Larry Fink: 5 NEW Wall Street GIANTS Added to Bitcoin ETF!

Massive news from Black Rock coming out Of the Bitcoin ETF space Black Rock has Updated its Bitcoin ETF perspectives Adding five Big Wall Street firms as new Authorized participants including Citadel Goldman Sachs UBS and City Group The takeaway here is that BigTime firms Either now want a piece of the action or Are now okay being publicly associated With this and understand Black Rock as Well as every single other issuer of the Bitcoin ETF already had big names listed As authorized participants probably most Surprisingly at the time JP Morgan it Looks like more of the biggest firms Want in or more of the biggest firms now Want to be associated with its success So this is a tweet from Eric balunis who Is the senior ETF analyst for Bloomberg Here's a current list of the ETFs and Their APS up until now City Goldman Sachs UBS and Citadel were not named in Any of these ETF finings So they're either new or they were Ashamed before and did not want to be Ided but are now cool either way this is Likely a result of the etf's mega Inflows and success if you're unfamiliar Authorized participants APS play a Crucial very significant role in the Bitcoin ETF operational mechanism as They can create and redeem shares of the ETF which involve exchanging ETF shares For a corresponding basket of Securities

That reflect the etf's Holdings or Exchanging them for cash it's amazing That this is happening and why not right Look at this these ETFs have been a huge Success the most successful ETFs on Wall Street ever all of these ETFs have just Been taking in a huge amount of Bitcoin Like they've been seeing net positive Inflows of Bitcoin it's just the only Elephant in the room is this gbtc and You can see the gbtc outflows here Although again net flows are positive Here's what I'm thinking happens in the Not too distant future because although There's been constant cell pressure from Gbtc the overall ETFs are holding up Significantly well as I showed you so Honestly I feel like we haven't even Seen up only mode yet because once gbtc Selloff burns out and gbtc starts going Up alongside the others like black rocks That's when things are going to go crazy So there's just a huge impact we're Seeing on the demand side and then in About 13 days we're going to see a huge Impact on the supply side do you realize That this is less than 2 weeks away are You having a having party do your Friends even know that the Bitcoin Having is happening soon or are you Gatekeeping this information this is Very significant now there is an issue There's a little bit of a concern that Comes up every having and that's minor

Profitability because after the having The Bitcoins that the miners receive as Payment get cut in half and some of the Lesser miners usually cannot remain Profitable now here's the thing miners Are way above the minor profitability Line right now the miners over the past Four years since the last having they Took a bet and they're winning the bet Because they're highly profitable but After this take a look like basically Where Bitcoin is right now they would Still remain profitable but if Bitcoin Ever Falls lower than like 63,000 miners wouldn't necessarily be Profitable now obviously the miners can Save up some Bitcoin to a certain extent But they don't have an unlimited supply Of Bitcoin to save themselves if Bitcoin Drops below about 63,000 and the biggest Miners will do okay but it's really the Smaller minor so the question is do you Think Bitcoin stays below 63,000 for any Significant amount of time after April 20th I think everything is going to work Out it always does it's it's capitalism With the miners the weakest ones might Get flushed out but overall The Strongest Ones Will Survive and actually I'm bullish on Bitcoin mining in general There is one Saving Grace and many are Recognizing this but it's still very Early within this ecosystem the one Saving Grace for miners is Network fees

Particularly with this booming token Economy we're seeing on bitcoin nowadays It's still early but you know about Ordinals and inscriptions and Bitcoin is Developing its own token economy just Like ethereum salana cardano and then People are recognizing Bitcoin mining Profitability is different this time it Won't necessarily fall after the having Because the increased Network fees could Complement minor Revenue post having Thanks to the emergence of ordinals Inscriptions and Bitcoin Finance BTC 5 The Bitcoin ecosystem is growing Personally I'm looking for gems I know About Stacks I know about Bob but There's a lot I don't know but I like to Be early into ecosystems like this so I Have begun doing my own research you Tell me which Bitcoin tokens do you like One that recently caught our attention Is Tx2 TX 20 is revolutionizing and Pioneering in game five built on bitcoin Protocol with multiple games and an nft F Marketplace and Progressive Lotto Under One Roof we actually signed on as Strategic advisers thrilled to announce Altcoin daily our newest strategic Adviser with a reach amassing more than 1 million altcoin daily brings Informative and trustworthy crypto Updates join us in welcoming them aboard Appreciate it so yeah I thought they had

