Lazy Millionaire: Easiest Ways to Make Money Online in 2023

So what's the quickest and most Effective way to make money online and I'm not talking about just a couple Hundred bucks here and there I'm talking Millions of dollars by doing the least Amount of work possible while someone Who struggled with being lazy and what I'd consider to be a key procrastinator To now running a multi-seven-figure Business that I started all from scratch I've got some incredible lessons I've Learned over the years that I'm going to Reveal to you in this video now first of All to begin it turns out being lazy Might actually work out in your favor Bill Gates the fourth richest man in the World has been notorious for looking to Specifically hire lazy people because of One reason and that is lazy people tend To find the most efficient solutions to Problems that exist well when it comes To the terminology of laziness we're not Speaking about your traditional form of Laziness that a lot of people think About which is laying on the couch Eating junk food doing nothing at all What we're gonna focus on in this video Is what I call optimized laziness where You discover your passion and turn that Into something you love where it doesn't Actually feel like you're doing work It's also from there where you do the Least amount of work possible by being Intentional with every step of the

Process to get the highest return on Investment for your time one of my Favorite quotes by far is if you enjoy What you do you'll never work another Day in your life oftentimes when we feel Lazy it's because we have to do Something that we actually don't want to Do deep down inside examples of this Sitting on the couch knowing you'd Rather stay down than to do that pile of Dishes after you ate or you know taking Out the trash or reading the book or Even going to the gym in order to Overcome laziness more often than not You need to make the things that you're Doing just much more enjoyable as a Personal example to share I remember I Had a terrible habit where as soon as I Would finish eating dinner I would just Be like so lazy to do the dishes and not Want to do anything else that I would Just leave it all out put it in my sink And then I'd save it for the next day And I would just procrastinate this is Because I just didn't want to touch the Mountain of dishes since my kitchen was Always a mess and I genuinely just did Not enjoy the process of having to clean Now in the past month or so I actually Made a huge radical change where I found Myself enjoying the act of cleaning Tiding and organizing where nowadays it Doesn't feel like work or a chore and Because I enjoy doing it I find that it

Becomes more energizing for me to do and It overcomes that feeling of laziness That I initially had now other examples Of this is like working out there are Times where it feels almost effortless To go to the gym because I enjoy what I Do at the gym I love how I feel when I Get that pump and then how I feel when I See the results the next day another More like real-time example is like even Making a video here there are some days Let me tell y'all it becomes a lot of Work in order for me to gather The Willpower to sit here turn on this light Turn on this camera and start recording A video but the simple little hack and Tip that has changed the way I've Approached everything is just finding Genuine enjoyment and gratitude and Being able to do the things that I do so How do we apply this mindset and Principle in making multi-million dollar Businesses well for this I've made a Simple eight-step framework that I've Learned over the years to share with you Now starting with number one what you Want to do is first write down a list of Your interests that you genuinely enjoy Doing and by the way if you are Interested in doing something it doesn't Mean you have to be an expert or the Best in it either more specifically with This first step I would definitely spend More than just even like five minutes

Where you're like okay I love eating I Love going to the bathroom and I love Sleeping think outside of that think of Things that you genuinely find that you Get energy from ideally you also want to Get as niche as possible so for example If I were to give you guys my own list I Like playing rugby and I like going Fishing now even with that example it's Too generic so how can I be more Specific so for this example for the Sport of rugby true story I've been Playing now for about 10 years and I'd Like to say I'm above average but I know I ain't the best now realizing that I Know at least 100 players that are Either playing for the major league Rugby team here in the US or playing for Some of the best men's club team in the Country now if I was the best at this Sport then I would go ahead and consider You know coaching others starting a Business maybe doing some mentorships in Order to get people to a place where I Was at one point where I got a few Division one scholarships and I was able To play for a couple other club teams in This area and win a couple championships That was nice too but in me recognizing The fact that I ain't the very very best What I would do is then look in more Creative ways as an example I know one Specific friend that has been playing on Now the U.S national level and he's been

Extremely good over the years in just Juking the crap out of people from here I can just imagine all of the players From the high school level the college Level where they can just get a two-hour Session with him and just learn how to Juke on the level that he does from There I would even consider doing Something like a revenue split get some Marketing done through some of the clubs That we've played with and where to Mouth and from there we just sell Tickets maybe it's like 50 bucks or 100 Bucks to attend this one day boot camp People are finding value he gets paid And then I would just do a commission Split off of him and from there I found Out a creative way to make money off of Something that I enjoy doing now that's A bit more of a specific example but Let's go back to that fishing one I love Going fishing but by any means there are Days where I get skunked which means I Don't catch anything at all I've tried The whole game of where I go out I make YouTube videos I create content I do Affiliate marketing from there and maybe Eventually I'd start my own brand but I Know that is the complete opposite of Being a successful lazy business owner So what I would do is know that I have a Passion in this but I also recognize Once again I'm not the best but from me Creating content building my own

Personal brand trying it out I realized That I was able to meet other creators Within the space who specifically fished Now from there if I know that there are Specific creators who have an audience Bigger than what I could have grown I Would even consider making a full guide As an example on fishing ponds within my Area the area of Maryland and from here I talk with the expert hey what's the Best baits to use what are the best Times to actually go out and fish what Are some of the best spots to go out so I know that I can catch fish that I Don't waste my time every time I go out If I know a whole bunch of content Creators around this area that are Continuing to crush it I would offer Them an affiliate deal where I go ahead I make this guide once and for all where I collect the information from them Maybe I don't even know some of the best Spots but they do and we would just do Like a 50 50 rev split the whole key to Doing Lazy business work is also not Just doing enjoyable work but finding a Way to delegate and automate and also Create systems so that you're not doing More work than you need to in just those Two examples I've actually done pretty Much half of this formula already and to Continue it's first of all writing down A list of those interests as we have Mentioned then getting clear with your

