“It’s All Lies!” – Ben Armstrong on Leaving BitBoy Crypto (& What’s Next?!)

There's no trueth to of these Allegations um and I will continue to Say that and um you know I think that uh If it has to be proven in court it will Be proven in court because every single Thing has been misconstrued and Everything is false when it comes to the Things I've been accused of today I Interview Ben Armstrong founder of bit Boy crypto and get the real story at Least his story on the series of Allegations that led to his removal from His company I could have taken a buyout On day one on day one of this I could Have taken a buy out I'm too trusting I'm way too trusting and I've got to Start being more skeptical uh I'm not a Serial cheater I'm not a person that's Some kind of predator and I ask Ben the Tough questions TJ was never into Ben Coin like that's I'm just guessing but That's probably true right the story That's been told about why J chains left The company isn't accurate that's that's Not what happened is there an operating Agreement in your new company are you Making the same mistakes as well as Discuss Ben's plans looking forward but What I can say is I cannot lose there There's 0% chance I'm going to lose 0% I'll be back to the top of the Influencer game game I think everybody Knows that everybody knows I'll be back To the top of the Heap the value does

Not lie in the old channel the value Doesn't really necessarily lie in my new Channel the value it it lies within me As we begin Today's Show like we Mentioned in our other interview altcoin Daily is all about presenting news that Impacts the crypto community in an Impartial and unbiased manner as best as Possible this controversy certainly fits That bill and we appreciate both sides Sharing their story as Ben's about Dimension because this is a legal issue Both sides are now handling things more Privately with the lawyers and as a Neutral party who wasn't there I'm just Glad that the truth can now come out Through the courts as both parties want Uh once again uh St ning at your heels And out grow you guys so I get to do That all over again the race is on the Race is on and right before we're about To do this interview you told me due to Legal reasons which I totally get you're Unable to talk about the men majority of The case is that Fair yeah I mean guys everybody knows me Like everybody knows I like to talk and I think people seeing seeing this new Side of me that's like I'm actually Listening to the legal advice at this Point um I think it shows that this is Very serious and um we we are in a very Good position to win um I'm like I I've Said a few times I'm in a win-win win

Situation here um people look at the Momentum of my new channel and they can See where all the viewers are going and All the engagement and the likes and the Clicks and the subscribers um I'm I'm Getting you know I I've had days where I've got more subscribers um you know in A day than more than I've had in a day In three or four years um and so uh Really excited to continue to grow this Channel and move forward and hit 100,000 Subscribers um I know you guys put out Something that said like you know the Viewers of altcoin daily also watch These channels like Ben Armstrong you Know crypto and I was like man is the Only person without 100,000 subscribers On that list I was truly interesting That's right we put it on Twitter the Top 10 uh channels our audience watch That also watch us you were number six There was coin buau there's banter There's all these other people on there Well interesting because I just started It like I just started I'm already Number six so you know my community B You know B Nation as we call them now my Commun has been really great through all This and you know that they came to to Where the brand was and um you know Excited to kind of shed the bit boy Moniker and um you know be been Armstrong for now and um you know new Book coming out I got all kinds of stuff

Going on and um you know really excited To continue to grow my own personal Brand now Ben you know what scares me is That both sides adamantly think they're Going to win 100% and somebody's going To lose unless there's a settlement You're you say you are definitely going To win in your opinion oh yeah for sure There's I I can't give away any of our Legal um our our legal directions but What I can say is I cannot lose there There's zero% chance I'm going to lose Z% what's the biggest misconcep C about You that came out of all you think like The audience at home millions of people Have watched your story over these last Few weeks what's the biggest Misconception of You um I I think the the the biggest Misconception of me is that um I'm about Money I'm not about money like I think That's been very clear through all this If I was about money then I would have Stacked tons of money up on the side and I would be fine right now but I'm Struggling financially and and I'm not Going to be struggling financially for Long I mean obviously now that new Channel started we got sponsors lining Up and um you know I've sold some assets And and manag to get some money in my Accounts and stuff but there was a time During all this where I had $4,000 to my Name $4,000 to my name of course had had

