It’s Started: Visa Just Triggered NEXT Cryptocurrency Bull Run in 2024

Payments giant Visa has just integrated The Solana blockchain and while I want To update you on hadera news and binance News as of today visa to now send Stablecoin usdc over Solana to help pay Merchants in crypto one of the driving Forces behind salon's gains this morning Is Visa's plan to use the network for Payments Visa also said it's already Moved millions of dollars worth of usdc Between partners using salana and Ethereum settling Fiat denominated Payments authorized over visanet that's The company's electronic payments Network so what this means to you is That now Merchants can choose if they Want to settle stable coin transactions They can now choose from of course Ethereum but now also Solana Visa said It's one of the first major financial Institutions to use the Solana Network At scale for settlements the integration Of usdc issued on ethereum and Solana Into Visa's ecosystem system means that The former Solana can leverage Visa Treasury and settlement systems to Bridge traditional Finance with web 3 And in a direct quote from Visa's head Of crypto he says it's still early days But Visa has already settled millions of Dollars of usdc over both eth and Solana Blockchains between our clients we are Committed to continuing to innovate how We move money and providing our clients

Modern options for settlement so just Realize that Visa now holds both Ethereum and Solana Microsoft has Integrated with abdos polygon blockchain Is being used by Starbucks DraftKings Reddit Nike Instagram $9.3 trillion Black Rock has publicly endorsed Bitcoin So even though in the short term Bitcoin Still is consolidating near the local Lows still very possible may take Another leg down as discussed in Greater Detail with veteran trader Gareth solay Link down below but it's very Interesting which altcoins are Separating themselves from the pack for Example why is Adera pumping well we Know a few weeks ago they made this Announcement H bar rallies on fed now Edition of hadera based drop and another Way to say that would be the US Federal Reserve's instant payments platform fed Now add a drop a hadera based micro Payments platform as a service provider Now drop is a pay by Bank alternative to Credit card payments which allows Merchants to accept small value Purchases digitally without large Transaction fees and that brings us to The news today being hadera now has over 20 billion transactions in total taking About 1,738 days for the first 10 billion and Then only 100 days for the next 10 Billion Real World Adoption real world

Utility and huge update will this be the Crypto show to kick off the 2024 bull Market this is an exclusive first look At our debut TV show killer Wales if we fail the world is I think That's flawed and because of this I'm Going to be Sinking I think it's time to sink or Swim I am so so so proud of this show as You know my brother and I are producers And judges on the show it features 22 Crypto projects 13 different Nationalities 11 different killer whale Judges five total episodes in one killer Whale show coming in January 2024 and While the vast majority of the the Credit and the high production value Goes to show Creator Paul caslin as well As the hello team my brother and I do Have a small ownership in the show Producers judges I really hope you guys Watch I really hope you support us January 2024 and what about binance it Has been going around as of this morning That Jim Kramer has flipped bullish on Binance and says Cy looks like a good Guy on bullish here loading up on their Tokens way over sold now this tweet went Incredibly viral people were sort of Scared because Jim Kramer did say a Similar thing about FTX and SPF before They went under if this isn't the Biggest indicator that binance is about

To go bust I don't know what is well This channel did more digging turns out This entire post is complete fud it's Fake because this is actually a Screenshot of Jim Kramer from a video in September of 2022 where he discussed Treasuries but while this is a fake Story it does still pose the question is Binance safe how safe is binance right Now how can the users maintain their Trust and does binance have any current Current Liabilities so uh binance we have ran we Rent a very simple business uh we have Not taken loans uh from other people uh We have not taken VC Investments uh we Especially have not taken VC Investments And then give the money back to the VC Through a loan or or swapping or reverse Investment um and we just have we just Have never done that um we don't have Loans we don't have debt uh we don't owe Anybody any money um so no one uh yeah So u i I believe in the industry we Don't owe anybody any money no one gave Us loans uh we do not we also did not Give loans out of the platform so uh we Never take user access and give it to Third party to manage and try to make Yields Etc uh we did do a couple things We have a margin program where user Savings products um are used to provide Um uh uh lending for the margin Traders But the margin Traders cannot withdraw

That money away and our system does all The risk management if the margin Traders are out of margin we liquidate And we do the we do the risk management So the funds never leave our platform um We do do a bit of uh defi staking but we Only interact with a smart contract Protocol and we do that in a fairly Limited basis so we don't have funds That we give to another third part fund Manager and we we rely on them to Perform well and not run away um and we Oh lastly uh many small exchanges rely On either each other or binance for Liquidity so that means they have to Make a deposit on binance and then um uh So they in their account uh they will Typically have millions of dollars or Hundreds of millions of dollars uh on Binance or in another exchange um to to Sort of share liquidity binance because We're the largest liquidity pool on the Planet we don't use other smaller Exchanges for liquidity so all of the User funds all of our funds stay on our Platform uh we don't we don't use other Platforms for um uh to borrow the Liquidity so from all of those aspects Um our funds stay on our platform and we Publish the address is transparent um so Yeah um nothing's risk-free right so um Cal exchanges are inherantly quite risky Businesses so very fair response again Keep in mind not your keys not your

Crypto so I don't keep crypto on a Centralized exchange unless I'm actively In a trade be sure to join us at token 2049 in Singapore next week in tandem With the bitet Empower act Summit as Well as Bitcoin Amsterdam Conference in October use code altcoin daily for 10% Off your tickets these twin brothers Went from being broke college kids to Building one of the biggest social media Empires in crypto Meet Austin and Aaron Arnold who are the founders and co-host Hosts of allcoin daily and they're both Attending the bigot andow X Summit in Singapore on September 12th with more Than 3 million followers across all Their social platforms allcoin daily is At the top of the crypto media game However before the brothers found Success they lived in LA and Aaron Struggled in the entertainment industry But on one fateful day Aaron heard from His Uber driver that he 3x his money on Fire coin which is when he decided to Start learning about crypto so how do They make it haven't been raised by a Hardworking father who instilled great Work ethic in them Aaron created a YouTube channel and began making daily Content who then brought in his brother Once the channel reach 1,000 subscribers Today the allcoin daily YouTube channel Boasts more than 1.3 million followers Amazing you can catch them both at the

Bigot Summit and listen to them share Their experiences while hearing live Pitches on the killer whales Road Show Go to Big's website for more information About the summit and let us know your Thoughts in the comments


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