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If they can come for your livelihood if They can tell you to stop seeing your Family if they can tell you to stay Indoors and you know they can force Themselves on you in all these different Aspects of your life it's only a matter Of time until they come for your money Banks are not safe they're just not we Saw what happened I mean even in Europe Not just in the states even when usdc Depegs it depicts because they had Reserves with banks the only solution Was to move the money into Bitcoin and Ethereum more than 90 of banks right now Across the globe are all working on a Central bank digital currency as fast as They could bring about the vaccine Passports is as fast as they will bring About a cbdc Leah Halpern author influencer and Truth Teller today shares with us why banks Are in crisis why your money is not safe Why Bitcoin ethereum and crypto are the Solution we talk about the world Economic forum cbdc's and an interesting Sam bankman freed Jeffrey Epstein Connection without further Ado Leia you Got Andrew Tate into Bitcoin right Oh my God oh God I think if I said I did I think he would kill me I feel like He's smart enough to have gotten in it Way before me But you were talking to him about Bitcoin like way before first of all

Anybody was talking to Andrew Tate and Certainly about about Bitcoin Yeah yeah that's true absolutely he you Know he's always been really Pro leaving The Matrix and saving yourself and Everything like that and um yeah so I Was talking to him about Bitcoin and I Think other cryptos to be honest I'm Pretty sure he I think he held some link He was telling me quite a while ago Um so yeah the guy's smart of course he Knows all about Bitcoin and other Different cryptos For sure for sure now before we get too Much into it Leia for the folks at home Who maybe have only seen a a tick tock Of you or something who are you what do You believe in and feel free to brag a Little bit Sure so a great question um I always Like TR I always trip when people ask me Who I am okay so author I have a book Called undressing Bitcoin I wrote that That was fun Um content creator so I have a Twitter a YouTube a tick tock Instagram Um and I you know I'm a speaker as well I speak at a lot of different Conferences I talk a lot on Fox News Um and GB news in the UK done a bit of ABC News and I've really you know I just Care so much about freedom and Empowering people to save themselves in All aspects of their life you know

Whether it's whether it's in times of Like their health their Fitness their You know their personal lives their Finances whatever it is you know I'm Really pro-freedom because I believe at A fundamental level everything that We're taught in schools Um just is all Incorrect and it's all Backwards and I don't think it adds any Value to how to become a successful Well-rounded individual in the real World and so for me I'm really keen on Sort of breaking down everything that We're taught in school and you know Teaching something new and I think Ultimately everything starts with the Money and the finances which is why I'm Really Pro crypto really Pro Bitcoin Um you know I talk a lot about the Dangers of cbdc so ultimately it's about Kind of rewiring everybody's brain and Pushing for um for a better more a weak World I hope that is a good explanation Yeah definitely and it seems like the World is losing Freedom so never been a Better time for you to start kind of Talking about this I would think Yeah it's a really interesting point Because I I was actually talking about This today on a Bitcoin Twitter spaces You know when the March 2020 covered Lockdown happened I was saying if they Can come for your livelihood if they can Tell you to stop seeing your family if

They can tell you to stay indoors and You know they can force themselves on You in all these different aspects of Your life it's only a matter of time Until they come for your money and I Actually received quite a lot of Backlash and this was in 2020 for for Using that supposedly using that as an Opportunity to promote Bitcoin and of Course just as I predicted they ended up Coming for your money you know in Canada Justin Trudeau literally blocked People's bank accounts because they Wanted to protest their right to to have Freedom of movement really their right To their own body and then they came for Their money and so absolutely as the Authorities continue to behave more Tyrannical then this message Rings truer And truer and so does the use case for Bitcoin Yeah in times of uncertainty and strife You know they they lock us down or they They came for the money in Canada's case Um you know in the guise of you know This is helpful this is yes something That's good for you but in the long run It's not good for you is your point of View correct yeah absolutely I feel like They they can't just come and take your Money they can't just say to you you Must stay at home it has to be done Under the guise of we're doing this to Protect you and everything is always