Uh uh you know um a high dollar vehicle Um not not even counting the one that Was taken from me but uh had my my Dodge Demon um obviously a car that I loved a Lot um and you know I had my Rolex you Know got got rid of of that um you know Like certainly my family lives in in a Nice house but like guys I don't want to Rush and sell my family home like even If I did it it would take months and Months and months to get that money in And then we're dealing with all kinds of Um you know situations of moving and Uncertainty and my family's been Affected Enough by this um for sure uh The public humiliation has been has been Outrageous um but I I haven't been in a Good Financial spot I mean I have $220,000 behind on bills and none of That is false uh that's all 100% anybody That has dealt with me in real life Would be able to tell you you know like The fact is I set up a company to where Anytime I needed money I just asked for Money and I got a weekly paycheck and When that Weekly paycheck stopped it was A big paycheck but when that Weekly Paycheck stopped um I didn't have any Funds coming in and so I've had to kind Of you know get back on my heels and and And now I'm back on my feet and um Excited to move forward um but I think This idea that people had over the years That I'm wearing Gucci because I'm all

About money is not the case like the Fact is I did have a lot of money I had Access to a lot of money and most of Those clothes were bought with you know They were for the brand right so they Were bought with company funds because It was wardrobe for the show and Wardrobe for speaking on uh you know Speaking on stage at places and and Making appearances and I got to look Good for pictures you know and and so Certainly like if you look at the kind Of clothes I wore outside of maybe the The Dol and gabana get up I wore at the The Dubai Dubai X or the dub X coin Party for the most part like I'm wearing Black shirts yeah I might say Burberry Might say Gucci on it but I'm just Wearing normal clothes I'm not you know Certainly never got into the Richard Hart area of fashion and and I think What people need to see from all this is There was a miscalculation by everyone Involved to think that I'm so desperate To be rich that I'll make concessions That I wouldn't have made otherwise and That's not guys I don't give two craps About a car I care about the the Lamborghini because of of the situation Surrounding it I could get rid of that I'll get another Lamborghini in the Future I'm I'm not worried about that When I'm at a better Financial spot to Where I'm not having to decide like hey

Should I buy a Lamborghini or pay Employees you know like I never want to Be in that situation and so um I think People have looked at this on the Outside and looked at a lot of the Surface things where it's maybe the cars I drive or the clothes that I wear and They have a certain perception about me But whenever anybody meets me in person Like they'll tell you I'm the most down Toe you know one of the most down to Earth influencers you'll ever meet like I love talking to people I care more About the people care more about my Audience care more about my family I Care more about obviously you need money To survive right so on a baseline level You have to care about money in some Regards but my my numbers my fashion my Cars my bank account none of that Matters to me what matters is I'm able To do what I love which is get out here And talk to people and and I hope that That's really been what people have seen Through this and that's why I'm pushing Through here because I could have taken A buyout on day one on day one of this I Could have taken a buyout and uh you Know walked away and maybe start getting More behind the scenes because you know This Austin a lot of people in crypto That we've known throughout the years at Some point they shift to behind the Scenes because the public life becomes a

Little bit too much and invites too much Scrutiny I'm not built that way I I Don't care about that stuff I enjoy it Like I enjoy the people talking about me Like you know there certainly is uh you Know certainly there have been some Unflattering things that have came out Here look I had an affair and I take Responsibility for it and I deserve as I Always say I deserve all the tomatoes People people deserve you know I I effed Up on that big time it's a choice that I Can't undo it's something I've never Done before I never had a an affair um a Sexual relationship with anyone outside Of someone who I was dating or married Um to I'm not a Serial cheater I'm not a Person that's some kind of Predator like There's never going to be a story come Out about anyone that I've ever had any Kind of sexual relationship with outside Of what people already know um and so I Certainly didn't believe that I was Capable of doing such and for that I do Deserve humiliation for um because People know the kind of person I've said That I am and I'm very loyal and I stab My wife in the back and that freaking Sucks and I hate that but at the end of The day I'm not a bad person and Everything that has happened here I I I Don't really deserve however when you Look at the numbers and the views and The clicks and the intention like it's

