Kevin O’Leary CLAPS BACK against CZ Binance! ūüĎŹ

I think Calvin's a liar let me address something 
before we go any further yesterday on the air   Cezy called me a liar I think Calvin's a liar 
that suggests that I perjured myself in front   Of the U.S Senate for two hours this week 
I think he's lying about about a bunch of   Stuff I can assure you that it's not the case 
son never call it an Irishman a liar unless   You know with certainty that's true because 
the Irish are crazy welcome back everybody   To altacoin daily my name is Aaron yesterday 
during day two of the FTX hearings celebrity   Investor Kevin O'Leary attempted to destroy 
CZ and binance blaming ftx's whole implosion   Entirely on CZ and binance finance is a 
massive unregulated Global Monopoly now They put FTX out of business this argument 
seemed misplaced at the time and still today   Because surely the cause of the FTX collapse was 
SPF stealing and co-mingling of customer funds was   The wire fraud was the overall fraudulent business 
practices practiced by FTX I'm gonna give you the   Full context so you can understand how we get to 
Mr Wonderful saying this I bet CeCe bought himself   An invitation to Washington yesterday can't 
wait to meet him there we can go sightseeing but   Let's back it up a little bit first these are the 
allegations Mr Wonderful made against CZ in front   Of Congress at the FTX day two hearings Kevin 
blames the entire FTX collapse not on SPF and   Caroline and the fraud but entirely on CZ why do 
you believe FDX failed I have an opinion I don't   Have the records here it is these two behemoths 
that own the unregulated market together and grow   These incredible businesses in terms of growth 
we're at war with each other and one puts the   Other out of business intentionally now maybe 
there's nothing wrong with that maybe there's   Nothing wrong with Love and War but Finance 
is a massive unregulated Global Monopoly now They put FTX out of business this is a simple 
case in my mind of where did the money go and   I said Sam walk me back 24 months tell me the 
use of proceeds of the assets of your company   Where did you spend it and then he told me 
about a transaction that occurred over the   Last 24 months the repurchase of his shares from 
binance his competitor I didn't know this at the   Time but at some point CZ or binance who runs 
binance purchased 20 ownership in sandbank and   Freed's firm for seed stock and then over 
time and I asked him what would compel you   To spend 2 billion was the number he was 
giving me at that time later in a subtle   Conversation about 24 hours later he told me 
he could have as much as three billion dollars   To buy back the shares from CZ I asked him what 
would compel you to do that why wouldn't you   Keep your assets on your balance sheet and why 
would you offer this to just one shareholder   He said because every time we went to get licensed 
in different jurisdictions because you must   Understand the prize of crypto is to get regulated 
apparently according to Sam bankman freed   CZ would not comply with the regularized 
requests in these different geographies different   Jurisdictions to provide the data that would clear 
them for a license he withheld it according to Sam  

