Kucoin Safe?? Exchange REVIEW & Beginner’s Guide!!

Are you thinking of using K coin well Before you do you absolutely have to Watch this video that's because we're Going to tell you everything you need to Know about the exchange and give you a Complete stepbystep guide on how to Trade on it like a pro oh as well as Some hints and tips to save big bucks on Trading fees so this is a video you Absolutely cannot afford to Miss right the first thing you should Know about kucoin is they are not Sponsoring this video we have a standard Affiliate relationship with kucoin which Means that our viewers can benefit from Exclusive deals when they sign up and Use the exchange but that's it secondly You should not buy sell or trade crypto On C coin or anywhere else if you don't Have a proper trading and risk Management strategy if you don't then we Suggest you pause this video scroll down And start with our beginners trading and Technical analysis videos linked to in The description and while you're down There go ahead and hit the like Subscribe and Bell buttons too you'll Help more people see this video and make Sure you're first in line to catch our Next upload too okay now that that's out Of the way it's time for your guided Tour of kucoin and if you want to skip To a particular step check out the Timestamps below so then what is C coin

Anyway well it's a crypto exchange that Was launched in 2017 Its CEO is its co-founder Johnny louu Kucoin is headquartered in SE shells and Employs around 800 people across the World now kucoin describes itself as the People's exchange that is a pretty bold Call but it looks like the people a lot Of them at any rate agree kucoin has Over 30 million registered users in more Than 200 countries and it's the seventh Biggest crypto exchange by trading Volume as such it has all the Slick Features you would expect from a major Exchange but what kucoin is really known And loved for is its early listings of Small cap altcoins that have yet to hit The very biggest exchanges some of the Best performing cryptos of the current Cycle have been on C coin for ages but Are still unavailable on the top five Exchanges kucoin is also popular for its Competitive trading fees now these are Pretty low to start with but if you keep Watching we'll tell you how you can cut Them down to a mere pittance and if you Want an exhaustive rundown of C coin's Features and what we think about them Then we have a full written review of C Coin over on our website we'll drop the Link to that in the description too Quick point of information here though Kucoin does have restrictions on certain Jurisdictions we'll leave a link to the

Full list below but the most notable of These exceptions are the US UK Singapore And a few others and if you've been Following the news recently you will Have seen that kucoin got hit with some Charges because some us users were able To trade there but well that's a topic For another video so now that we're Properly acquainted with kucoin it's Time to get set up if it's your first Time you'll need to start by creating an Account now here's a super pro tip that Could save you boatloads in fees if if You use the sign up link in the Description of this video you'll be Eligible for trading fee discounts of up To 60% this is an exclusive deal that only Viewers of the coin Bureau can get it's Also for a limited time only so be sure To sign up while you can once you click Through you'll see the sign up page here You'll need to enter your email address Or phone number and verify it using the Six-digit code kucoin sends you you'll Then need to create a strong unique Password this means a combination of 14 Or more lower and uppercase letters Numbers and special Characters we strongly advise making a New password rather than recycling an Old one okay once that's done you'll be Asked to verify your identity or in Other words complete kyc this is

Mercifully quick and easy on kucoin and Can be completed in under 5 minutes you Can can go through kyc on your desktop But we recommend using your mobile Device instead because well it's just Easier kucoin will then show you a pair Of Handy QR codes to scan with your Mobile device the first one is a link to Download the kucoin mobile app once you Have the app downloaded you'll want to Open it up and use it to scan the second QR code which will redirect you to the Kyc page follow the instructions on Screen and once complete you'll be able To enjoy all of C coin's features plus a Daily withdrawal limit of about a Million dollar a PTP trading limit of Half a million and Futures leverage of 125x what could go wrong okay we're in So now that you have a verified kucoin Account the market is your oyster no Doubt you'll be excited to make your First deposit and start exploring all The cryptos and features on offer but Not so fast your first priority is to Make make your account security airtight To do this click on the circle at the Top right to reach your account page and Then find security on the left here you Can fine-tune your security preferences And we recommend tightening them up to The maximum first you should turn on two Factor authentication via email phone or Google's own authenticator app if you