Like that you know whether it's with Climate change like another prediction That I have is we'll see more lockdowns Um but there'll be climate lockdowns and That'll be done to protect you of course Because you know it's very dangerous Outside the atmosphere is dangerous so We're all so toxic and so it's always Done under the guys that we're doing This to protect you Um you know even even all this weird Stuff with the whole lgbtq stuff you Know where that's where they're Switching their genders and they're Teaching the spirit of we're doing this To create a better world it's all yes You know you just have to actually have A critical mind and not be so surface Level about it like what is the direct Result of what is happening like what Are the long-term results of these Supposed good rules that we're Implementing that's all you have to do Just look at it and ask a question Um it's always under the guys and I Think it was even Ronald Reagan who said When they cut when communism comes or When authoritarianism comes it will come Wrapped in the flag wrapped in the U.S Flag you know it's a patriotic thing to Do to stay home and save lives right so That's always how it will come as They're doing it to protect you yeah so Many different things we can go and talk

About climate change and further Lockdowns uh gender issues but you know I guess one of the most recent things is The the banking crisis in the U.S I've Seen the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank Signature Bank silvergate we have a Banking crisis in America I know you Talked about how they like to control You by basically you know keeping tight Control over your money so my question To you Leia is is it safe to keep Your money in a bank do you think Well it's such an interesting question I Think the first point is that I don't Believe Signature Bank were even Insolvent at all nobody still really Understands why the government shut them Down so is it safe to keep your money in A bank even when they're not insolvent Well that's the first red flag because Governments will just shut you down Second point is that in the US you only Short up to 250 000 which is interesting In and of itself because it's like it's 250 000 the the amount we should only strive To have Like with inflation booming is 250k it Like should I not strive to have more so I find that like a weird psychological Number so okay you're safe up to 250k But like that's all you're supposedly Allowed and then the third point is I Mean is money even safe in the US dollar

Anyway well no given the level of Inflation that we're seeing um and I Don't think that the money printer is Gonna stop anytime soon Um so I personally would not do that I Don't feel comfortable doing that I Think that the world is changing really Rapidly and and the world as we know it Today is not how it's going to be in the Next 10 years banks are not safe they're Just they're just not we saw what Happened I mean even in Europe not just In the states and so for me it makes the Most sense to put your money into the Hardest asset in the world which I Believe is Bitcoin yeah you know you may Not get those incredible returns like You get with Um you know [ __ ] coins and small caps And all these things but at least you Know that your money is safe there and It's so funny because even when usdc Depegs it depicts because they had Reserves with banks and I thought to Myself you know [ __ ] I have money in Usdc like obviously I'm in crypto I have Money in stable coins what do I do now The only solution was to move the money Into Bitcoin and ethereum well ethereum Because obviously it's on the ethereum Network but move your money into Bitcoin Because these are like Blue Chip Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin is Bitcoin it's Like digital gold it's the only place

That I felt safe moving my money I'm not Going to turn it to cash I'm not going To put it in I'm not going to put it in The bank Bitcoin it's the it's like the Only thing that made sense Right the ways that the government or These Banks can basically control you as You mentioned is one just keep your Money in cash through inflation it loses Value not more than ever two it's like They only want you to have or to be able To save 250 000 because you know after That they're not protecting you clearly And you know the problems are just Getting worse but isn't that weird just On that point like don't you find that Weird up to 250 000 God forbid you Should strive to have anything more than That to me it's just like I don't know I just find it so bizarre There's no incentive to to save there's No incentive to be entrepreneurial There's no incentive to make more oh You're okay with 250k you don't need More than that do you know what I mean Yeah they can print plenty to bail other People out in circum circumstances but You know they can't basically protect a Normal citizen who wants to save more Than that right that's what I'm saying And then cbdc's Leia are these you know What are your thoughts are they coming Soon Well more than 90 of banks right now

Across the globe are all working on a Central bank digital currency Um I believe Biden is instructed the FED To start working on the digital dollar Um you know we've got politicians in the UK also pushing for a Brit coin so it's Coming and you know we we are moving Like I said earlier towards this new Digital world and we're moving there Very rapidly and so you know governments I don't blame them for wanting to Implement a cbdc like they need to in Order to continue being at the Forefront Of innovation in order to make sure that Their country continues to be at the Forefront of innovation but does that Mean that I like them no and I think They're coming extremely soon I say as Soon as as fast as they could bring About the vaccine passports is as fast As they will bring about a cbdc it's Obvious and they have to it's inevitable However it doesn't mean that it's a good Thing Um you know I think the countries which Will bring the cbdc the countries that Are already strong right so it's Interest think that El Salvador doesn't Bring out a cbdc obviously not because Their local currency is rubbish and so They you know they turn to something Like Bitcoin but absolutely you know the West do everything China does and so we Will copy America will bring out their

