Jupiter! A Deep Dive into JUP!

Jupiter exchange is a leading Decentralized exchange or Dex liquidity Aggregator built on the salana Blockchain despite slightly bearish Markets post Bitcoin ETF approvals and Another fed fomc meeting which saw rate Cuts delayed the much anticipated Jupiter exchange airdrop went through as Planned on the 31st of January Distributing $700 Million worth of its Jup governance token to tens of Thousands of eligible Jupiter users this Is the second major salana ecosystem Airdrop in recent months following November 2023 is lucrative $255 million Airdrop from liquid staking protocol Gido where some holders got dropped up To $100,000 with X and YouTube feeds Flooded for the past few weeks with a Long airdrop guides for incoming new Token launches across the ZK sync lirer Zero Cosmos and salana ecosystems the Jupiter airdrop has stirred up Controversies around its distribution Mechanics however some also pointed out That while early Salon ecosystem Enriched V DS like FTX and Alam research Salana 2.0 is admirably giving back to Its Community the last day of January Saw a cool billion dollars in Transaction volume for Jupiter exchange Compared to $781 million in volume by The leading decks ethereum based Unis

Swap V3 here's what you need to know About Jupiter exchange its new jup token And how to take the momentum of jupu Into the rest of 2024 so first of all What is the Jupiter exchange Jupiter is The leading decentralized exchange Liquidity aggregator built on the salon Blockchain that labels itself the Ultimate centralized exchange Replacement launched in 2021 by an Anonymous developer called Meo Jupiter Gathers liquidity from various dexes and Automated market makers or amm such as Radium serum Orca saber penguin and Supernova across salana to get users the Best token swap prices similar to what 1 In does on etherum as a liquidity Aggregator Jupiter has facil itated over $70 billion in total trading volume and Over 116 million swamps between 1.5 Million Traders according to doing Analytics the platform connects Fragmented salana deck liquidity into a Unified trading experience so what can You do on the Jupiter exchange well as a DEX aggregator Jupiter offers a ton of Features to fulfill every D gen's needs So these features include token swaps so You can swap Soul usdc Bitcoin eth and More hundreds of tokens at the best Rates by splitting orders across Multiple dexes with the help of Jupiter And there are no protocol fees charged To keep users safe a strict list is

Enabled as default to ensure users only Deal with vetted cryptos at the start There is limit orders so normally the Domain of centralized exchanges limit Orders are a big deal this essential Trading tool is now increasingly found On dexes most notably 1 in to ensure That you get tokens at the price that You want there's also Perpetual Futures So you can now speculate on Market Movements with up to 5x leverage on Jupiter Perpetual exchange so go long or Short on the Perpetual Market of your Choice such as Soul per eth per or Wrapped Bitcoin per similar to how GMX Operates on ethereum and there's also Dollar cost averaging so dollar cost Averaging is a popular method to ensure That you don't overpay for tokens Automatically accumulate tokens over Time at regular intervals with jupter DCA to reduce volatility risk and There's cross-chain bridging so bridging Is a vital tool for Traders and Developers Jupiter allows users to Effortlessly move assets between salana Ethereum B&B chain and five other chains You can Mint new tokens use tools such As salana token program or CLI salana Tools and Dex tools to Mint or create Your own salana SPL token then set up Liquidity pools which are automatically Picked up by Jupiter you can also apply To get on the verified strict list and

Integrate Jupiter terminal there's also S USD stable coin which was announced so Evolving Beyond aggregate trades and in The light of concerns around custody and Regulations with usdc and usdt Jupiter Has also introduced plans for an over Collateralized native stable coin called SSD it's entirely decentralized and Backed by salonus liquid staking tokens Or lsts which are a hot new crypto Narrative for 2024 so by leveraging Salum as collateral which ACR yield Sufficient to offset the minting cost Users benefit from ongoing interest free Loans while maintaining their sole Investment exposure so what is jup or Jup Jupiter's governance token so in November of 2023 at salana breakpoint The blockchain's flagship annual Conference Jupiter announced plans to Launch Jupe a utility and governance Token 10 billion jup will be minted with A majority going to the community via a Public token sale and airdrops jup Allows holders to vote on the platform Changes like token listings and emission Schedules propose and vote on ecosystem Development in initiatives participate In protocol governance in total 40% of Jup or 4 billion tokens have been Allocated to be aird dropped to nearly 1 Million Jupiter Traders this includes a 1.35 billion token airdrop on January 31st of 2024 when it comes to the

Tokenomics up close 50% of Jupe tokens Will be distributed to the Jupiter team And 50% will be given to the community No token sale will be conducted of the 50% of the team's jup tokens 20% will be Allocated to current team members Vesting after 2 years another 20% of jup Tokens are reserved for future team Members strategic investors and past Mercurial stakeholders 4 billion Jupe Tokens will be kept in a 47 cold Multi-sig wallet requiring majority Consensus for changes so tokens are Logged for at least one year 6 months Notice required for liquidity events 10% Of Jupe tokens for liquidity are to be Stored in a team Hot multi-sig wallet 4 Billion jup tokens for the community Distributed over 4 annual air drops Initial air drop of 1 billion tokens Remaining 3 billion in a community cold Wallet with 47 multi-sig 1 billion J Tokens for Community grants managed by a 47 multi-sig hot wallet and Jupiter Dow Genesis launch with an initial Circulating supply of 1.35 billion dup Tokens 1 billion tokens for Community Airdrop 250 million for launch pool 50 Million for loans to exchange market Makers and 50 million for immediate Liquidity needs so the Jupiter airdrops What you need to know Jupiter's record setting airdrop rewards Users who interacted with Jupiter before

November 2nd of 2023 over 9 55,000 Salana wallets the minimum Jupe claim Will be 200 tokens worth roughly $140 at Debay don't Fred if you miss the first Round as the fun with the jup is only Just starting three more rounds are Earmarked and that will distribute a Further 30% of tokens so get to know the Jupiter platform and start engaging to Potentially qualify for future Air Drive A safe approach is to buy sell trade and Bridge assets on Jupiter so crypto Airdrops are a vital tool when done Right to help build communities reward Early adopters and inject liquidity into Crypto markets airdrop farming is a Largely risk-free way to bolster your Bankroll and truly experience crypto at Grassroots level however as always be Careful with which protocols that you Interact with and use a new wallet where Possible May the allocations be in your Favor


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