It's been amusing it's been amusing to Watch from the outside the Grand Theft Auto memes uh you know those are those Are pretty good uh you know this is what He she's this is what she C's meme was Pretty funny uh there's certainly a lot Of lot and I just take it on stride and I laugh about it and I I I think if People understood how after I broke out Of this um there was definitely a period Of time for about a week where I felt Like I was in a psychological prison and I I didn't have anywhere to turn and um You know I had some people I could lean On and that was it h but once I came out Of that like look it's I'm taking this In stride and I understand this going to Be the best thing like this is going to End up by the end of this being a great Thing for me and it already kind of is And and I think that it's causing me to Reexamine a lot of stuff about my life And reexamine a lot about the people That I trust like that's something that Has really been driven home to me is I'm Too trusting I'm way too trusting and I've got to start being more skeptical And more critical I have to start Setting things up in a way that like Okay I don't believe this person is Gonna try to screw me over but they may Like I I've got to think of it like that And so that's never the way I've thought In my entire life I always believe

Everything's going to be okay and in General I just feel like I've got a good Outlook on life and I've got an outlook On life that's a positive one and and And I see myself uh you know continuing To to grow and I'll be back at the top Of the influencer game I think everybody Knows that everybody knows I'll be back To the top of the Heap you know y'all Got a big lead on me now y'all had a big Lead on me before percentage wise the Lead you guys have on me now is much Smaller than the lead that you had on Me On the previous channel you know when we First met so I think it was it was 127,000 subscribers to like 6,000 Subscribers so um you know looking Forward to uh you know continuing to Grow and um you know know I think that Uh that that's the misconception of that That I care only about the numbers I Care so desperate to keep the channel Like I don't care about that stuff what I care about is I got me and my audience And my family and um the people around Me I love and care about and and my Friends in this community that have Shown themselves to be true friends uh Th those are the things that matter to To B Armstrong and speak in third person Obviously obviously one compliment I Want to give you which I just think has Become more so much more obvious to me In this last moment

So much more undeniable I should say is That whether you're at your high highs Meaning talking about something you love Crypto you know in the daily live Streams or at the low lows having that Run in with the cops you are you're an On camera Talent like you're Entertaining like whe like that's Something they can never take away from You so like when you say you're going to Build up the new channel like do you Think the other channel dude do you even Want the other channel anymore it's like Hemorrhaging views will tell I will tell You no matter how this proceeds um I'm Never making another video on that Channel even if I get everything back Never except you know like maybe a maybe A channel trailer just to keep it alive And explain like what happened um but I I have no plans of using that channel Going forward no matter what happens um No if I were to get everything back I'm You know I have plans uh but this is my Channel going forward and there's no Doubt there's no going back on there There was a time where if I would have Gotten everything back um and and that Channel had momentum that I was going to Go back to bit boy and I was going to Keep it going and you that's why people Might have seen some conflicting Statements by me right like on one hand I said like you know um you know that

That channel was was over and I was Taking a taking a new over for me and Taking a new moniker um my actual name And and then there was a time where I Said guys that was really me just kind Of sitting back like of course I want to Get it back gu I am bit boy but now we Progress to somewhere different which is I've gone through um kind of a Realization about where the value lies For me the value does not lie in the old Channel the value doesn't really Necessarily lie in my new channel the Value it it lies within me and Everywhere I go there I am and so I'm Gonna bring the value everyone like you Said I'm guys I was I was a YouTuber Before YouTube was invented you know Like it's always been the Ben show for Me you know and I think people around me Would attested that and and I don't mean That from a standpoint of uh guys I just Got a big personality I've always had a Big personality I was always in trouble In school like like certainly my later Years it was for bad stuff you know that I was I got into as an older teenager But even from the time I was in Kindergarten I was getting sent to the Principal's office why for for talking And doing things for attention you know And um I think that uh you know maybe Circus clown was something that one of My teachers told my mom I should be when

I was older uh but YouTuber wasn't Infinite yet and uh thank you you know Just thank the good Lord the YouTube did Come out because I don't think I would Look good with white paint on my face I'm already pale enough I want to talk About your and I see you can you can Relate to that dude nobody's paler than Is what they tell me me um in the bull Market I'll get a tan um But I want to talk about your new Channel but before we do that I Understand this final question you can't Talk that much about specifics but out Of all the allegations that the other Party made about you misappropriation of Funds uh physical assault all that stuff Your your messages that they're untrue Correct like the audience absolutely ABS Absolutely 100% 100% 100% I Will Never Back down off of that um that there There are um I would just say that there There have been some um Liberties taken With the telling of these stories um Great Liberties that have been taken um And like I you know there's a lot of Things that I wish I could say right now And um I wish I could talk a lot more About what's going on but what I would Tell you is this is even if I could talk And even if I could tell you every Single thing and I could just be an open Book I still would not be addressing Individual allegations because when I

