Jack Dorsey Makes ‘Super Passionate’ Bitcoin Prediction for 2030 😱

The only reason our company Square Exists Is because we saw a problem in that visa And MasterCard we're not allowing small Merchants onto their Network that still Is our goal we're not in it to build an Exchange we're in it to help the Internet realize the native currency and Therefore help the world realize the Native currency yes founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey a man so heavily respected In Tech just gave an emotional plea for Bitcoin listen to Jack explain why he's Passionate about Bitcoin and spends his Time working to help increase Global Adoption Jack starts by speaking about His history with open source technology Then finding Bitcoin why he likes it and Then finally at the very end an Impassioned plea of what we're all Fighting for hit subscribe for daily Videos such a great clip only reason I'm Here on this stage is because of Open Source uh that's how I I taught myself How to program when I was a kid because Of the Um the grace of people giving their work Away for free doing things in the open Doing things publicly and that was uh Back in the day when I was a kid it was It was around Linux Um and the open source Community was Starting to thrive as the internet was Getting more and more accessible to

People and there was a bunch of Communities on the old system called Usenet Some of you might be familiar with it Some of you may not but it was um The Message Board effectively and it was Fairly decentralized just like IRC Internet relay chat was decentralized And during the early days of the Internet there was a lot of Really incredible open source sharing And and energy and also a lot of Inherently decentralized energy through These through these older systems And then we saw this wave of more and More things getting centralized behind The web such as Google and really Centralizing the discovery problem how Do I find things how do I uh how do I Find what I want to read about what I Want to understand Um but in Usenet there was a there was a Group called alt cypherpunks which were A bunch of fans of cryptography and Cryptographers and mathematicians and The early days of pgp were clinical There and um Just a number of really radical acts and Radical people and um The The Gem the the thing that everyone was Searching for Was money

How to Not reinvent money but put money back in The control of the people and so I'd Been following that and interested in For quite some time As another way to learn and understand And I just I was a punk when I was a kid And I thought it was the just the Coolest most righteous Noble Pursuit Um but it wasn't until 2008 when things Really came together with uh with Satoshi and Uh Whoever that person is or the group of People are took from so many ideas all Over the internet To crystallize into this one moment Which became the white paper and once I Read it in that time I was just it was Like wow this is this is it this is Incredible because It is open because it is provable Because it is transparent because it is Visible to everyone and Incredibly Whoever this person is has you know Kicked their ego to the side and and Given it to the world I mean again an Act of Grace Um that I saw early in the open source Community And uh and want to continue to replicate And want to continue to push so that's How I came to it Um

Square was starting at the same time as A as a Bitcoin finally got going in 2009 There was a lot of financial energy Because of the financial crisis in 2008 So there are a lot of companies that Were starting at that time including our Own Um And we you know we we watch it very Closely we we tested something in 2014 Where we gave sellers the ability to Accept Bitcoin Um on their web pages no one really used It we didn't have sellers that people Really wanted to spend their Bitcoin at At that time But um in 2018 We saw another opportunity to again Learn about Bitcoin and how it might Change our industry and what that trend Is and we built it into in the cash app As an exchange it was a hack week Project with me and um Mike Brock who's Back there who who uh who spoke Yesterday And uh our our only goal was just to um Be able to convert Bitcoin instantly to buy a cup of coffee And um eventually that that translated Into the exchange product for a number Of reasons but that still is our goal We're not in it to build an exchange We're in it to help the internet realize The native currency and therefore help

The world realize the native currency Um and and when I say currency As Jack said before more of you know an Open Money trans Transformer open Money Protocol that we can all see we can Trust that's not controlled by our Government that's not controlled by a Corporation the only reason our company Square exists Is because we saw a problem in that visa And MasterCard we're not allowing small Merchants onto their Network And we just said you know we're going to Figure out how to do that so we're very Familiar with Companies whether they be Banks or or Networks like visa and MasterCard not Enabling everyone and choosing Uh through not wanting to put resources Into it or deliberately uh potentially In collaboration with various Governments we saw what happened in Nigeria and SARS and how the Nigerian Government went to various Bank Corps uh With within to stop protesters receiving Money which Bitcoin made up for so Our whole reason for being as a company Is solving the same problem that Bitcoin Will ultimately solve for everyone in The world in my belief and why does this Matter to you by the way click subscribe If you want to keep learning daily about Crypto but why this matters number one Jack is so heavily well respected in

Tech in finance when he speaks smart People tend to listen what does Bitcoin Have anything to do with human rights Isn't it just about investment Um not for me I mean for me for me that Like Bitcoin changes absolutely Everything And what what I'm drawn to the most About it is the Is the ethos is what it represents is How That the conditions that Created it are so rare and so special And so Precious and I don't think there's Anything more important in my lifetime To work on and I don't think there's Anything more enabling for people around The world that's what I'm focused on Making sure that I help with like Whatever I can do whatever my companies Can do to make it accessible to everyone Is uh is how I'm gonna spend the rest of My life like if I were not at square or Twitter I'd be working on bitcoin Um if these are the conversations Happening in the open think of the Conversations in Tech in finance Happening behind closed doors be sure to Join us at the Bitcoin conference this Week link down below if you want to buy Tickets 10 off and like always see you Tomorrow


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