Haven't used Google Authenticator before You can find C coin's detailed Instructions for getting it set up here You can also set up a trading password And login safety phrase the more Barriers between your crypto and the Rest of the world the better after that It's a good idea to restrict your login IP so that your last session is logged Out when you access kucoin from a new Location you'll thank yourself for this If God forbid you ever leave kucoin Logged in at work or some public place Another good feature to set up is an Anti- fishing code you can set these up For emails withdrawals and also for Logging into kucoin it's a simple and Effective defense against fake emails And even fake C coin websites if you see Your anti- fishing code you're brain if You don't run for the hills because You're looking at a scam right now that Your account is secure as it can be You're ready to get some assets on Kucoin you can use the deposit button in The top right to trans ER crypto from Your wallet this could mean crypto You're holding on another exchange or in Self- custody ideally you'll be keeping Your crypto safe in a hardware wallet if You still don't have one check out the Link in the description because the coin Bureau deals page has some serious Discounts on the best hardware Wallets

On the market now whatever wallet you're Sending from the interface on kucoin is Much the same as on any other exchange Choose the crypto you want to deposit And select the corresponding blockchain Then send your assets from your wallet Of choice to the address below and if You're new here then it's worth Repeating double and triple check that You have got the correct blockchain and Deposit address one mistake here and you Could lose your crypto if you want to Make a large deposit it's always a good Idea to do a small test transfer first To make sure you aren't accidentally Depositing your crypto into a black Hole now when it comes to using Fiat on Cin things are a little more complicated There are multiple options for buying Crypto with Fiat and many payment types Are supported this is all very Convenient but before we get too excited There's something important you should Know kucoin does not have a theat onramp In the same way that the likes of Coinbase Kraken and okx do this means That on C coin you can't deposit your Fat into a trading account and use it to Buy crypto on the spot Market C coin's Website does have a deposit feat page But it doesn't seem to support any Currencies except the Brazilian real as Far as we could see good news if you're In Brazil but for the rest of us we

Can't deposit Fe it now why does this Matter well using a proper on-ramp with US dollars for example you can deposit $100 and use it on the spot Market to Buy 100 Usdt the same goes for when you want to Sell your 100 usdt you can get $100 in Return this is the most cost-effective Way of buying and selling crypto with Fiat now let's look at K coin's fast Trade feature this allows you to buy Crypto over the counter with a Visa or Master Card and it certainly is fast but You'll pay for that convenience with When we checked $100 could only buy 95.4 n usdt ouch that's almost 5% less Crypto for your money on the fast trade Page you can also choose another payment Method but what this actually means is Buying crypto from a third-party vendor Kucoin automatically shows you the best Offer this time our $100 got 96 usdt now You might be able to find a better offer On C coin's P2P Market this has no fees Which is great the only problem is you Have to find a merchant who is selling The amount of crypto that you want to Buy at a price you want to pay and using A payment method that works for both of You generally speaking you're not going To be able to get 100 usdt for $100 anyway now that you have some Crypto on board you're able to to start Trading on kucoin but before you get

Your Wolf of Wall Street suit on you Should familiarize yourself with the Different accounts that you have you can See an overview of all your accounts by Selecting assets from the top right so First up is your funding account think Of this as a kind of storage hub for Your crypto when you're not actively Trading it the funding account is the Default destination for deposits to Kucoin and the same goes for withdrawals If you want to take crypto off of kucoin It has to be in your funding account Before you can send it anywhere else However you should note that if you are Trading P2P this will use Assets in your Funding account and not any trading Account speaking of which next up are Your trading accounts now K coin gives You separate spot margin Futures and Trading bot accounts if you want to Trade crypto on C coin spot Market you Will need to have Assets in your spot Trading account and as you'd expect to Start a margin trade or repay your Margin debt you will need to deposit Assets into your margin account the same Goes for your futures account you'll Need Assets in there if you want to Trade Futures contracts note that before You can do any of this you will need to Activate margin and Futures Trading to Do this simply follow the prompts and Answer a short quiz this is supposed to

