Kraken Reaches $30M Settlement With SEC [ Crypto Espresso 2.10.23 ]

Hey it's Friday Friday and you know I'm Getting down because I'm your host Andrew and this is crypto espresso your Teeny tiny daily shot of caffeinated Crypto headlines no uh should I make a Super Bowl reference uh go team first up Kraken has reached a speedy settlement With the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission and it will pay a 30 million Dollar penalty the exchange was charged With failing to register it's speaking As a service program which allowed Customers to earn up to 21 in interest From their crypto as a result of the Settlement Kraken has agreed to Immediately terminate this service According to the SEC staking means Consumers lose control of tokens and Take on risks associated with those Platforms with very little protection Esther Pearson SEC commissioner known as Crypto mom says that she disagrees with The decision she's argued that Kraken Service has served people well and Claimed the regulator had been lazy and Paternalistic you tell them Mama Rihanna And Linkin Park have become the latest Musical talents to explore what Non-fungible tokens can offer ahead of a Long waited halftime show at the Super Bowl Rihanna released 300 nfts for 210 Dollars a pop each collectible grants .0033 of the streaming royalties to her 2015 hit better have my money well

The nfts sold out within minutes Meanwhile Linkin Park has rediscovered An unreleased song from their 2003 Meteora album called Lost and they Released a brand new music video for it In a rather delightful twist it's been Directed by people pleaser a well-known Digital artist and nft Creator probably No coincidence then that singer Mike Shinoda has long been a fan of what web3 Has to offer and finally local Bitcoins Has announced that it's closing up shop After more than 10 years in business a Statement said the business has been Unable to survive the very cold crypto Winter meaning its trading service will Soon be terminated the platform had been Established to bring Bitcoin everywhere And drive Global Financial inclusion Becoming a vital tool in emerging Economies during its Heyday but it has Also become a prime destination for Crypto stolen through hacks and scams And back in 29 19 ciphertrace said that 12 of the Bitcoin that local Bitcoins Received had criminal ties customers are Now being urged to withdraw any Bitcoin Left in their accounts and they'll have 12 months to complete those transactions Alright I guess I'll go back to the Super Bowl for my outro Spiel if you're Looking for a home run be sure to like This video subscribe to our YouTube Channel and click on that little bell

Icon to get buzzed whenever new Cryptospresso video goes live what wait The Super Bowl's for football oh here's An easy one well your goal should be to Leave a comment below about your Thoughts on today's show because I read Them and I take criticism way too Seriously wait it's not that football Questions about our headlines or crypto In general ask Alex by touching down That link in the description below Alex Is a great resource for all things went Three in the mid of our send that about Does it for today oh touchdown is the Right one oh my god well again I've been Your host Andrew these have been your Headlines and ladies and gentlemen The weekend see you Monday


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