Joe Biden’s KILL CRYPTO PLAN (Finally Revealed)! Bitboy FORCED OUT!?

Here's five reasons why I'm asking you To donate five dollars to my campaign President Joe Biden is attempting to Kill crypto Biden's crypto tax proposal Is an attempt to kill adoption in the U.S says the financial service chair Chairman of the house Financial Service Committee Patrick McHenry today claimed That the Biden Administration was trying To kill the digital asset industry in The U.S with its new proposal for crypto Tax regulation McHenry a republican from North Carolina said in a statement Friday that the new proposal was lacking Clarity and urged for Clear rules if Joe Biden gets what he wants and does what He wants with the crypto industry what's Going to happen top cryptocurrency Exchanges May soon have to report Customer information to the Internal Revenue Service the IRS under the rules Proposed by the Biden Administration on Friday Joe Biden's new rules would also Ask platforms that facilitate the buying And selling of digital assets also known As crypto Brokers to track and Report Key information as stock and bond Brokers currently do the proposed rules Would also Target decentralized Exchanges taxes such crypto exchanges do Not collect customer data and require no Personal details from users unlike Binance and coinbase Joe Biden is trying To change that at least in the U.S quote

From McHenry the Biden Administration Must end its effort to kill the digital Asset ecosystem in the U.S and work with Congress to finally deliver clear rules Of the road for this industry he added Proposed rules must be narrow tailored And clear I want to remind you that it's Been about a year since Joe Biden signed An executive order to go after crypto You remember this President Biden signed An executive order today directing the Federal government to come up with a Plan to regulate cryptocurrencies move Follows what the Biden Administration is Calling the quote explosive growth of Digital Assets in recent years under the Order the government will coordinate Efforts with financial Regulators to get A better understanding of the risks and Benefits of cryptocurrencies the Directive also calls for the exploration And consideration of creating a digital Form of the US dollar if you believe That the future of crypto needs to have A home in America as well as around the World I think we need to vote Joe Biden Now I'm not saying he's the worst President ever I'm just saying his views On crypto are scary to me there are Other good Democrats who like crypto Like Kennedy there are other candidates In this election who are pro-crypto by The way Trump he's not pro-crypto either Billionaire investor Bitcoin proponent

And CEO of Galaxy digital Mike novogratz Perfectly sums up our current situation In America regarding crypto regulations Listen to this and so now we're under Assault from the US government divided Administration the Democratic party Really doesn't like crypto partly Because sambachmann free was Joe Biden's Biggest donor and he was the biggest Donor of the democratic party and he was Engaged in a really intimate way with The SEC and the cfdc and so the Democrats had a vague all over their Face and feel well I gotta run from this And you know there's a small cabal Elizabeth Warren Sharon Brown Gary Gensler that really are trying to they Call it operation show Point Crush Crypto it's a terrible decision for the United States right because what we're Seeing overseas that Abu Dhabi is making A really friendly regime Hong Kong Believe it or not is coming up with one Of the most friendly crypto regimes That's going to start where the even Individuals can start participating Despite all that prices are going higher Right cryptos started as a little Person's Revolution they didn't trust The governments and there's nothing That's happening in the world today Certainly in the United States and a lot Of the West that makes people want to Trust governments more you're picking a

Fight with a crypto community that loves This technology that believes that it Almost with religious fervor uh that's Resilient as can be and so I'm bullish As can be mostly because not because all The institutions are going to come in That's been slowed down but because the People that started this revolution Aren't re-energized big shout out to This politician right here Representative McHenry he's bringing This to light what Joe Biden is trying To do with crypto trying to kill crypto He's the one who brought this to light And I want to remind you he's the one Who held Gary gensler's feet to the fire When Gary Gensler had to answer for his Actions is ether a commodity or a Security without speaking to anyone I Know you've repeatedly said you're not Going to speak to Juan except you've Spoken to one Bitcoin he's speaking to The tokens there's 10 to 12 000. is Ether a commodity Or security and again it depends on the Facts and the law and if there's a group Of I'm asking about the facts and a law Sitting in your seat and the Judgment You are making and so uh Mr chair I Think you you would not want me to Prejudge because you have prejudged on This you've taken you've taken 50 Enforcement actions we're finding out as We go as you file suit that uncertainty

Is bad is it not and I think that Congress has said that there's one Agency that secured as an Exchange Commission under this committee you Won't answer my question and you're the Head of that agency so give me a break Come on okay so let me just step back There's a lack of clarity here in the Marketplace let's take 60 seconds check This out I'd like to thank partner of The channel tmn global tmn global Provides Global access to tangible Assets via the blockchain what is tmn Global it is a platform which combines Traditional investing in technology Metals rare earth metals and precious Metals with with modern blockchain and Cryptocurrency benefits let's actually Check out their dashboard and app right Now this is the main page what I want to Highlight for you today is products Right over here for those of you who Want more specifics on technology metals Or rare earth metals and specifically What tmng has this is where I'd go check Out technology Metals rare earth metals And take a look at these charts as You're on their dashboard and as you're On their app and you're wondering more About each individual metal click on Preview I assume they're going to put a Picture here eventually maybe it's my Computer but you see a history you see Characteristics you see areas of

Application Outlook plenty of Information for more information and to See the dashboard that I just showed you Head on over to their website linked Below click on register and that's the Way you can take a look at their Dashboard hey join us at Bitcoin Amsterdam October 12th and 13th this is An epic Bitcoin conference use code Altcoin daily 10 off tickets get this Ticket or get this ticket ticket prices Increase as we get closer to the event So many awesome speakers are being added Every single day use code altcoin daily For 10 off hope to see you there make Sure you subscribe to our YouTube Channel WE Post one video on crypto Every day keeping you informed lastly And I don't know if you saw this yet This is pretty recent news there seems To be some shake-ups going on in the bit Boy organization love him or hate him a Lot of people know about him so what's Happening here It's it's interesting I actually just Got off the phone with somebody pretty High up in the bitboy organization I'm Actually going to share some exclusive Details for those who are part of our Friend Tech group I already shared some Details you can ask me anything about Anything in this group it's kind of like A crypto patreon so join me in the Friend Tech group if you want to have

Conversations that I really can't have On our daily videos see you here


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