Make sure sure you know what you're Getting yourself into although it's not Actually possible to fail if you want to Use K coin's popular trading Bots your Assets will be transferred into the yep Trading bot account when you set a bot Up and lastly you have a finance account This is used for kucoin NN a Professional Asset Management platform That offers various passive income Strategies from savings to staking and a Range of Futures products your finance Account is also used for participating In the various promotions available on Kin right then now that you know your Way around your various kucoin accounts It's time to check out how the markets Are doing if you select markets at the Top of the window you'll see an overview That is similar to what you would find On coin market cap or coin gecko of Course here you will find data from K Coin alone rather than the aggregate Data shown on those sites up at the top You'll see which cryptos are trending on Kucoin plus the day's biggest gainers And losers now gainers and losers are Useful to keep an eye on but don't treat Them as a shopping list foming into the Tippet top and trying to catch a falling Knife are to Big faux pars to steer Clear of if you don't fancy waking up Underwater the next day now below this You can filter your view of the market

To your preferences any cryptos you have Favorited will appear in the default Favorites list otherwise you can select All spot or Futures to filter whichever Markets you're interested in you'll also Notice new listings if you want to catch Coins while they're hot it's a good idea To keep your eyes peeled for this Section just be careful of listing day Volatility as prices often go Haywire at Launch and need a few hours to sort Themselves out now depending on which of These Market views you select you can Further filter the list of crypto shown By their trading pairs their Associated Narratives blockchain ecosystems and so On you can click on any individual Crypto to learn more about it and track Realtime Market data so you've scanned The markets and let's say there is a Crypto you have your BDI on the next Move is to decide how you're going to Buy or trade it because there are quite A few options the easiest way to trade Crypto on kucoin is convert this easy to Use interface allows you to swap one Crypto for another with no fees you can Use convert with crypto held in your Trading account your funding account or Even both this is really convenient so If you find trading terminals a little Overwhelming convert is a great way to Trade crypto now despite the lack of Fees you are likely to pay a small

Premium for using convert this is Because of the conversion spread used When generating quotes which tends to Offer prices slightly less favorable Than what you'll see on the spot market For example we got a quote for BTC usdt That was around $300 more expensive than The spot market price at the time and You'll notice that you have no control Over the price you'll pay kucoin gives You a quote and you can either take it Or leave it the next option available For trading crypto is where the learning Curve really kicks in if you click on Trade next to your crypto of choice then You'll be dropped right into K coin's Trading terminal now if you're a Seasoned user of centralized crypto Exchanges you should feel quite at home K coin's trading terminal has all the Features you'll need you can choose from Three basic layouts classic professional And full screen whichever one you choose You can click and drag any part of the Terminal to rearrange it to your liking If you're new to trading though the Terminal is rather a lot to take in but Fear not we're going to walk you through One step at a time by default the spot Market will open to the BTC usdt trading Pair you'll notice the drop-down menu on The upper left side of the screen you Can easily search for and open different Trading pairs here we've searched for

Eth and soul usdt Pairs and as you can See they open in new tabs rather than Closing the BTC window we started in now Whatever Trading pair you're looking at The most important information in the Terminal is of course the current market Price it's shown in five or six Different places on the screen so you Literally can't miss it but if this has You unsure where to look first let's Start with the order book the order book Is the flashing list of prices you see On the right all of these numbers Represent open orders for the crypto You're looking at Green are buys and red Are sells the balance of these buys and Sells determines the current market Price which is the white number in the Middle to the left you'll see the chart Which is provided by trading view if You're not familiar with candlestick Charts then we suggest you pause this Video scroll down and find our Beginner's guide linked to in the Description now you do have an option to View the chart as a line graph but we Don't recommend you rely on this a line Might be easier on the eyes but it's Also like bringing a toothpick to a Gunfight because everyone you're trading Against will be working with much more Information than you okay the next thing You need to be aware of is the time Frame which is shown above and to the