Messaging on who you're trying to reach So I know that if I work together with The rugby folks or the fishing folks That Target demographic of people who Watch them or are within their Network Are people who probably enjoy fishing From there the third most important Thing is to solve a problem this is how Money is made a lot of people Overlook How to make money they they over Complicate it like you know you got to Be born from a rich family to do any of This but at the end of the day in you Making money it's you solving a problem If you're working a job right now on the Corporate level you are solving problems You're just doing it for a bigger Company that technically owns you and Then that pays you for the delivery of Your services when it comes to making Starting and scaling a profitable Business it's all about solving problems Within a specific Niche from there you Either become the expert or you get in Touch with an expert within a certain Space so as an example you are naturally Talented in playing video games and even Now it's almost effortless so you Wouldn't actually have to find an expert Playing Call of Duty in order to sell Their audience a guidebook on it you Yourself if you're good at it you can Then make content yourself which feels Effortless because you enjoy doing it

Post that content on YouTube and then in The link in the description of that Video all you have to do is sell a guide Hey here are the top 10 tricks that if You spend even 10 minutes a day doing Before you get into a game where you'll Improve your KD ratio to like three Points that right there identifies the Audience you're doing something that you Love you get clear with your messaging You're solving a problem helping other People improve and then from there You're able to start generating a profit Now at this point you should have been Able to sell one offer on a passion that You have or that you can identify from Here it's all about the act of just Rinsing and repeating when you get super Good at just being an entrepreneur and Identifying different opportunities Essentially you can then move into Something called Acquisitions if this is How you become like the final Bowser Version of the ultimate lazy Entrepreneur making a ton of money still Doing the most minimal amount of work This is where from the initial methods Of being able to generate money at Minimal work you're then able to take The funds from that don't waste it don't Blow it on dumb stuff keep that money And use it to then acquire or invest Into other businesses now I've been Super blessed over the past few years

Where I've been able to Angel invest in 20 different small businesses and Startups on top of that I also co-own The first Japanese barbecue restaurant Here in Rockville Maryland as an example For the restaurant they do all the work I don't do anything at all but yet I Still collect a check every single Quarter over time if you're able to Leverage skills that you built which is By the way free and available online in Like videos like this where I'm Educating you guys you can then use that To provide other businesses help to help Scale them where then you can earn some Even more money if you don't want to do That and you just want to focus on Making money you have a boatload of Money you can then invest that into Other companies and similar to the Principle of investing into crypto or Stocks you're having these assets work For you where over time it's giving you A positive return where you're literally At this point not doing any work at all Now I believe though the most valuable Thing for you to become a successful Lazy entrepreneur making millions of Dollars is to just continue acquiring Skills this is because if you happen to Not have like a hundred thousand plus Dollars to invest in you can always Leverage those skills into different Businesses one way that you can do this

Is by actually going through SVA getting Low interest loans to acquire and buy Businesses and if you're able to provide The SBA with a full business write-up or Even go to your bank and let them know Hey there's a power washing company There's a window cleaning company and They're not doing that good right now But they're profitable and I think I can Come in kind of like a private Equity Firm give them a business plan or revamp It acquire it and start cash flowing for Yourself you right there did not do any Of the work that they did to build up You didn't even have to get any more Money because banks are willing to loan People money for ventures like this and All you have to do is use your skill set In order to grow that company it's crazy The opportunities that exist nowadays And it all starts from The Bare Basics Of doing something that you like find Finding the skill in it and continuing To execute day after day at this point Ladies and gents you've just become the Ultimate successful laziest entrepreneur But just a few final tips to maximize Your output which will allow you to stay Out on top is this one learn to delegate Hire a team to scale and automate Systems and three get efficient and Invest often ladies and gents if you Enjoyed videos like this definitely let Me know Down Below in the comments

Section this is pretty much like a Condensed version of what I've done over The many many years of being here within The space and for people who have been Following me for the past few years Y'all already know my story y'all have Seen the come up over the past five Years and you'll know starting from zero This is pretty much the method that I Went very rarely does a day go by where It feels like I'm actually doing work And it's been such a privilege and a Blessing to continue to do this day After day and hopefully from this video Here you guys are able to take action And implement this into your life Yourself now by the way if you're an Entrepreneur you're trying to start your Own business and you're trying to do in The most efficient away another way to Do this is to make sure that you have The right credit cards over the past few Months on our Channel we've primarily Made content talking about how to Utilize credit cards the full benefit Possible so if you guys don't know a Single thing about it or maybe you have Heard about it but you have not even Gone into the credit card game be sure To watch a video like my ultimate credit Card hacking guide or just check out Some of the links Down Below in the Description where you can check out our Favorite credit cards at no cost to you

On top of that if you want to go ahead And join our patreon link to our Discord Be sure to check out the link Down Below In the description and one last thing if You guys want to follow me over on Instagram I've been posting a lot of Behind the scenes stuff over there shoot Me a follow if we're releasing something New mentorship courses whatever it is New products I'd be letting you guys Know there first thank you all so much Again for watching today's video have an Amazing day and I'll see you all soon Peace


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