It’s Over: Sam Bankman-Fried is F***ED!! | Crypto Trial Update

We just got out of the courthouse and I Think it's pretty fair to say that at This moment it just feels like it's over For S pman freed um honestly if before Lunch it felt like we were witnessing a Murder um then afterward we were Witnessing somebody just stab a dead Body over and over and over and over and Over again the trial of Sam bankman Freed is happening now it actually Started weeks ago we're near a month in And while this is not being televised Nor are any electronic recording devices Allowed in the courtroom the coverage We're getting from multiple crypto Journalists who are there they sit in They report back is wild and oh my God I I'm like still numb from today I don't Even know what I feel or what I think That's not true I have so many thoughts And feelings and I'm going to share all Of them right now but Sam we finished Getting the direct questioning of Sam by His own defense Council and then he was Cross-examined and I think I said last Week that there's a chance Sam was going To get obliterated in Cross-examination I mean I definitely Think you could make a solid argument That Sam got obliterated in cross- Examination today basically Danielle Sassoon again trotted out multiple Statements that Sam bin freed made and Multiple statements where he

Contradicted those statements he you Know was often evasive um she just Caught him in so many things she got him To admit that um overall high level it Looks like Sam bakman Freed's strategy Is essentially saying he doesn't Remember anything when asked difficult Questions or even not so difficult Questions like do you remember saying This in an interview it sounds like Sam's go-to responses are I don't recall Or no but I may have or I don't Specifically remember that or I don't Know exactly what you're referring to There or just I don't remember when the Government then proceeds to pull up hard Evidence of him making certain Statements or signing specific documents Sam will then say things like well I'm Not saying that I didn't say that or I Vaguely remember that or I don't Remember that so he basically just seems Unwilling to give a straight answer or Take any responsibility for things that He said or did and is instead just going The route of being incredibly evasive And Cy and difficult and overall quite Unlikable throughout Sam's Cross-examination I even added little Notes like I want to smack him and [ __ ] and I do want to give full Credit to the podcasters and the citizen Journalists that are there we have Laura Shin of the Unchained podcast Tiffany

Fong on YouTube and Twitter as Tiffany Fong and Carly of overpriced jpegs links To all channels down below highly Recommend to follow and while you can Just tell that yes we are 4 weeks into This trial SPF has taken the stand and It does not seem it's going well this is Building and building and building and Even if we go all the way back to just Day two the reaction to Sam bankman Freed's lawyers his defense wasn't that Much better all right today was Definitely the spiciest just like Overview the spiciest day of the trial So far would you agree oh yeah day one Was boring day two was getting more Interesting but today we got some real Insiders talking and we're I'm going to We're going to talk a little bit about Everything that happened today and then We'll we'll break it down I just want to Say like up top high level it is not Looking good for Sam oh no thus far I Mean we're early in this trial but it is It almost already feels hard to think of The defense climbing out of this yes the Prosecution has a very straightforward Easy to understand exhibit a you Committed fraud it seems pretty Straightforward and by contrast the Defenses is what it's very convoluted Sam's legal team is not doing so great It it it literally seems almost Non-existent I look I trust that these

Lawyers that Sam has and again we'll get Into more specifics in just a minute but Like I trust his lawyers obviously They're well paid they're very smart That they must be good I just have to Assume there's like a lot that they've Been told they can't bring up in court The defense seems soad certainly Relative to the prosecution I don't Think they made any strong points today So again that was day two we're now on Week four and while just today the Defense rests meaning the jury will soon Deliberate this is something you'll Probably tell your grandkids about There's one way that SPF could be Declared innocent one way we're Basically workshopping what his only Shot of his defense would be right well And think about it saxs but again just To make things very clear this was the Outcome of the last two days I mean look You never know how a jury is reacting to Something but if the reaction of all of Us is anything to go on and frankly and You'll hear a little bit about this Later probably like I'm probably more Sympathetic to him than a lot of folks Today and I'll get into that but like it Was bad I don't know what what his Strategy was here but he basically Refused to answer anything Straightforwardly or directly even when It seemed very benign to do so he tried

