JPMorgan CEO Warns Crypto Holders! (Bitcoin to ZERO!)

Yeah but Gold's Limited in Supply so It's Bitcoin and it's been used H so you Think so huh do I think there's a good Chance that when Bitcoin when we get That 20 million Bitcoin to 42 no that Satachi is going to come on there laugh Hysterically go quiet all Bitcoins going To be erased billionaire Jamie Diamond Just gave his final prediction on Bitcoin this is the last time I'm ever Going to State my opinion the reality of How he sees crypto evolving if you can't Solve the bad use cases the government's Probably going to have to close it down And stick around to the end of today's Video I want to share this with you Because this is info that Jamie Diamond Does not want you to see I think it's a Mistake to assume that everything's Hunky dory the CEO was first asked about The stock market like we saw in 2023 Will 2024 continue to go up I think it's A mistake to assume that everything's Hunky dory and you know and when stock Markets are up it's kind of like this Little drug we all feel like it's just Great you know but remember we've had so Much fiscal and monetary stimulation so I'm a little more on the cous side that We are facing a lot of things in 20 24 Or 25 and you we mentioned Ukraine the Terrorist activity in Israel the Red Sea Quantitative tiing which I still Question if we understand exactly how

That works I don't think we do how QE Actually worked what the effect of Negative you know zero rat was for all This time and obviously the politics and You know and then the Ukrainian war is Affecting oil gas food migration so you Have all these very powerful forces that Are going to be affecting us in 24 and 25 now typically markets do well in Election years especially when the Incumbent wants to remain in power Jamie Is still cautious but then because of These 11 spot Bitcoin ETFs that are now Trading Jamie was asked have you updated Your opinion Bitcoin um this ETF was Approved uh just about a week ago now And I think a lot of people are trying To understand what it ultimately means JP Morgan I imagine uh if you're a Client of JP Morgan you could call your Broker and say uh get get get me some of This ETF uh what are you telling what Are you telling your Brokers to tell Them back when they make that call yeah So this is an important thing I would This is the last time I've ever talk About this in CNBC okay so help me God Blockchain is real it's a Technology we use it it's going to move Money it's going to move data it's Efficient we've been talking about that For 12 years too and it's very small Okay so I think we've wasted too many Words in that cryptocurrencies they're

To types there's a cryptocurrency which Might actually do something think of a Cryptocurrency has an embedded smart Contract in it and that we can use a buy And sell real estate and move data that May have value the idea of tokenizing Things tokenizing things that that you Do something with and then there's a one Which does nothing I call the pet rock The Bitcoin or something like that and So on the Bitcoin you know there's first And I'm I'm not trying to make a joke Here there are use cases AML fraud Anti-money laundering tax avoidance Trafficking those are real use cases and You see it being used for hundreds maybe 50 hundred billion dollars a year for That that is the end use case everything Else is people train among themselves so Speculate yeah now okay now my last Statement the last time I ever going to Talk about Bitcoin is I defend your Right to do Bitcoin I think you know It's okay I don't want to tell you what To do so my personal advisers you don't Get involved yet personally and Professionally JP Morgan is involved Black Rock names JP Morgan as their lead Authorized participant for the spot Bitcoin ETF meaning that he'll Accelerate bitcoin's adoption through Being an AP for Black Rock and also JP Morgan is using ethereum as JP Morgan's JPM coin hits a billion dollars in Daily

Transactions this is on Corum their Private ethereum based blockchain Meaning pay attention to what they do Not just what they say what do you make What do you make of black what do you Make of the other firms the black rocks Of the world that that obviously and and L Larry think changed his view of this Obviously and maybe he changed his view Because you think he genuinely believes In Bitcoin or gen or believed it because He thinks that there's a Marketplace for It and he wants to be part of that Market but what do you think of the There's about a dozen big Financial Companies Fidelity included number one I Don't care so just please stop talking About this and and I don't know what he Would say about blockchain versus Currencies that do something versus Bitcoin that does nothing it maybe that Not different than me but you know this Is what makes a market people have Opinions this is the last time I'm ever Going to State my opinion and then look At this this is great push back from CNBC host Joe kernin gold really didn't Do anything either yeah but Gold's Limited in Supply so it's bit and it's Been used uh so you think so huh I think There's a good chance that when Bitcoin When we get that 20 million Bitcoin go To 42 no that satachi is going to come On there laugh hysterically go quiet all

Bitcoin's going to be erased I think how The hell do you know it's stop at 2 I've Never met one person who told me they Know for a fact they take that matically It's it's not it can't happen because by The last one will be mined in 2150 and It it it gets harder and harder every Time there's another having but but Jamie I back over you guys do what you Want I'll do what I want as for gold you Can the six characteristics that make Gold valuable for 4,000 years they're All present in Bitcoin that's all I'll Saying I love you and I don't want to And I also don't I don't also don't want To be a you may Jo Jo you may be right Yeah I I don't own gold either now Obviously Jam loses credibility when he Says something like one day satachi will Come back and print more Bitcoin bro It's five lines of code and not even Satoshi can force us to change it Meaning if you use a bank a centralized Third party you have to trust people Bitcoin is trustless it's open public Code for all to see for all to pick Apart and what Jamie doesn't realize is That governments aren't Banning it Governments are approving it they're Holding it they want to make money off It I think there's another RIS to Bitcoin if if you can't solve the bad Use cases the government's probably Going to have to close it down so that

The thing about the money laundering you You can Here's the the number was 20,000 I think for US dollar for dollars in Money laundering and it was 35 for how Much is done with Bitcoin so at this Point do but the the Dominant historically the dominant Currency for money laundering has been I Understand okay uh quickly commercial Real estate and this is even bigger Howard lutnick billionaire CEO of caner Fitzgerald insisted on talking about Crypto click subscribe if you appreciate These updates and we should talk a Little bit about crypto too before we Finish oh well let's squeeze it in what Would you like to say so remember when Gold ETF started they were very exciting At ' 04 and it kind of stayed steady There was all this hype that everyone's Going to buy gold and oh come on so I Think Bitcoin ran up it's kind of kind Of stay steady but when the having comes It's going to start to rally and grow so Bitcoin I think will grow and there's a Company that I like called tether it's a It's a stable coin and you know I manage Uh many many of their assets and the Tether Holdings is the name of the group And the group I want to say it here with You from what we've seen and we did a Lot of work they have the money they say They had in the last attestation they Said they had 86 billion of assets and

83 billion of liabilities and I've seen A whole lot and the firm has seen a Whole lot and they have the money and so There's always been a lot of talk do They have it or not so I'm with you guys Saying uh we've seen it and they have it Wow backing tether and clearing up the Fud saying the almost trillion in market Cap that tether has printed it's backed Up it's all there and in altcoin news Hello Labs unveils their distribution Strategy for killer whale series as you Know it's like a shark tank but for web 3 projects here's me and you can watch This on hello labs's newly introduced Streaming platform hello TV where Starting from February 8th this year Viewers will have the exclusive Opportunity to purchase each episode Using the hello token the series will Run for five consecutive weeks with a New episode premiering each week so That's the web 3 free distribution Release and then following the web 3.0 Premiere killer whales will then make a Splash across mainstream streaming Platforms from March 14th of this year So watch it first through web 3 or it'll Come out on more traditional streaming Platforms in March and also hello Labs Plans to Adorn killer whales on Billboards in key locations such as Los Angeles New York and London this was so Much fun to make I hope you watch I hope

You support us and that is the video Like always see tomorrow


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