Leandro Lopes’s $1Million Prize to YOU?? (Crypto Mining Shoe, App, Game) πŸ‘Ÿ

So you have a little competition going The search for one million user Milestone and a winner would get 1 Million euros Exactly so we want to get one million Players in the game as soon as we hit it We will announce and the first one who Completes it a little bit real money 1 Million euro in real cash I might have To participate I might have to Participate Um it could be perfect Tobias what is Leandro Lopez as it Relates to crypto Leandro Lopez is a Fashion brand and we come from a classic Retail world and produce shoes and we Did it already since close to 10 years Now and we ended the crypto game one and A half year ago because we we fell in Love with crypto so we bought a lot we Love the market we love the environment We love everything what happens there And the original idea was hey let's use This cool technology to have Um a good proof that our our fashion is Original and not a copy Um and use the the blockchain technology To have a unique identifier so some Other brands did it as well but this was The first inspiration we had for crypto When we thought it would be a cool idea To make an own token for a loyalty so if You purchase something on our store we Can reward you with some tokens and then

We thought let's go deeper and combine Crew crypto with the fashion So Leandra Lopez already an established Fashion brand and getting into crypto You said one of our shoes one of our Products specifically going to be a Crypto mining shoe That's it so the main base we are in Germany so where's the brand well known We have more than 400 retailers selling Our shoes physically in their store of Course online as well All out of Germany we are not so known But we try our best to change it and but Maybe you know some of the influencers We're working with like Floyd Mayweather Or that name are varying our stuff and Yes we try to to combine it with the the Mining shoe that's a real shoe you can Really wear in the real world and get Crypto assets if you move with it so Let's dive into that how exactly does The mining chip work within the shoe Good one so I have one for you here it's Still the Prototype so we are working on It not the final final version but close To it so that you can see is a very Modern sneaker built for a young Audience to be honest and we have here a Big soul and the complete difference to Smartwear as you know just here I have My watch right is um we erased Everything what needs to be connected so You don't need to charge there's no

Cable connection there's no induction Made to load it it's completely working By walking so connecting walk and works With pizza technology so every step the Kinetic pressure produces energy and Charges a Bluetooth chip which is uh Connected to the app and so that's the In easy words the way how we call or how We count the steps And then yeah you mentioned the app so You keep track of this in the app There's a whole ecosystem going on with The app could you talk about that Absolutely and we reinvented it Um to make it easy and accessible for Everyone so let's face it not everyone Is in the crypto world but we want to do Our best to help to connect the worlds So we decided to reinvent the app and It's basically an activity game so you Walk around and if more steps you make As more can you Explore and if more can you can you find You have an avatar You Can level up it's Very detailed 3D avatar wearing our Stuff so in digital world in the Physical world you can have both clovers And it's more as you walk you more steps You make and we have a currency called Reward steps and it's more you have as More rewards you get once a week we have The pool where we give Um earnings to the users we call it Proof of work so as more as you walk as

More as you get Interesting a little bit like Pokemon go In that you're getting out there you're Walking places probably feeling good Because you're walking but also Completing certain challenges in the app Absolutely appreciate that you said it We say often It's a combination of Runtastic and Pokemon go so everyone can Feel it and of course we we have plans To implement Um a similar uh function like the Pokemon stops that you have in Pokemon Go but to combine it with the retailers So the brick and mortar stores can be a Part of the game to engage with the Users so completely new invention but Like I said we want to melt down the Borders and bring both worlds together Interesting and before we go any deeper I want to find out a little bit more About you you're new at Leandro Lopez as I understand it you work for Global Brands like Salesforce Amazon sixth Why'd you choose Leandro Lopez after 22 Years in sales and working for big Brands like that Absolutely so I'm since 22 years in Sales like you said and always with a Big marketing and sales uh um wait in my In my career and I fell in love with Crypto 2016. and we made we met by Accident Leandro Lopez and me and we Found out hey we are in love with the

Same things so we want to bring in Crypto and and accessible for everyone We we want to invent something Completely new we want to combine the World and what I bring in is I have a Huge background experience in Advertising so I know how to make things Big and earn money with it it's Extremely key because we want to bring Back as much money as possible to the Users so we think web free can only work If you're involve the users in complete Experience so it's more money we earn It's more we can reward to the players And we will build up the game together With the with the users and I think I Have some good relationships in the Network and some experience which can Help make this big And speaking about rewards to the users In the Lopez app users can participate In challenges and even find nfts you Touched on that but is there is there More to say could you could you talk About that a little bit more absolutely We have many different kind of chests so As more as you walk random chests will Pop up in the game and you can find and Open them depending on randomizer behind That counting the steps you make and There's more steps you make the higher Of a chance get to find a chest and that Can be in Pat's emotes boosters and the Best what you can find is fashion nfts

And if you find them that's puzzle Pieces and if you combine all the puzzle Pieces to one you get clothings in real Again like I said we want to bring in The Both Worlds so that's important for Us to give a user also the chance to get Real rewards of a physical fashion as I Understand it the shoes itself the Leandro Lopez mining shoes themselves But also different skins you can win can Be taken into other metaverses through Different Partnerships is that correct Yeah that's that's the vision for in a Long tail in a long tail perspective but We have already a partnership with A knowledge show very well known in Germany and they bought an own metaverse Only acceptor uh accessible by browser And we have Fernando Lopez store in the They are metabors where you can buy our Fashion and vis-a-vis we will make it Accessible to find it we say time Capsules to it so it will be a special Chest just for this partner and maybe Imagine you find a T-Rex bone and if you Puzzle it together you can watch the Real uh uh uh T-Rex in where meteors in In a real scale so that is how we want To combine the words with benefits from From both sides to bring also the worlds Together of course absolutely correct And you recently have a a huge live Event Leandro Lopez live event it was a Ticketed event a lot of people from