Digital dollar the the UK will bring out Their Bitcoin just like China So is Bitcoin going to save us Ah you know I think what it does is create an option To opt out Um and I think the world is going down a Path whereby we will see a parallel to Parallel societies people who want to Follow the government and the media and Do everything that they say and then Those that are tired of the Establishment we're tired of being told What to do we're tired of our money Turning to rubbish we're tired of all of This and so we will choose to live in That way I don't necessarily think Bitcoin will save the day in terms of Taking down the system the system in my Opinion will always exist you can chop Off the head but the new head will grow That's the way that I look at it but I Think Bitcoin will allow a new parallel Society and Community to evolve whereby We have the opportunity to work with Like-minded people to be friends with Like-minded people socializes Like-minded people do business with Like-minded people whatever it is Um in in a hard asset where money isn't Being deflated I think it creates an Opportunity to live in a new world Guys Leia is bringing the alpha hit the Like button follow Leia on Twitter

Follow Leia on YouTube below but I still Have a few more questions for you Um where do I begin here okay well Number one if you were to give somebody You know your number one piece of advice They're getting into cryptocurrency They're relatively new what's your Number one piece of advice you tell Somebody Oh that's good my number one piece of Advice okay Okay it would have to be so firstly it Would be Bitcoin is digital gold so just Understand that like you have Bitcoin And that should be the place where you Dollar cost average into So you have that be good with that and Be comfortable with that now do not Start investing in anything else until You fully understand what these projects Are until you are using these projects Yourself like there's no point buying a Coin if you do not understand the use Case for that coin if you're involved in That ecosystem and you like it and you And you actually have a use for that Coin then fine buy it because you Believe in it and you use it but stop Don't try and Chase the next pump and Dump don't try and Chase the next [ __ ] Coin do not try and Chase the next meme Coin because ultimately you just don't Know and you know in crypto there are Ways to you know figure out what's what

Might pump next just by having your ear To the ground and knowing you know what The VCS are doing and who's building What okay but a lot of but not a lot of People actually have access to that kind Of information so that's why I would Always say Bitcoin is gold and Everything else only buy it if you use It and you see a direct use case for it And um I heard you speak once on Ethereum and ethereum and the and the World economic Forum are you wary of Ethereum You know what anything which the world Economic the world economic Forum Promotes I am skeptical of so they were Promoting the ethereum merge they were Very happy that ethereum moved from Proof of work to proof of stake To me that's a red flag anything that The world economic Forum supports I Am Naturally skeptical of especially when You understand why were they supporting This they don't like proof of work Because of all the uh the the energy and The climate change and this and that but It's so disingenuous because when you Understand Bitcoin proof of work Mining And all of these things you understand That actually it's not bad for the Environment it's the only way we can Actually use wasted energy rather than Energy just being you know wasted like It always is it's the it's the very

First time that energy has really been Decentralized it can balance the energy Grid and there's all these different Things which they just refuse to Consider and for me the fact that they Refuse to consider this is just Incredible you're supposed to be this You know some of the smartest people There and they just can't consider the Obvious and the fact that they don't is A huge red flag for me so Ethereum I don't know when the world Economic forums supports it I don't know About it and especially because you know Circle the stable coin which is um which Uses ethereum that's also a red flag to Me because you know they're very much Part of the establishment we saw what Happened to them I find it very Interesting that they were able to Um to um secure the peg I mean it should Have crashed like every other Decentralized project but obviously it's Not decentralized but you know like Everything else in in crypto am I Complaining that they that it didn't Lose the peg no because I know a lot of People would have lost a lot of money However you know it's just interesting To see it was basically like a bank Bailout so yeah now you said that Bitcoin at least in the short midterm It's not going to upend the entire Financial system and more likely it's

Going to be a way for people to opt out People have a choice now if that means That the world economic Forum isn't Going to be going in away for the next Five 10 15 years and they're supporting Ethereum hey maybe even though they're Bad guys maybe they're going to really Pump up ethereum You know it's very true I think it's It's like saying Um xrp could win the law case and you Know the price could pump but xrp is Still working with banks like you can Get in and out for a short for a short Um for a short gain and I don't you know I wouldn't tell anyone not to do that You know especially with ethereum like I Will trade ethereum because I understand All the technology that's being built on It but when I make the money am I Holding it in ethereum as this Safe Haven which I want to use and which I Trust and which I value and you know I Look at it as the story of value no I Will make my money and I will move it From ethereum into Bitcoin I think Everybody should have that capitalist Mindset which is how can I make as much Money as possible and save myself and Save my family I think that's important But understand that leaving your money In ethereum is not smart eventually you Will be able to turn the turn that Network on and off again I am sure of it

