LARGE WHALES are SELLING BITCOIN!! 🐳 (This could be really bad)

What do I think right now I I liked it Last December I still think I I mean Would you buy more right now would I buy More I I would probably I'm kind of Paul Tudor Jones is an American hedge fund Manager billionaire and in 2020 in 2021 Paul Tudor Jones came out and said I'm Investing in Bitcoin Bitcoin is the Fastest horse in the race Bitcoin has This enormous contention of really Really smart and sophisticated people Who believe in it and now when I think Of the menu of of the inflation Hedges Uh The thing that Bitcoin has again it's Like investing with Steve Jobs and apple Or investing in Google early you've got This group of that's by the way Crowdsourced all over the world that are Dedicated to seeing Bitcoin succeed and It becoming A commonplace door of value and Transactional debut Paul Tudor Jones Seems to be changing his tune on bitcoin Saying Bitcoin has a real problem lower Inflation is going to be a headwind Bitcoin has become less attractive Thanks to what's become an unfriendly Regulatory picture in the U.S and what He expects will be lower inflation going Forward quote Bitcoin has a real problem Because in the United States you have The entire regulatory apparatus against It Jones who previously lauded bitcoin's

Appeal as an inflationary hedge added That he believes inflation will continue To come down adding that this would be a Less bullish scenario Bitcoin it came on Our air yep during the early part of the Pandemic I think it was trading at eight Nine thousand dollars a coin yeah and You said I'm in yep and I think you Wrote it all the way up to 60 some odd Thousand dollars and we then wrote it Back down to fifteen thousand dollars And we're now sitting I think somewhere Around twenty seven thousand dollars I've never sat on a horse that long just Just so So what's the you're still on the horse Though I I from the beginning I've Always said I want to have a small Allocation to it because it's a great Tale event it's the only thing that Humans can adjust the supply in so I'm Sticking with it uh I'm gonna always Stick with it as just a small Diversification in my portfolio what do I think right now I I liked it last December I still think I I mean would you buy More right now would I buy more I I Would probably I'm kind of I'll look it In gold and I think They've done so well recently because of The fact that we have had these great Risk premiums I wonder I wonder I wonder whether they may not be boring

In the future like so big Bitcoin has a Real problem because the United States You have the entire regulatory apparatus Against it so it's just kind of Yesterday's news and if inflation's Truly done a bit if it's if that if that Story has been played then you have to Wonder we were buying gold and Bitcoin For the inflation Hedges that game may Be over I would have I would in six Months ago before AI before the possible Productivity boost that we'll get for it I would have said a completely different Story With regard to inflationary future And with regard to all the inflation Hedges so Paul Tudor Jones is sticking With Bitcoin for now I like that but it Seems like his interest or enthusiasm or Just his investors thesis on the asset Is waning just a little bit why because Legendary investor Paul Tudor Jones is Predicting that the Federal Reserve will Not raise interest rates any further This year putting markets Higher by end Of year he says that declining Consumer Price Index CPI data which measures the Changes in the price of goods and Services and a looming recession will Cause the FED to keep interest rates at Their current level I think that they Are done hiking definitely I think They're done I think they could probably Declare Victory now I think they're done

You think they are done oh definitely I Think they're done I mean They could Probably declare Victory now because if You look at CPI it's been declining 12 straight Months 12 straight months that's never Happened before in history So there's a strong downward art to Inflation at the moment two-year break Evens are under two percent you can see That inflation to a great extent has Been rung out of the market now does That mean that we're getting ready to Eminently cut no But you got to think of interest rates a Bit like chemo So chemo chemotherapy chemo is poison Interest rates with the kind of amount Of sector-wide debt that we have between Private consumer and the government We're probably at levels where we've Typically hit a recession in the past Because of the interest tax on the Economy so we're at a level right that Historically has really slowed the Economy and historically has kicked off A recession I think it's just a question Of waiting for that tax on the economy To work its way mistake then for them to Raise interest rates would have been a Jump ball for me I would have been 50 50 On the last one I could have been talked Out of it I would have been reluctant to

Do it the only reason why I probably Would maybe have gone along with it is Because I think Equity prices are going To get I think they're going to continue To go up this year and The financial cycle drives so much of The business cycle so But let me just pick up on what you just Said you said you think Equity prices Are going to go up this year oh yeah so You think they're going to end higher Than where we are right now oh yeah now Institutional investors big whales of Investors are selling the latest coin Share report finds larger digital asset Funds are shedding investors Bitcoin Funds take a hit as investors confidence Wanes money is being pulled out of big Crypto funds as investor sentiment Seemingly shifts and the digital asset Market as a whole dips last week Investors withdrew over 54 million from Large digital asset funds for the fourth Consecutive week digital asset firm coin Share said in a Monday report the cash Flowed out from large funds designed for Accredited investors like grayscale 3iq And 21 shares so institutions are Getting out of Bitcoin this is alarming It's interesting according to the report Some cash was pumped into altco points The Firm added inflows were seen across Eight different altcoin assets Suggesting investors are becoming more

Adventurous Monday's report noted the Altcoins included cardano Tron and Sandbox to name three out of the eight In addition a wallet that could belong To Satoshi at the very least somebody Who's around a long time ago ancient Bitcoin changes wallets after 12 years Dormant so far this year over 3000 Bitcoin from ancient supply has returned To life a sleep for ages more SATs wake From years of Slumber Bitcoin bought Back in 2011 came back to life on Thursday when 139 Bitcoin belonged to Address 1H moved into a newly created Segwit address the owner who hoddled for Nearly 12 years bought the coins in June 2011 for a bit over two thousand two Hundred fifty dollars only to see them Grow into a staggering 3.5 million at Bitcoin's current price mark these coins Belonged to what's known as ancient Supply which refers to bitcoin purchased At least seven years ago although some Analysts use five years for that metric It's hard to tell whether these owners Convictions have changed and whether These movements are related to selling Of the coins or simply personal Custodial practice what do you think It's possible that they could sell so we Don't know exactly what they're doing And surely they're free to do whatever They like hey props to you for huddling For so long do you think after 12 years

Of holding they could sell a little bit I would think so eventually anyways Despite Paul Tudor Jones despite these Institutional investors going from Bitcoin into altcoins I am incredibly Bullish on this space these are bottom Signals my friends I think we're in Crypto spring I don't expect much as far As price appreciation happened this year But getting into 2024 as time passes the Market turns the having comes up the Presidential elections I am bullish Subscribe to the channel because we're Going to continue to keep you updated on All of this


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