Around the world bought tickets tuned in I don't know much about it what were Some of those key highlights the Outcomes that you wanted and you know What came of that what was some of the Feedback Yeah we are still in the pre-sale phase So we are very Um curious about the actual stage of Development of the shoe so we tell them Now that is the kinetic shoe with the Idea before was to make it with an Induction loading mat so they laughed But we don't not need any any accessory And the second thing was we told them a New story about The game everyone can Play it everyone can try it and if you Love it you can still purchase the Mining shoe that was also very welcome And we made it way more easy to access Because the structure before was very uh Complicated and we also announced that Was a big one that we are in a race for One million players so the app will be Released in the next days and if we hit The 1 million players in the game we Will make a battle pass maybe you know It from other games and the first one Who completes it gets one million euro Real cash the envelope himself was on Stage and announced that and the Audience was absolutely excited So you have a little competition going The search for one million user

Milestone and a winner would get 1 Million euros Exactly so we want to get 1 million Players in the game active players in The game as soon as we hit it we will Announce a battle pass logic so we have Many other games but the mission pass Where you have to complete different Steps and the first one who completes it Um we get a little bit a real uh real Money one million euro in real cash I might have to participate I might have To participate Um it could be worth it something else About your event is there is you know Some key industry players as I Understand it who who showed up to this Event PWC KPMG could you share a little Bit on the nature of why they're Interested in their involvement in your Project Yeah around the world we have two major Challenges we try to help one is people Do not move anymore so more than 80 Percent of people on all on the globe Especially the youngers Um based on who Um do not move at least 30 minutes a day And this makes them sick and in Germany We have we have a very very Um uh dangerous numbers where we're Going to and we say we want to motivate The move again so that's on the one hand And on the other hand like I said before

We want to involve retail brick and Mortar stores so the urban cities are Dying in Germany I don't know how about In your country many many stores are Empty no one is in there anymore and we Bring the game together with the stores So they can mount a screen in this door And the player can interact with it so We can check in and show his Avatar he's Proud of on the screen making a Signature move showing the clothing Showing the level and in the meantime no Characters Um checking in I came from the Advertising space I sell advertising Videos on the screen and we we will give Some of the earnings back to the store So you have a passive income source to The to his regular business and he has New audiences because the player comes In in his store so there's a both major Challenges in Germany we try to help With we try to solve and make it more Modern way and this was uh very Interested by by the brands you you Mentioned absolutely Tobias thank you for joining us today uh Links to Leandro Lopez and everything Down below I just have a couple more Questions as we finish this out First of all like where is Leandro Lopez Today and how how can I best get Involved is it simply by buying the shoe And downloading the app and getting

Involved that way Yeah to make it easy for everyone so the App will be available for free so it's a Free app you can try and if you find out Hey it's somehow fun you get your first Earnings you get a smaller portion of it As the mining shoe users but you find Out hey that's cool you want to get more Of it then you can purchase a premium Subscription or you'll get all the Biggest one that's the VIP status if you Think so and buy the mining shoe but It's up to you so you can all of these Free models work and all of these three Models you can play and experience Everything I mentioned before so and we Will start soon in your Market as well Um offering also physical Goods we have And make it accessible as soon as Possible all over Globe what's the plan Cool could be a good birthday gift or or Christmas gift since I know it's Dropping later in the year Absolutely absolutely and then just my Final question is now thinking into the Future what are the plans for this going Into the next two three even up to five Years Yep gaming makes always more fun if you Do with reverse so we want to implement A lot of multiplayer features in it so You can Um see each other in the game as well Interact with each other with emotes

Have your own pets following you maybe Fashion forward pets as well accessing More meter verses because there's so Much cool stuff out there and give the Other meta verses and have a cool Fashion brands the chance to get in our Game Um too because I think as unique as Every person is as unique should the Aperture be so give them all the freedom And all the the the good things about Fashion in individualization and Personalization things uh what we have In River 2 to have a chance to to make a As a a digital me in in our game as well A lot of interaction way more stores way More countries so that you have to Experience wherever you go you can find Out like with Google Maps in the old Days in the future we'll find Gamification Asian upgraded Potentials all over Globe where you can Interact with stores players and all the Stuff in the world so that's the vision For long term Cool Tobias thank you so much for joining us Today links to Leandro Lopez and the Mining shoe down below Tobias final Thoughts for the altcoin daily audience Yeah it's thank you so much for the Chance to speak with you I think it's uh Uh a fantastic time to be uh alive Because so much things happen and the

Meltdown now happens uh even more so Yeah if you have seen the Apple note With rare glasses so we can still see The real world of digital content we Come from average site and deliver Fashion and connect with digital I think That's the next big thing Um so you don't have to choose so you Can engage with both so cool time to be In it and we would have would be more Than happy if you joined the Lopez fam And have you on board so thank you so Much for your time thank you very much


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