Left of the chart depending on your time Frame each of these candles you see on The chart will represent anything from One minute's worth of price data to a Month's worth naturally the time frame You select will have a big influence on Your perspective and trading strategy Now to the right of the Candlestick Button you have a huge number of Technical indicators at your disposal if You're an experienced Trader no doubt You'll have your preferences and can set These up accordingly but otherwise a Great start would be to learn about the Ballinger bands and if you want more Lines to look at then the relative Strength index and moving averages are Also widely used for good reason between These you will have more than enough Information to work with so with that Out of the way let's check out place Order here on the right you'll notice we Can switch to futures or margin trading With these tabs but let's stay put for The moment now kucoin offers seven Different types of buy and sell orders For spot trading so you can really Fine-tune your strategy the most Straightforward is The Good Old Market Order this executes a buy or sell at the Best price that is immediately available Depending on liquidity conditions and The size of your buy or sell Market Orders are prone to being filled at

Slightly less favorable prices than the Price you see at the time of your order By contrast limit orders allow you to Specify a price so say you have some BTC That you want to sell at $100,000 well just set your price and Wait your order will appear in the open Orders box seen here at the bottom of The trading terminal it will remain There and only be executed if and when BTC hits $100,000 in this way you can plan your Buys and sells based on strategic levels That you have identified on the chart Now the downside to limit orders is that Your order may not get completely filled Depending on the state of the order book If there are way more sell orders than Buy orders at 100K then BTC could Briefly touch that price and get Rejected and you may only be able to Sell a portion of your position or none At all the remaining order types are Advanced limit stop limit stop market Trailing stop and Oco for now I'll just Touch on stop market to introduce the Idea of a stop order which is a really Important part of your risk management Toolkit so a stop market order is a Market order that activates once a Certain price threshold has been Breached if you're expecting number go Up but the market It Takes a Tumble Instead then a stock market sell order

Set below your Buy price can Automatically cut your losses before They get too big conversely a stop Market buy order is useful for securing A strategic entry so for example if the Price is at resistance then buying is Generally quite risky but let's say you Place a stock market buy order above That resistance if and when a breakout Occurs and flips the resistance to Support then boom your order is Triggered if you're lucky you just Caught the very start of the next leg up Okay that covers the most important Mechanics of buying and selling on the Spot Market as for stop limit Advanced Limit trailing stop and Oco orders Meanwhile these are all useful tools in Your kit and you can read about them Here with CU coin's introduction to Order types you'll find all the Information you need about how and when To use these slightly more Advan Advanced types of order now what if you Want to profit from Trading crypto but You don't want to spend all day doodling On charts and asking the tea leaves when Moon well kucoin has exactly what you Need automated trading Bots these can Run for you 24/7 executing your trading Strategy with precision and without any Of the stress fear and greed that cause Us to make mistakes now if you've never Used trading Bots before or you're not

Sure exactly how they work then you are In luck my friend we have a separate Video introducing trading Bots and Discussing those available on C coin 2 You'll know where to find the link so at The upper left of the terminal you'll See we're currently in manual mode Switch that over to bot and you'll see a Menu of different trading Bots appear on The right side of the terminal each with A brief description and if the user Numbers displayed at anything to go by These Bots are very popular with Somewhere north of 10 million users Between them K coin's Bots include spot Futures and infinity grid Bots a DCA bot A portfolio rebalancing bot and a spot Martingale bot there are helpful written And video tutorials explaining each of These which we do recommend checking out Before creating your own bot spot Futures and infinity grid Bots and the DCA bot are quite straightforward the Grid Bots are all variants of automated Buying low and selling High while the DCA bot simply buys crypto in increments At set intervals you can choose between Automatic parameters provided by kucoin Or tweak your own bot to Perfection with A custom grid size and Order frequency The spot Martingale bot on the other Hand is somewhat more complex and Doesn't come with automatically Generated parameters we counted nine

