Like Buying Chainlink at $1? AI Crypto 0x0 Looks Interesting

0x0 is a hot new crypto product in the Crypto space actually multiple products One token multiple products privacy Security confidentiality 0x0 is a Comprehensive privacy solution featuring A variety of aib based safety tools that Redistributes 100% Revenue to Holders This makes things very interesting very Appealing this could be one of the next Big projects that booms in bitcoin's Next bull market the next chain link Some are saying now it's easy to say That and of course nobody knows the Future and anything can happen but let Me share with you why why I like zx0 We've partnered with them today to make This video possible utility utility Utility this project will live or die Based on its utility and based on its Ability to attract users users based on Its utility so what is this project all About privacy Ai and crypto are the Three big Concepts that really make this Product what it is privacy is so Important AI is amazing crypto is Amazing so if you think Ai and crypto Have a future if you think Ai and crypto Will continue to be big and you think we Need better privacy options check out 0x0 check out this video let me take you Through the main products under the 0x0 Umbrella and you tell me if you don't Think this is cool throughout this video Review I'm going to be sharing Snippets

From this 35 minute AMA session updating The cyborgs the community members on the Project so I thought this was very Informative you don't have to watch all 35 minutes I'll play you the most Important clips and before we get into The unique products let's actually start Off talking about the revenue Redistribution let's hear him touch on This a little bit because this is Actually available for all their Products also in this clip you're going To hear them talk about the transparency With the community and also the BuyBacks They did with the token very interesting Tell me what you think every utility That we do here at Oxo in some form or Fashion is meant to build up a treasury Every piece every component of Revenue Is generated here is always going to go Back to the holder all over 8,000 of you Are entitled to that and to any future Cyborgs that is our promise to you that We for the last 255 days have always Stuck true to our words every dollar That has been generated in Revenue has Gone back to you we have taxes yes those Taxes always go back to the project as Well and you guys can see that very Transparently we've never hidden any of That hundreds and hundreds and hundreds Of thousands of dollars injected in Liquidity we wanted to ensure that our Chart was not volatile you know at the

Beginning part of our taxes as per our Our version one white paper was for the BuyBacks and burns once we burnt up a Good amount of the supply it then Pivoted to BuyBacks and liquidity Injection the liquidity injection has Allowed us to have strong Floor in web 3 right now and you guys Probably think that's a giant claim that I'm making go look at everything else When the market was not seeing the Hottest of days and we never dipped Below the two cent Mark and if we did we Bounced right back and we grinded and You all grinded and you all kept telling The space don't fade Oxo do not fade the Cyborg Army you know we really brought The Inception of Revenue Shar let me Clue you into the products that they Have in their Arsenal today that you can Use today also the products they have on The horizon understand how 0x0 started It started as just a smart contract Auditor today that product is an AI Auditor an AI smart contract auditor is A tool that uses Advanced algorithms to Analyze smart contracts and identify Potential vulnerabilities or issues you Understand what an auditor is listen to This clip because what I like about this Clip you really get a sense of who they Are how they started where they're going Listen to this they're talking about Their AI auditor this is product number

One audits are important and they are Necessary for projects that want to see Themselves Go the Distance and audits Especially back in the day were Something that would take three weeks Six weeks and they were not cheap they Were not cheap and we felt that the Actual work that goes into doing an Audit was not that difficult and we Realized that sir Enigma kind of had This light bulb moment where he's like Wait I can totally code that via Ai and We were like okay we're listening and so We decided that our first utility would Be the AI smart contract auditor if you Guys go to our website to this day you Can run our audit for or a audit on a Smart contract for free in the future We're obviously going to be offering More premium features to that because Every utility that we do here at Oxo in Some form or fashion is meant to build Up a treasury every piece every Component of Revenue that is generated Here is always going to go back to the Holder all over 8,000 of you are Entitled to that and to any future Cyborgs that is our promise to you the Next product they developed is their Privacy mixer so a product like this I'm Definitely into I wonder how they're Thinking about regulations for something Like this though but I love their Passion in the space listen to their why

The SE futility that we wanted to bring To the space was that we wanted a mixer We wanted a way for our sideboards to be Able to move funds transfer funds Anonymously every single person within Web 3 within crypto is entitled to their Privacy and their security and that Confidentiality aspect so the mixer felt Like the piece that we needed to do we Feel that all of you should be able to Move your funds privately without anyone Being able to say have a say in how you I guess move your money you know we all Invest in this space because we're all Tired away that the banks in the global Economy operates and so we want to Ensure that you always have what s had Put out there that the blockchain was Meant to be a place where you are Entitled to your confidential ity and to Your privacy and we're over here trying To ensure that so that's where the mixer Comes in so this is their flag ship Product this one I could tell they're The most proud of at least at this point In time it's their privacy decks imagine Trading on a DEX where all your trades Are totally private the third component Was the one that I think really got the People the cyborgs excited and that Ladies and gentlemen was the Privacy Decks the Privacy decks is our way of Getting the states a way to invest Anonymously and I remember and Jay's

Listening right now and Jay's probably Like oh God yeah lay it on him remember The early days and so does John so do a Lot of you guys when everyone's like Yeah that's lar that's Vaporware you can't build a privacy Decks well cyborgs we obviously could And we did you are able to buy and sell Anonymously with what we are building And have built here here at Oxo the Privacy decks the mixer the AI smart Contract auditor were the first three Key steps for us to be able to give the Space security and that privacy and the Confidentiality aspect we believe that You are entitled to that and that should Never change on the blockchain one more Product one more product although they Have a whole host of other products I Want to share with you one more which is Very cool very recent it's called Arcane It's a wallet it's an MVP totally Private imagine a crypto wallet that is Totally private so visit their Twitter There's a whole 5minute demo video where They go through exactly how it works but Let them just describe it to you listen To this Arcane is your guys's new Gateway to True privacy on the ethereum Blockchain the Oxo Arcane hidden secret Wallet is used to generate your very own Oxo address you heard me correctly you Will have your own Oxo address you can Share this Oxo address with others to

Securely receive assets such as ethereum Erc20 tokens and you've all been waiting For this Nfts all while ensuring your Privacy moreover the Oxo address allows You to send assets to others and conduct Swaps on Unis swap discreetly without Ever revealing any transaction details On ether scan you heard me correctly you Can do what you want to do anonymously The arcane demo has been released please Check out our recent tweets to see Arcane in action on the go early test Net and see the Revolutionary onchain Privacy that Arcane offers visit their Website check these guys out tell me What you think about this in the Comments below it's early for them but They seem to have a lot of momentum Particularly early on and of course Different products and you know Different things you can already use you Know what visit their website you tell Me what you think but I'll leave you Just with one more 30 second clip Another product another one totally Private derivative and spot trading Oxo Spectre is synonymous with the MVP and More Spectre consists of both private Spot and private Perpetual derivatives Trading you heard me correctly Cyborgs Spectre consists of both private Spot and private perpet no preset Deposit amounts am any erc20 to toen and

Private selling is available as well you Can trade like a ghost with or without Leverage while maintaining your Confidentiality the entire time


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