Larry Fink: Prepare NOW For Crypto’s Next INSANE Move!

When I talk about this statistic I get Frightened Larry thinkink says that this Statistic frightens him and this is why He believes in Bitcoin in the year 2000 The US deficit was $8 Trillion today it's $34 trillion so 23 Years Later we increased our deficit by $26 Trillion so for the first 230 odd 40 Years We increased our deficit to 8 trillion And in the last 23 years we went we we Increased it by $26 trillion I think That speaks volumes of what's happening In our in our in our country today Black Rock has now put themselves on record Saying Bitcoin overwhelmingly is our Number one priority for our investors Interesting quote Black Rock says what We're seeing is that investors our Investors investors in general are Resoundingly choosing black rocks Bitcoin ETF ibit for their Bitcoin Access that's a combination of investors Who are totally new to bitcoin plus Those who have held exposure to Bitcoin In different forms historically for our Clients Bitcoin is overwhelmingly the Number one priority and then a little Bit ethereum now last time you were on The show you also mentioned that there Is going to be one blockchain ecosystem That rules them all and you believe that Is ethereum why do you think that is

It's really interesting when you kind of Peel back the curtain and see what's Happening to bitcoin and ethereum on Exchanges the downtrend in ethereum and Bitcoin reserves on exchanges persists With a minor uptick for ethereum Meanwhile Bitcoin Supply decline Steepens likely driven by increased ETF Acquisition but what's interesting is That there's less ethereum than Bitcoin On exchanges guys smash the like button Let's get this information out there to As many people as possible most people Don't realize black rock is going to own More Bitcoin than Michael sailor soon Give me an example of something you can Own a $100 million of where you can take Personal custody of it and where you can Actually move it anywhere on Earth and Where even if I hold a gun to your head I can't take it from you and the only Thing we've ever figured out that you Can do that with is Bitcoin and so Bitcoin is like um it keeps everybody on The optionality to do this means that All you got to do is find One Bank in Singapore that'll treat you better than The bank in New York or London or Tokyo And then you can move it in a half an Hour for five bucks and what happens Next the bank in New York thinks well I Guess we can't screw these guys over Because and they they'll just move to Singapore and the guys in California say

Well I can't I can't just tax all the Bitcoin in California it'll move to Wyoming it'll move to Singapore it'll Move to Malta and at the end of the day You can tell nobody go thems so Yeah Bitcoin looking incredibly bullish Just give it time the conversation Around Bitcoin nowadays is 100% ETF Devoted seems like just because there's So much demand coming from that ETF Rapper because it's so easy for these Big players and institutions to buy via The ETFs and so many have yet to get on Boarded or in the process of still being Able to get on boarded and buying and Getting their first 1% then 2% then 3% Wisdom Tree gains approval to purchase Spot Bitcoin ETFs for its 20 106 million And $117 million funds certainly the Biggest unknown right now is ethereum Like we see what's going on behind the Scenes Black Rock launching a tokenized Asset fund on ethereum already seated With 100 million in usdc we have Different expert analysts and Institutions putting out detailed Reports with ethereum price predictions Standard Charter Bank is predicting Ethereum could hit $8,000 by the end of 2024 and 14,000 possibly by the end of 2025 what do you think like Larry fin Has already laid out his vision for Ethereum and it seems his vision is Quickly becoming a reality I believe the

Next Generation for markets the Next Generation for Securities will be will Be tokenization of Securities and if we Could have that distributed Ledger that We know every beneficial owner every Beneficial seller we all have our our Our code of who's buying who's selling Instant anous settlement I see value in Having an ethereum ETF as I said these Are just start stepping stones towards Tokenization and I really do believe This is where we're going to be going we Have the technology to tokenize today if You want to talk about think about this If you had a tokenized security and you Have a tokenized identity you Andrew the Moment you buy or sell an instrument is Known it's on a general ledger that is All created together um you want to talk About issues around money laundry and All that this eliminates all corruption By having a tokenized system hey La Locals make sure you come out for the Roast of altcoin daily April 11th 6:00 P.m. to 10: p.m. in Santa Monica Special2 for $40 ticket sale going on Right now linked below get your tickets To this come hang out with us come have A laugh it's going to be great are you More bullish on bitcoin right now or Ethereum right now I feel like we've Reached a point in the cycle where it's Pretty obvious how bullish Bitcoin is Bitcoin could be at 100K 200k 300K in