Different different parameters you can Adjust to set this one up so unless You're a seasoned bot engineer we can't Recommend this one the smart rebalancing Bot allows you to profit from Arbitrage While maintaining a specific ratio of Each crypto in your portfolio so Basically automated portfolio management Now for each of the Bots you'll notice On the left side of the screen a Leaderboard with a list of the best Performing bots made by kucoin users you Can copy their parameters and run the Same bot for yourself but just remember Past performance is no guarantee of Future returns okay next up leverage Trading otherwise known as margin Trading now the most important thing we Can tell you about Leverage is that you Really do not need it as a matter of Fact you will probably do best if you Never touch it nobody ever got wrecked Because they didn't use enough Leverage But leverage has cut short many a Trader's career if you're new here Trading with leverage means trading with Borrowed funds you deposit your own Funds as collateral called the margin to Assume a significantly larger position In the market your profits and losses Are magnified accordingly so your risk Increases in proportion to the amount of Leverage you're using the higher your Leverage The more likely you are to be

Liqu Li ated meaning that your position Will be force closed at a loss for Example if you open a position with 10x Leverage and the market so much as Sneezes in the wrong direction it could Be curtains for your trading account and As we saw earlier kucoin offers you the Ability to take a position up to 125 times the size of your margin unless You are absolutely desperate to rid Yourself of money we suggest you don't Take the money up on that offer but alas Folks the reality is that leverage Trading is very popular so we'd better Discuss it so if you do want to trade With leverage on C coin you have several Options you can do so on the spot Market With margin trading here you borrow Assets trade with them repay the Borrowed amount plus interest and keep Any profits then we have derivative Products namely Perpetual Futures Contracts These allow you to profit from Price Movements without ever actually holding The asset you're trading to do this you Take a position in the market that's Either long or short if you long an Asset on the Futures Market you are Nominally borrowing a certain quantity Of it with the intention of selling it At a higher price repaying the broker And pocketing the profit to short an Asset you borrow it to sell at its

Current price with the expectation that You can subsequent we buy it back at a Lower price repay the broker and keep The profit ordinarily Futures contracts Have an expiry date but as you might Have guessed a Perpetual or per contract Allows you to keep a position open until You either Exit it voluntarily or are Liquidated now kucoin makes it very Simple to switch between regular spot Trading margin and Perpetual Futures Trading within the trading terminal you Can toggle between them using the spot Cross or isolated and Futures tabs on The right hand side here the cross and Isolated margin options both enable you To make leverage trades on the spot Market using Assets in your margin Account as the margin in Cross margin Trading all of the Assets in your margin Account are treated as a single position With a unified debt ratio this gives you Flexibility but is comparatively risky As your entire margin account is is on The line you can trade with up to 5x Leverage using cross margin with Isolated margin trading each trade you Make and all its Associated risks and Debt are siloed to that specific trade This means that you can have positions Open in multiple different trading Pairs And if one is liquidated it'll have no Effect on the others isolated margin Trading is generally a safer approach to

Risk management although kucoin offers Up to 10 X leverage in this mode and Lastly we have derivatives trading as I Mentioned kucoin offers Perpetual Futures contracts with up to 125x leverage unlike some other Exchanges kucoin doesn't offer the Ability to switch between cross and Isolated margin for Futures Trading and Instead treats all Futures positions as Isolated the mechanics of opening a Position on the Futures Market are Simple with the same market and limit Orders that that we discussed earlier However when you open a position you Have the ability to set specific prices At which to partially or fully close Your position with take profit and Stoploss orders if you do decide to Trade Futures then you should never do So without a stop loss it's also a very Good idea to plan your trades with the Calculator function which you can find Next to the leverage button this is an Excellent Fe feature that allows you to Calculate profits liquidation prices and Target prices to achieve a particular Return on investment if you think your Calculations look good you can even open The position from within the calculator Which I must say is very Convenient now with all this talk of Trading we shouldn't forget the fees Involved you also shouldn't forget that

