I know this

Is something the gala holders didn't Like about Gala and worth noting their Discord is very active the leadership is Actively participating in their Discord They're keeping people engaged a lot Going for this project many different Ways to get involved I'm going to leave My link in the description check them Out we're going to keep them on our Radar


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