Address individual allegations like it Makes it seem like he's addressing this Maybe there's some truth to something Else no guys there's no truth to any of These allegations um and I will continue To say that and um you know I think that Uh if it has to be proven in court it Will be proven in court um but I I don't Want to give credibility to any of the Things that have been said because every Single thing has been misconstrued and Everything is false when it comes to the Things I've been accused of and Obviously dude the thing is I feel like The the real winners in this are going To be the lawyers because it's a he said He said situation from an outside party The lawyers are getting all the money um Is there any chance do you see any Chance of a Reconciliation where Somebody does get zero in your mind is There any chance of meeting in the Middle sure yeah sure I think I I think So and and I think that I would have Told you that last week um I I wouldn't Have said last week that there was any Chance for any kind of uh negotiation or Buyout but at this point we all know Where the value is and the value is over Here so what what why do I care you know Like why why do I want to go on and on Fighting over the value that I've Already brought to my new channel um and So uh you know what would say is uh good

Luck to everybody involved um trying to Um you know try trying to do it without Me Good Luck um but that doesn't mean That I am definitely going all I'll say Is right now there's a lot of options on The table there's a lot of things that Are going on in the background that People aren't aware of um and I'm Looking forward to a lot of these things Playing out um and I I look forward to Just moving on from this one way or the Other and I think that uh everyone sees Uh you know where where the success is Going for me and that's all I'm trying To focus on right now let's talk about Your new channel you're doing the Morning live streams or why why should Somebody subscribe what are they get by Subscribing to You me that's why uh but guys uh we're We're going back to the Grassroots of The channel you know I mean I got to Where like I wanted to have like guys I Love ESPN well it kind of sucks now but It used to be really great you know like Before they fired everybody um and I Mean that's a good example how the People that you have Matter and entertainment and on ESPN you Know they went through massive firings a Few years ago and those things matter a Lot when Mike and Mike The Morning Show There broke up like I don't give a rip About who they've had 17 different host

Try to replace them you can't replace Mike and Mike they were they were Eternal like they were Sports Talk Radio Um you know kind of and and like you Know there's other you know people out There that are seen as their brand and They move on and people try to come in After that and do something something With it and it doesn't Work and and so um you know for Me you know realizing my own value and Where I stand with things I think that It it's been a bit of an Awakening for Me to to realize that I'm the person That made the whole thing go and and on The new Channel people are going to get All the stuff they got on the old Channel delivered differently I I don't Want to go back into super high level Production value and quality like do we Want to put out crap no absolutely not Um but I mean we got a small team here You know we're um you know we're we're We're small we're fit we're we're um you Know leaning lean and mean over here is What we like to say and we have our new New World Finance you know we talk about In a minute but um it's aoll a power Alliance of some crypto creators and we Want to see that go forward but we're Not going to get caught up in the fancy Editing because you can go watch a lot Of channels a lot of crypto YouTube uh Videos are being put out right now now

And structurally they're great videos Structurally they're great videos the Editing is great the scripts are great The information is good I may not say Great but it's good um but those videos Aren't getting watched because a long Time ago people realized you know people People were tricked by production value You used to think that the higher the Production value the better the content And I think we've hit a reversal there Right where it's actually start going The opposite way I mean look what you Guys do like your production value is Not 100 and that's by Design 100% Yeah yeah and so we're going back to Being more real on this channel I've Gotten to a point it's crazy Austin is My is my number stalled out after the Bull Run it's so weird like somehow I Started trending more than ever right Like I trended when I trend on Twitter Like I'll trend for like two months Straight you know at some point there Were millions of tweets about me in an Hour you know and it's something that Has been entertaining to watch but my my My fame right I'm not comparing myself To a real celebrity but my fame in Crypto and my fame on the the outer Fringes of how that touches mainstream Even though my numbers have not gone out Dramatically my fame is drastically Increased like people recognize me more