Some interesting things going on just Securing 1 million in funding what Exactly is it I I don't fully understand Well it's revolutionizing gamey built on The Bitcoin protocol combining a diverse Library of games and nftf marketplace With lending and borrowing capabilities And a progressive Lotto system all Accessible through their native token Tr20 this is a Bitcoin token creating a One-Stop shop for Brc2 enthusiasts so this is the token Standard hey look there we are so you See they got some big influencers as Well as some Launchpad Partners we like Orange decks and some big backers with Their $1 million funding 1.2 final Thoughts on this tx2 Pioneers a Revolutionary PlayStation game boy Inspired ecosystem etching its name at The Forefront of innovation built on the Brc2 blockchain this platform offers an Unparalleled gaming experience three Captivating games are headlining the Inaugural season seamlessly integrating The drill of classic gaming with the Power of blockchain tech to further Elevate The Experience Tre 20 inscribes The games themselves onto the blockchain Transforming them into a collection of 2009 Genesis nfts that was the Business Insider article and virtually a very Similar write up is on Yahoo finance you Probably saw hey TX 20 is one that I

Like orange DX is one that I like I like Stacks I like a couple different ones But we're so early in this ecosystem you Tell me which brc2 tokens what Bitcoin Inspired tokens you like and feel free To check out some of the games on T 20 In other news Bas is dominating the L2 Landscape the ethereum l2s they're all Doing well but Bas is really pulling Forward Bas is leading in terms of daily Active addresses with 890,000 base Transaction volume surpassed 1.6 billion Nearly three times as much as optimism The network processed 2.63 million Transactions on April 2nd is a it's safe To say it's Bas spring and again this is All taking place on ethereum guys not Only does the biggest Exchange in the US Coinbase support ethereum so does Black Rock and even entities like JP Morgan Who have every reason to kind of hint The opposite they're saying JP Morgan Strategists are saying that they believe That the spot ethereum ETFs would win Regulatory approval in litigation with The SEC so even if the SEC gives them Problems JP Morgan strategists saying Well there's no reason they shouldn't Get approved in the appeal there's no Reason they shouldn't get approved now And this is a really good take on Ethereum by Tyler Winos ethereum is Digital oil like Amazon Microsoft and Google combined listen the way to

Analogize bitcoin as digital gold or Gold 2.0 and you can think of ether as Digital oil and so if you think about All of the cloud computing so Amazon WS Microsoft isure Google Cloud if there Was a token that allowed you to purchase Compute so you could run your Applications on top of those Cloud Providers that token would be ether it's Like Amazon Microsoft and Google Combined but unlike Amazon you can't put Your credit card in and open an account And pay them for their computational Resour or storage the ethereum Cloud Computer if you will requires ether it's The fuel it's the oil of the largest Virtual computer in the world cardano Getting gate capped by mainstream media Several US states contacted the cardano Foundation asking for help to build a Transparent and secure voting system Some big media did not report on it at All could it be that the media is Deliberately ignoring this news because It concerns cardano I'm bullish on Cardano just because I see what's going On and they're going to be here down the Line cardano's treasury holds 1.48 Billion Ada coins this equates to 843 million the Ada treasury adds Ada Every 5 seconds so cardano is going to Be here 5 years from now it's going to Be here 10 years from now at least According to the data I look at hey La

Locals get your tickets for the altcoin Daily roast in Santa Monica April 11th 6:00 to 10: p.m. this is like an altcoin Daily Meetup I'd love to see you come Hang out have a laugh April 11th and Subscribe to our channel for daily Videos keeping you informed on the Entire crypto ecosystem


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