You can get a discount of up to 60% on These by using our signup Link in the Description now kucoin has a tiered fee Structure whereby you can access lower Fees based on either your spot or Futures Trading volume over the last 30 Days or your Holdings of C coin's own KCs token there are 13 tiers with level Zero being the lowest even at level zero K coin's fees are very competitive with Maker and taker fees of 02 and .6% for Futures Trading on the spot Market You'll pay. 1% each for maker and taker Fees kucoin also allows you to pay for Fees with KCs which is subject to an Automatic 20% discount that discount Will come in handy if you're hoping to Trade your way up to the next tier That's because you'll need a 30-day spot Trading volume of no less than 50 BTC or Futures volume of no less than 100 BTC To get there at today's prices 100 BTC Is around $7 million so good luck with That K coin's fee structure really Encourages you to hold KCs as you can Advance to level one by just holding 1,000 KCs Instead at today's prices That's around $122,000 not cheap but well certainly Cheaper than trying to trade your way up Right my friends we are on the home Stretch now so you learned the ropes and Proceeded to slay the markets you're in Profit and you want to withdraw your

Gains to your trusty Hardware wallet Post taste that is the only way to keep Your crypto safe after all I don't have It sorry what do you mean you don't have A hardware wallet I don't have It look I'm just going to pretend I Didn't hear that just go to the coin Bureau deals page while no one's looking Go on there are Bargains there on all The best hardware wallets so you've got No excuse goodness me I don't know sorry Where were we yes we withdrawing crypto From kucoin so to do this head back to Your assets page and find withdraw in The top right it's as easy as choosing The crypto you want to withdraw from the Dropdown selecting the right Network and Pasting or scanning in the deposit Address of the wallet you would like to Send to now unlike deposits there are Fees for withdrawing crypto from kucoin There are also minimum withdrawable Quantities these fees and minimum differ From asset to asset and chain to chain You can find the numbers for your crypto Of interest on the fees page linked at The bottom of C coin's homepage head to The withdrawal section and use the Search function to find what you Need now we've covered what you need to Trade crypto like a pro on cin and yet We've barely scratched the surface of What you can do on the platform there's Kucoin NN where you can set idle crypto

To work generating passive income from State lending yield farming and other Structured Products and promotions if You want to be first in line for new Cryptos then you can trade unlaunched Coins and tokens OTC on C coins Pre-market or claim a share of the Latest project on Spotlight C coin's own Launchpad then there's the rewards hub Where you can claim incentives for Completing tasks on kucoin and the Futures bonus feature where you can buy Gift packages kucoin even has games like The popular Futures brawl and a host of Others that make use of nfts on the Exchanges Wonderland platform look I Could go on but you'll have to take our Word for it there is a lot to explore on K coin and you can check out that Written review on our website for the Full rundown so then if you couldn't Tell we here at coin Bureau are big cin Fans it has all the features security And UI of a top exchange plus a dazzling Selection of bcoin gems that you can't Find on many of the biggest exchanges Yes kucoin is going through some tough Times now with the accusations that have Been leveled against it in the US but They have handled all their withdrawals Seamlessly and continue to operate Without issue at the time of shooting This video if you're thinking about Using C coin just remember it doesn't

Matter how great kucoin is without a Proper risk management strategy in place You're going to have a dreadful time and It won't be the exchanger fault and risk Management doesn't just mean laying off The Leverage it means removing your Crypto from kucoin at the soonest Opportunity if it's your crypto it Should be in your wallet preferably a Hardware wallet Link in the description If you want to get one of those at a Nice price also remember up to 60% Discount on C coin trading fees if you Sign up with the link in the description You are welcome And that's about it for this C coin Guide folks we hope you learned Something useful if you're hungry for More you can find more videos like this Plus our written full review of kucoin Linked down below and now I'll pass the Mic to you how did you first hear about Kucoin and what altcoins are you hoping To see listed there next drop us a Comment we'd love to hear from you and We know you guys love pressing buttons So don't forget to smash like subscribe And the bell for good measure too thank You for watching and until next time This is Guy signing off [Music]


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