Justice Department Seeks Independent FTX Examiner [ Crypto Espresso 12.02.22 ]

You know sometimes I wish that every day Was Friday but then we'd have no weekend So it makes Fridays pointless huh too Much of a good thing am I right well I Don't know philosophical musings about Days of the week because I am your host Andrew and this is crypto espresso your Teeny tiny daily shot of caffeinated Crypto headlines we have these things Called headlines and I read them and Then I say ladies and gentlemen the Weekend like Daniel Craig got it good First up Good Morning America's George Stephanopoulos has flown down to the Bahamas for oh God are you are you Kidding me sit down interview with Sam Bankman freed I told him every day this Week stop doing interviews okay okay Deep breath deep breath calm Meadow it's Very warm the embattled FTX founder Argued that he's Nothing Like Bernie Madoff and was asked whether he knew Customer funds were being improperly Mixed with elementas he insisted he Didn't know that was the case SBF Admitted that he didn't spend time Trying to manage risk at the doomed Exchange and conceded he was cocky the 30 year old also denied being in a Polyamorous relationship with Alameda Research's CEO Caroline Ellison I lived With a bunch of monogamous couples when I was here some of whom got married over The course of their time here I don't

Know of any polyamorous relationships Within FTX he said the US Department of Justice has asked a Delaware bankruptcy Court judge to appoint an independent Examiner to investigate the collapse of FTX a filing says FTX is approximately 1 Million worldwide creditors outside Investors and Regulators are demanding Answers to what happened and how Officials said they had confidence in The qualifications of ftx's new Interested parties they went on to argue That an independent examiner would be Able to act as a true neutral as to all Affected parties meaning that it likely Would enjoy broader acceptance and Credibility in Washington ftx's demise Has left politicians befuddled same Bankman freed spent tens of millions of Dollars calling for a comprehensive Regulatory framework for the crypto Industry pushing for a bill that his Company could never comply with the Digital Commodities consumer protection Act would give the cftc far broader Regulatory control over crypto Describing what's needed to prevent an FTX style collapse from happening again Cftc chairman rosston Benham said we Need registration of exchanges we need Surveillance of Market activity we need Direct relationships with custodians who Are holding customer money so that we Can prohibit and prevent money moving

Around and finally crypto's ongoing Fight with Apple's app store policy of Collecting a 30 cut of every sale just Knocked nfts out of the coinbase wallet On Thursday the at coinbase wallet Twitter account announced that the IPhone version of the wallet can't send Nfts on coinbase wallet iOS anymore Apple argues that the gas fees required To transfer non-fungible tokens should Be paid through their in-app purchase System despite the fact that this would Be impossible to achieve this is akin to Apple trying to take a cut of these for Every email that gets sent over open Internet protocols The Exchange has Warned Apple has been accused of Protecting profits at the expense of Consumer investment in nfts and Developer Innovation and speaking of Apple skimming things off the top one of Apple's top Executives does that to soup Whenever he Tim Cooks What you can follow my recipe by liking This video subscribing to our YouTube Channel and clicking on that little bell Icon to get buzzed whenever a new crypto Espresso video goes live and how was That segue to our engagement Spiel it Was pretty bad I know but do you think You could do better well let me know in Those comments below because I read them And I might just shout out my favorites In the next episode questions about our

Headlines or crypto in general hey ask Alex in that description below Alex is a Great resource for all things web 3 in The metaverse and that about does it for Today and the week again I've been your Host Andrew and ladies and gentlemen the Weekend see I told you I'd do it see you Monday


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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