Just a matter of a year or two it's Possible like I said earlier ethereum is A big unknown now to this man right here Paul Brody of ernston young ernston Young is one of the big four accounting Firms these guys are bigger than micro Strategy Paul Bro heads up the Blockchain arm of ernston young he's More bullish on ethereum he thinks an Ethereum ETF is on the horizon but he's Interested in ethereum not not just as An investment but also as the ultimate Super dap platform before we talk about The ETF here he explains how big a deal Ethereum's last upgrade was for using Ethereum there's two things worth taking Away from denen the first is that like All these other previous ethereum Upgrades they did this flawlessly no Drama no downtime it's kind of really Amazing when you think about it right They moved several hundred billion Dollars of financial infrastructure from One version to the next without a hiccup So that's the first thing which is is Just the maturity of the organization The people the engineers behind it the Second thing though is that first the Merge that happened you know about I Think it's was 12 months ago and now Denin they are both milestones in terms Of driving down the cost of transactions And denin in particular built on the Merge and now we're seeing some of the

Transaction costs on ethereum they are Falling well below a penny some of them Were allow down 5 down to 5 cents Previously but now we're below a penny And this may not seem like a big deal But particularly for industrial Customers you're talking about I've got Clients for example they want to do a Million or more transactions a day for a Single product line to manage their Supply chains so when you start to talk About those volumes really really low Transaction costs are extremely Important and what we're seeing now is Ethereum's just become the default Choice for any kind of digital token any Kind of tokenized asset even if it's not A cryptocurrency if it's a real world Asset gold oil you name it it's going to Be on the ethereum ecosystem but of Course the big unknown is the Black Rock Ethereum ETF Paul Brody thinks it's Going to happen he thinks that's going To usher in a whole new era for ethereum Actually listen to what he says another Development we're following obviously a Lot of asset managers have applications Pending before the SEC for spot ether ETF some of those asset managers include Black Rock vanc and grayscale and last Time you were on the show on crypto World back in September you were Optimistic it seemed that these Applications will in fact get approved

And you noted that if they do in fact Get approved there will be a Title Wave Of institutional money that flows into The space so are you still feeling Optimistic that these ether ETFs will Get approved and what will change if They do get approved so I'm very Optimistic the experience with the Bitcoin ETFs has been very positive There's the same kind of thing pending With the ethereum ones that are are Going to be just as positive what is Going to happen eventually and I'm a Little surprised it hasn't happened yet Is that people don't treat Bitcoin and Ethereum differently they both see them As cryptocurrencies but really Bitcoin Has become the kind of digital gold it Is a crypto asset whereas ethereum is Really shaping up as a crypto Computing Platform and so if you want to hold an Asset just for appreciation people are Going to buy Bitcoin if you want to Invest in a Computing platform for Financial services and business Operations then ethereum and eth in Particular is is going to be your your Choice but the ethereum foundation is Under investigation by the SEC the SEC Is seemingly still trying to label Etherum as an unregistered security Erston Young's Paul Brody the Michael Sailor of ethereum explains why ethereum Is still a buy so two things I mean

First of all there's been all these Reports but there haven't been a lot of Facts and and I could be wrong because I Haven't seen the latest data but I don't Think the themselves have actually said Anything on this topic officially you Know I feel like in the Bitcoin Discussion first of all they delayed the Bitcoin conversation a couple of times They they allowed the maximum timeline And secondly there were always rumors Flying around I think it would be Premature to like worry too much about That but Obviously even if ethereum is Categorized as a security it doesn't Change the fact that is is an extremely Valuable uh platform and we've already Worked with a lot of clients to be able To use ethereum blockchain without ever Holding eth you can just transact Entirely in US So I don't think it will be an obstacle To the adoption of ethereum as a Computing platform and it certainly Won't be an issue in Europe or Asia Where a lot of other countries have Regulatory Frameworks that support Securities and allow them so yeah I Think Bitcoin is a buy right now for Sure but I also think do not sleep on Ethereum and there's a reason I call This man the Michael sailor of ethereum Because he thinks the ethereum

Blockchain is the blockchain that will Rule them all subscribe to altcoin daily WE Post one video every day keeping you Informed see you tomorrow now last time You were on the show you also mentioned That there is going to be one blockchain Ecosystem that rules them all and you Believe that is ethereum why do you Think that is so ethereum is dominant in The same way that things like Microsoft Windows are it's not that and I always Hate getting into discussion of which Platform is better because there are Always better platforms technology keeps Moving along however what happens is we Tend to pick a platform that's widely Adopted and it gets a lot of momentum And we see that in Computing platforms All the time right Windows is the World's desktop operating system IBM has A dominant share is the 100% share of The Mainframe business ethereum is if You think of ethereum as a Computing Platform this idea that we would have a Single dominant platform makes a lot of Sense and if you look at the ecosystem Right now for example there's quite a Few Challengers to ethereum but ethereum Itself now contains more than 40 layer 2 Networks so the real competitive action The real Innovation is now happening Inside the ethereum ecosystem not in Competition with it so that the momentum Has really changed in terms of where the

Market focus is and I think that is Actually really good for the development Of applications because people are no Longer saying which network should I be On they're going to be on ethereum and Then the question is what application Should I deploy what layer 2 Network Should I use


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