Back and freed the only option the management 
and sandbank and freed had was to buy him out   At an extraordinary valuation of close to 
32 billion unless apparently a 15 discount   That stripped the balance sheet of assets you 
asked me why it went bankrupt go to the last week   All of a sudden in social media CZ 
is asking for another 500 million   Dollars but Finance is a massive 
unregulated Global Monopoly now They put FTX out of business CZ binance was quick 
to respond to this taking to CNBC shortly after   CZ had this to say in full about Kevin O'Leary he 
says he didn't know that Finance was a shareholder   Of FTX so he invested in FTX without looking 
at cap table but he was very specific in the   Way he counts for a transaction two years ago so 
that's kind of contradictory so I think Calvin's   A liar so um I think he's lying about a bunch of 
stuff so that's his problem to us we want to be   Transparent we want to set the golden standard for 
reliability solidness in the space so CZ binance   Goes straight to calling Kevin O'Leary a liar 
and Mr Wonderful not to have a poor narrative   Painted against him then goes on CNBC today 
and shoe horns in his retort to CZ so Kevin   First just straight up gets asked if he thinks 
Sam bankman freed and FTX committed fraud or no   Because it seems like you're a fan of SPF and 
FTX Kevin do you think FTX committed fraud you   Are a principal in this in this drama you are an 
actor in this drama and and you had a front row   Seat to Sam bankman freed literally up until the 
very end given what you know about him personally   And given what you now know about the numbers and 
what has happened there as you said you're trying   To get money back uh for creditors what do you 
think happened do you believe this was a fraud I don't have the facts John Ray doesn't have 
them yet he's going to get them I'm looking   For my records I'm willing to find a forensic 
audit of our accounts I'd like to know what   Happened obviously real quick it's interesting 
Kevin says that the current FTX CEO in charge   Of the bankruptcy and the cleanup John Jay 
Ray it's interesting that Kevin says that   John Jay Ray doesn't have the facts when all 
John did on day one of the hearings was come   With information and facts they use QuickBooks 
multi-billion dollar company using QuickBooks   QuickBooks QuickBooks Mr Ray you have compared 
FTX as worse than Enron can you please elaborate   On some of the specific ways FTX is worse than 
one of the largest corporate frauds in history The the FDX group is unusual in the sense that 
you know I've done probably a dozen large you   Know scale bankruptcies over my career including 
Enron of course uh every one of those entities had   Some financial problem or another they have some 
characteristics that are in common uh this one   Is unusual and it's unusual in the sense that 
literally you know there's no record-keeping   Whatsoever it's in the absence of record keeping 
employees would communicate you know invoicing and   Expenses on on slack which is you know essentially 
a uh you know a way of communicating for chat   Rooms uh they use QuickBooks multi-billion dollar 
company using QuickBooks QuickBooks QuickBooks  

Uh nothing against QuickBooks very nice tool 
just not for a multi-billion dollar company the   Operation of uh valimeda really depended uh based 
on the way it was operated for the use of customer   Funds that that's the major breakdown here funds 
from which was the exchange for uh non-us   Citizens those funds were used at Alameda to make 
investments and other disbursements there were   Virtually no internal controls and no separateness 
whatsoever anyways so now we're back on CNBC with   Kevin O'Leary who's just about to shoehorn in his 
response to CZ binance make sure you subscribe to   Our Channel this is a developing story we'll alert 
you as soon as CZ binance responds again to Kevin   So subscribe make sure you have notifications 
turned on turning on notifications will alert   You immediately when we post our videos and you 
can comment immediately and then your comment   Will have a greater chance of floating to the Top 
If it's a good comment so turn on notifications   Anyways here is Kevin O'Leary today telling CZ 
never call an Irishman a liar I'll see you in   Washington so we can go sightseeing I did speak 
with him prior to him going to jail because I'm   Just after the facts of where the cash was now 
let me address something before uh go any further   Yesterday on the air cezy called me a liar that 
suggested I perjured myself in front of the U.S   Senate for two hours this week I can assure you 
that it's not the case another little Parable here   You should understand when I was young my birth 
father was Irish put me on his knee and every   Irishman will know this and he said Son never 
call it an Irishman a liar unless you know with   Certainty that's true and I said why is that that 
he said because the Irish are crazy now I don't   Know what it meant back then but I got to tell you 
I'm not happy about that so at the end of the day   I have no ill will to this guy but he's part of 
the story too and you found out yesterday you did   A little work with squawkbox we talked about 
it either being 2 billion or 3 billion that's   Transactions and that's the largest transaction 
I think of anything in there regarding the   Balance sheet in in recent 24 month period and he 
confirmed it was 2.1 billion and then he confirmed   That he still had 550 million half a billion 
dollars of ftt tokens now at some point we're   Going to look at that week of November 6th and you 
ask anybody why did they why was sandbagon afraid   Or the whole company fgx forced into bankruptcy 
it was jamming down that last half a billion that   Gave them no option now is that the Fatal stroke 
or blow to get rid of your Global competitor I say   Yes I'll tell you something else right after that 
interview I got a phone call or actually was a   Text from a lobbyist in Washington saying don't go 
anywhere you're coming back so I bet CeCe bought   Himself an invitation to Washington yesterday 
can't wait to meet him there we can go sightseeing


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