Especially because it is proof of stake Which I believe is far more centralized Than proof of work you know the biggest Stake you have the more of an influence You have in the network so Yeah make your money and move it out of It all right I like that you provide the Interesting text just uh I get one more Random thing because you know in the FTX Collapse was happening you're going on Fox you're going on different places Explaining the situation with FTX Um I mean my specific question is I Heard you give a Jeffrey Epstein Sam Bankman free connection once is that Something you believe in or what's your Take on that Yeah sure do you know Aaron like I I Don't believe anything I read I don't Believe anything I see on the news I Would be so open to the most ridiculous Take that there is because we don't know The truth about anything and so yes I am Open to whatever so I so this is just Like a conspiracy theory that I heard And I will admit it's just a conspiracy Theory but it goes as follows if I can Remember Um it's basically that uh how do you say Her name just jessalyn Maxwell Just okay let's go over just Lane just Lane Maxwell her father was an extremely Rich man and I believe that he died And we don't know why back in like the

90s and then Jeffrey Epstein popped up Out of nowhere with all these billions And nobody really understood how he made His money he just sort of popped up onto The scene Um and obviously he was with Um Mr Maxwell's daughter so the idea is The money was like the I think I think His I think actually his fortune Disappeared I think that's what it is That's what I'm missing as well he died His fortune disappeared it was moved Somewhere nobody knows where I was moved And then this Epstein man pops up with His with the daughter and suddenly has All these billions of no one knows how He made his money he then mysteriously Dies and who pops up sandbag from freed With all these billions supposedly Made It by Arbitrage trading Bitcoin between Japan and America in three years nine Million dollars which I think personally Is just impossible and so where where is This money going where is this money Coming from I think SBF was definitely The Establishment I think they threw him Under the bus as FDX collapsed Um you know if if whatever reason he Says things he's not supposed to say or His parents know things and say things That they're not supposed to say then he Could you know get epsteined I don't Know but what I'm saying is I think They're all part of the establishment

And the money is just moving from Different places right it's a conspiracy Theory but I believe it why not That they want us to believe they're Aliens in the sky that they shot down so I I believe this why not you know They're trying to distract us with those Aliens right oh yeah 100 maybe I mean I I think that could be a possibility but If Sam bankman freed did somehow get Some of Epstein's money He better watch out now that they're Going through courts that he doesn't get Epsteined Well I think it's all about what you say And how you how whether or not you keep Your mouth quiet from what I understand It's his parents who are behind the Whole thing his parents are like the um And I've seen um Ben Armstrong talk more About this but um his parents are the People who fueled all of this Um and you know like this one went to School with this one this one went to MIT with that one Gary ginsler he's Involved chairman of the SEC you know They all knew each other they're all Friends the father taught this person The mother told that person this one Went to school with that one this one Dated that one they're all incestuously Intertwined and I don't understand how You work that closely with the SEC for Six months more than six months and you

Don't know that the company's insolvent For me it's just way too many suspicious Red flags so I do believe yes that there Is more to the story I mean FDX was Literally about to become the crypto arm Of the establishment they were working With Regulators they were working to Have a monopoly on the entire mark okay Imagine if they had that Monopoly like Imagine how how the establishment would Literally be able to control the entire Market the entire industry is truly Incredible so yes I do believe that SBF Is a puppet of the establishment Leia thank you so much for coming on Today links to Leia's stuff down below Follow her on YouTube follow her on Twitter Just want to get some final thoughts From you any final thoughts on either Bitcoin or the banking crisis anything Yeah absolutely well fussy thank you so Much for having me on Aaron love your Channel love everything that you guys Are doing and I actually get a lot of Information from you when it comes to um The altcoin space so I appreciate all of That Um in terms of final thoughts you know I Just encourage people to come over to my YouTube check it out we try and have Some of the hottest conversations that a Lot of people are very afraid of having We do end up having some things taken

Down but we end up re-uploading it Putting you know the Beeps in there so Making sure that the red the algorithm Doesn't take us down Um but ultimately you know just push Forward with freedom save yourself ditch The nine to five and try and make money From anywhere in the world I think Becoming time and location independent Is one of the most important things and That's what you know I talk about on my YouTube and my Twitter so yeah please Come forward and check it out I love it thank you so much thanks for Having me


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