To evade her many many times there was This one moment where it was a little Bit torturous about like who was the Board member of um Alam or something and And it was there was only one which was Him um there was another time when um She wanted him to to like admit Something about fing clawbacks and since He wasn't doing it she brought up a Document and she said like the top of it Said something you know how does Alita Prevent blah blah blah and or how does Elita do something I don't remember and Then the ne the next header underneath It was preventing Clawbacks and um she asked him to read What was blow it but instead of reading That he read the text under that header So she had to ask him to read the header And he said the first word is preventing The second word is clawbacks so he Refused to say preventing clawbacks Um I mean it just went on and on like it Was I I it's like it was um yeah Just I I I don't know like I said I felt Like I was watching somebody just beat a Dead body I even added little notes like I want to smack him and [ __ ] I can't Imagine any members of the jury reading This favorably I will also say that Sam Being unwilling to admit to Broad Statements that he's clearly made like Stating that FTX is a safe exchange to Which he's responded that he does not

Recall making any statements like that Even though he very clearly has in my Opinion absolutely damages his Credibility and every word out of his Mouth she caught him in something where Like he said he didn't have access to The AWS database but then um she pointed Out that actually after FTX filed for Bankruptcy he had um one of the first Things he had done is he kept asking the FTX estate to reestablish his um access To the AWS database um she asked him Something like oh did you um you know Say that you wanted to call the broker For Robinhood to see if um they would Just like hand over the sheriffs to you Without thinking too much about it and He was like he was evasive on that and Then so she pulled up a Google Document In which he had written that as a note To himself I mean it was like on and on And on and on and on and I don't even Know why Sam bothered with this whole Stick because first of all it was Incredibly frustrating to watch and Secondly just putting myself in the Juror's shoes if this guy is being Dishonest about or unable to admit to Statements that we have clear hard Evidence for how are we supposed to Believe his answers to tougher questions Like did you knowingly steal FTX Customer funds needless to say Sam is Now learning why he should not have done

These post collapse interviews there Were moments when she asked him Questions and he would just have his Head kind of bowed down for a little While multiple people noticed that he Had like a kind of different attitude After like a little bit um Yeah like uh what's the word kind of you Know like resentful like a little bit Like that thing about the first word is Preventing the second word is clawbacks Like you know a little bit of an Attitude um I can't imagine that sort of Thing going over well with the jury so Now again the defense rests Lura Shin Gives a final update on what to expect Next but while it does look like SBF may Be going away for a long long time the Besties on the all-in podcast do discuss The one thing that Sam bankman freed Could be declared innocent and this Would be genius this actually a Fascinating defense strategy I think This is their only shot one of our Besties had this theory that he was Prescribed two prescription drugs one Was adol what was the other one called This was eam the patch it's it's a drug I wasn't familiar with I guess it's a Patch but when you combine these two Things apparently it basically shuts Down or kills the part of your brain That deals deals with inhibition Inhibition it's cocaine yeah what if his

Defense strategy was yeah like only an Insane person would do this and I was Acting insane because I was prescribed These drugs that had these drug Conflicts and it like killed part of my Brain I mean you think about what if Every Criminal on Wall Street said Cocaine is my defense but this you could Say he was maybe he was legally Prescribed if you could show the Prescription by the way I'm not saying This should get him off I'm just we're Basically shopping what his only shot of His defense would be right well and Think about it sax he acted manic after Uh FTX collapsed so that Mania of doing 20 Twitter spaces would be there there's Something so insane about what he did Right that you that all it's almost like A what do you think give me your take on That down below in the comment section I Seriously would love to know your Thoughts innocent or guilty comment down Below the only way that you could come Up with that is like you you'd have to Have two parents that were like law Professors or Something all right most most lome Company FTX this is his defense you know Yeah my parents boohoo no no no no he'll Claim Insanity jcal he'll say of course Yeah and they'll have a I mean do we Think that his parents aren't going to Help his defense the defense rests the

Jurors will soon deliberate where are we Today and so yeah so now um this Afternoon we'll be going over um the Judge and the and the lawyers will be Hashing out the instructions for the Jury so anyway that's the update click Subscribe for one video per day keeping You up to date on crypto and like always See you tomorrow


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