On the street like now than they did in The heat heat of the bull run and that's Very interesting to me to to watch and It just kind of shows that um you know People people care about what I think And they care about what I say and and And they want to be part of that and so Um on my new channel we're going to get Back to me being the brand like I am the Brand like I am Ben Armstrong I am the Brand there's nobody of course AJ might F in for me sometimes if I do absolutely Have to leave but it got to where I was Barely on the other show you know I mean I was I was only there about half the Time I was traveling multiple weeks and Um you know had a lot of good Opportunities and made a lot of good Contacts and relationships and and now We're getting back to where I am back on The channel and you're going to get me Every single day and you know starting Next week we're going to be back to Three videos per day just like we always Did um and uh you know it's funny uh you Know there's a sponsor that we've been Talking to And uh you know I couldn't understand Why they wouldn't sign on the dotted Line to be to like be sponsor on on this New channel because the talks we had Were very good and and what I realized After the conversation that uh was had With them which was oh they haven't

Watched me from the beginning so they're Thinking that like it's going to be a Struggle for me to put out the same Amount of content I was putting out Before because it's just me and guys That's not true like I was doing two Three videos every single day before I Had anybody working for me and I was Editing them all and I was doing all the Thumbnails and all the titles so I'm Back to doing it like all this THB Nails You see on my channel they're me the Titles they're me the video ideas They're me of course I have some input From J chains and AJ on um you know what What we're doing as far as content goes And and that we talk about ideas Sometimes but we are back to where I'm Doing everything on this channel and I Love it like I remember I went to cinity Crypto I love cinity crypto I went out There to their Studio a couple uh couple Years ago for the first time maybe a Year and a half ago I can't remember Exactly when it was and I got I got back To my hotel there in Las Vegas is and I Just loved what they were doing so much And it just reminded me of the Nostalgia Of what it's like to build and I got Emotional like I got emotional thinking About like everything I had been through To build what I built but yet I missed The early days when I was building and Of course when you're in the early days

You're not making money you don't love It you're doing it because you have to But there was a Nostalgia about building And so I am looking forward to being Able to build this channel out we've got A new panel show uh coming at 4M Eastern Standard Time Monday through I think we Are going to do it now Monday through Friday Friday next week it probably Monday through Thursday um and and That's going to be a really cool show We've got a great concept for that um We're going to be we have our new world Finance channel that we're going to be Creating there's going to be clips from All of our shows that are involved in New World Finance uh you should be Getting 90s wrestling Vibes that's right It's NWO but nwf right we canbin in wo And WWF to create Degeneration X the True one but uh you know we're going to Keep our click small you know Everybody's not getting to join our our Click and we're going to collaborate and Have a power Alliance and um that's why Like everybody if you guys are going to Go check out my new channel make sure to Check out AJ wries crypto on Twitter and YouTube make sure to check out J chains Or crypto J chains on YouTube and Twitter these are my people these are my Guys that I roll with these are these Are my road dogs these are my boys can We um but just to can we like J chains

How happy were you to get J chains back In the group like because he left the Company early on oh my gosh man like and People have to understand that um the Story that's been told about why J Chains left the company isn't accurate That's that's not what happened did J Chain get into an altercation dispute of Some sort yes we we we did okay However The fact was that is not why he left uh You know he left a month later because Of something totally different and if he Ever wants to tell the story about Exactly what happened like he has the You know he has the the autonomy to be Able to do that um actually I don't know I think he's there was Nas that were Signed so maybe he can't actually say it Um but I didn't sign I didn't sign one But I'm not going to put words into Somebody else's mouth but I always Miss J chains I I I tell you when when I got Back we we had we had a problem between The two of us there was definitely a Problem and when when he left I was very Sad about it I begged him to stay and he Decided to leave and when about two Months after he left I went down to the Bahamas and Chase Sam bakman freed all Around right um when he was still free Um and you know my first comment when I Got to the hotel after we got done with The first day where we went went to the The uh condo I said man I wish J James

