LEAKED: BlackRock to Launch Bitcoin ETF in October? (New Evidence)

The crypto Market continues to pump with Bitcoin the price now above $31,000 and if you're asking why as Verified by the senior ETF analyst for Bloomberg Black Rock has just amended Their spot Bitcoin ETF for a possible Seating in October this rally is Way Beyond the rumor I think the the rally Today is about a flight to Quality and I Believe crypto will play that type of Role as a flight to quality let's dig Into this as well as the recent bitcoin News chain link news and toana news but A big reason that more confidence is Coming back into crypto is because Coinbase is poised to make their final Pitch in a bid to kill the SEC Accusations quickly so the SEC is suing Coinbase for among other things offering Unregistered Securities and the US Crypto exchange is ready to argue that The sec's claims about unregistered Securities are missing evidence of Actual contracts and especially coming Off of what we've just seen with ripple And the SEC the company coinbase is said To be ready to underline two legal Arguments number one that the tokens Being traded don't represent investment Contracts and thus don't represent Securities the SEC just lost in court Against Ripple on this so I don't see Any reason that coinbase wouldn't win Here and two that the SEC is violating

The major questions doctrine that Outlines the relation ship between Regulators and Congress I.E that the SEC Has been overstepping their bounds Michael Sailors 4.7 billion Bitcoin Backed is back in the green micro Strategy the software company led by Sailor began buying the crypto more than 3 years ago and at the last check held More than 158,000 Bitcoins so you're Buying yeah I'll be buying at the top Forever and specifically how how much is Micro strategy up at the current price Of $3,650 the Bitcoin bat is in the green By about $11,000 per coin for a total Gain of roughly $160 million and Michael Sailor has stated that he's not Interested in selling he's only Interested in buying and in the green Right here the dots you can see every Single time micro strategy made a Purchase a pretty solid DCA strategy Yeah I'll be buying at the top forever And what is this Black Rock update and How have they altered their ETF Application so two things caught my eye From the latest ishares Black Rock S1 Amendment number one they've obtained a CIP in prep for the launch and two they May be looking to seed with cash this Month which is earlier than I would have Thought but maybe nothing and again we

See confirmation of this in the actual Filing talking about seeding Capital Investor talking about in October and This was confirmed by the senior ETF Analyst for Bloomberg saying Black Rock Stating in the recent spot Bitcoin ETF Amendment that they are seeding the ETF In October don't want to read that much Into it but this is new info not in Original filing so noteworthy especially Because they Black Rock and for the Layman what this means to you seeding an ETF is when initial funding is provided Typically by a bank or broker dealer Used to purchase a few creation units in This case Bitcoin in exchange for ETF Shares which can be traded in open Market on day one note seeding is Typically not a lot of money just enough To get the ETF going so I wouldn't read This as OMG black rock is buying a ton Of Bitcoin at all but more the fact that They're doing it and disclosing it shows Another step in the process of launching And let's be real maybe I'm missing Something but every ETF is seated yes Totally normal but that's kind of the Point it happens when ETFs are preparing For launch and what did SEC commissioner Hester Pierce just say this morning I Can't I can't say whether or not the the Commission is is ready to approve a Bitcoin exchange traded product I've Been thinking we should approve one for

The Last 5 Years so the the logic for Why we haven't has always mystified me Uh the court case obviously is is an Important factor in the landscape but um I can't guess as to my colleagues Approach to this topic and chain link Why is it pumping because chain link Leads the crypto Market rally saring 8% Overnight and most of you were probably Prepped for this at least subscribers of Altcoin daily knew this was a Possibility about a month ago I put out This video most people don't realize how Big chain link will be and it explained In detail ccip chain Link's impressive Performance may be attributed to the Growing popularity of its cross-chain Interoperability protocol ccip the Recently launched techstack upgrade Aimed at simplifying cross-chain Transactions and the adoption for this Chain link product is real introduced in July of this year with early adopters Including Avalanche ethereum optimism Polygon as well as coinbase backed Ethereum L2 Network base as well as defi Lending protocol a and synthetics ccip Created a standard Communication System Between different often incompatible Blockchains well the journey continues The news today is this this week there Were seven Integrations of four Chain Link services across five different Chains including arbitrum BNB chain

Ethereum optimism and polygon the point Is the chain link ecosystem is growing Solana news Solana's largest def5 Protocol marinade starts blocking UK Users and just to be specific another Way to say that would be Solana's Largest decentralized Finance protocol Marinade Finance has blocked users in The United Kingdom from accessing the Site due to compliance concerns over the FCA regulations so is something Decentralized is a defy if the entity Can block specific users the landing Page for users in the UK displays a Warning message although it states that Users May withdraw liquidity claim Delayed tickets or delay on stake via R SDK meaning you are able to exit Peacefully get your money off and leave And why some Solana users are shook is Because marinade is responsible for most Of the total value locked tvl on the Solana blockchain with 248 million Spread across native and liquid sticking Products and the amount ount of assets Across the entire Solana blockchain Ecosystem stands at 350 million so this Is about 250 million out of the total 350 million and many of you have also Been asking why is injective protocol Pumping well the numbers don't lie big Numbers on the injective ecosystem over 304 million plus transactions over 13 Billion plus cumulative volume also a

Lot of inj staked and as of 20 hours ago Over 400 million in inj is now staked Making injective one of the largest L1 Networks by staked value fun fact Injective is the first blockchain to Offer automatic smart contract execution Which Empower faster more Innovative and Groundbreaking applications whenever Crypto projects are either pumping or Tanking you can come to this channel Subscribe and learn daily as to why Update in the ongoing s BF trial Actually as of last week leaked audio Exposes Caroline Ellison giggling during An all hands FTX meeting as she Confesses to the team that they are Short billions of dollars in customer Funds Gathering the rest of our assets And trying to like kind of free up as Much Capital as we can is good um Because like kind of the more extra Capital we have an Al met the more Capital we can like throw into the deal To make it like more attrative to CD Basically can you say have Bak the H is Or like uh I probably don't want to Share the exact number but it's a is it Closer to like one bill or sixth Bill uh the Latter we have an idea of how likely it Is that the deal with c will go Through uh I don't really know I said 70% earlier but then Teran said 40% anyone else says esth

Take Them yeah I'm kind of Like I don't know by default I sort of Like expect see need to like behave very Like whatever zero some just like trying And us over ways so Like whatever Mak me a sign this deal And then that's like whatever with an Explicitly clause and know is um it's Basically just covering the like user Funds shortfall and all As this trial continues I will keep you Updated click subscribe and like always See you tomorrow


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