Was here you know and and there were Some things that occurred that we both Wish that we could take back um because Regardless of why he left the company or Not there there was a change in our Relationship at some point and we to be Fair you know J chains when when I got Back from bomas we went in November to D Central J chains tried to kind of make Amends and he tried to to hang out with Me and be my friend and I'll be honest I Was I just I went into at the time I I I Was hurt by some stuff that happened but I never and I've always said that like I Just missed him so much because he was My dog right like and a lot of people Know last November my best my best Friend died my best friend Jim that had Been on the channel before he he died of A drug overdose it's extremely sad um we Met in rehab 15 years ago we they've Been best friends like we called each Other brother like brother he was my Go-to guy like that was my best friend And I lost him right after I lost J Chains J chains was number two he was my Best friend right behind behind Jim and It it really hurt me and it was really Sad that we did have some some issues in Our relationship and we've now made Amends on those and I told him you know We had an honest conversation about why I was hurt and I was upset I knew why he Was hurt and why he was upset um and I

Knew that he had been trying to mend That relationship and I wasn't trying to Mend it but because like there were some Things I wanted to protect a little Protect myself a little bit because I'm I'm I'm too quick to forgive and let People back in um there some things that We see now that are unforgivable I Believe but um I feel so great about Having him back like we're we picked up Right where we left off you know we said The boys are back and uh you know the Obviously getting AJ to come over H from An outsider looking in to me it seemed That way yeah well AJ is the most Talented person AJ and Frank are the Most talented people that I ever brought In and I saw AJ's Talent from the very Beginning there were a lot of people That didn't see it and I had to like Kind of force like no guys like trust me He reminds me of me like in a lot of Ways like he has a lot of the same Qualities and characteristics that I Have um he has he has maybe a little bit More you know I'm more like uh rugged Manly goodl looks he's more like boyish Good looks okay we're both good-looking Guys okay uh I I did find out recently That some of the the lady YouTubers are Into AJ which I didn't know um but but We we come from different places uh we Have a lot of similarities but he is Extremely talented and I always knew he

Was going to be big and I always wanted Him up under me you know as an Apprentice um that's why I he was my Go-to person to film for me when I was Gone um and so getting him to be able to Come create content with me not for me But with me here um at our new studio it Was absolutely huge but with AJ I there Was never a gap in our relationship for Me and J chains there was a gap where Things were not the same with us as they Were in the beginning and so to have him Back it does feel a lot of a lot of Reconciliation my heart feels really Good about it um and that's why like There's there's not people in the world That I would rather have here working With me other than J chains and AJ and Between the three of us start up pick The pieces and we can move forward and I Hope that this I hope they get rewarded For their their loyalty to me and what I Mean by that is that people look at These people that when the times were Hard when the times were tough and a lot Of people were kicking me while I was Down it would have been very easy for J Chain to jump on been very easy and he Didn't um he he he Specifically had conversations about That he wasn't going to kick me while I Was down and that's a true friend and Regardless of the little thing that we Went through um my my heart's full and

Happy and that sounds kind of uh you Know kind of whatever you know but it It's true when it comes out regard There's not no nobody I'd rather have Here I appreciate you saying that and I Actually have to jump off in five Minutes so Rapid Fire for these last Couple questions how's Ben coin doing I See Cassie just got a promotion CEO yeah What's going on with that well I mean The fact is that she was really doing CEO role anyways um there was an announc That I made very early on with bcoin uh To where I said that she was the CEO and The truth is I would have made her the CEO except for the fact that she didn't Really have a name in crypto and nobody Really knew who she was at that point I Mean some people knew I mean she got a Bigger account than most people on Twitter or on X but not you know not Anything of significance where like she Was popular in the space or anything and So I Val like for bcoin for the CEO I Wanted a big name I want something Splashy and that wasn't her at the time And so I I I told her I said you know I Know that you're doing all the leg work And you're doing like guys she has built This project like she has absolutely Built all the infrastructure that we Have no she didn't develop it she's not A developer but she's managed the entire Thing and so it just it just made it was

Common sense to to move her to that Position um and I I know obviously There's some complications due to Everything that occurred and people are Looking from the outside and they've got All kinds of opinions I hope my personal Life going forward you know is now Something that's going to be more off The table I invited everyone in my Personal life and I I think from this Point forward we're going to do things a Little bit differently um but yeah bcoin Is going to be fine we have our V2 Launch coming soon super excited about That there's going to be some income Generating things woven into that V2 They're going to push us to be able to Uh you know get our initiatives and push Towards crypto adoption and guys what a Better time to get what a better time to Be at the bottom than at the bottom of The crypto sentiment which is where Where we've been so really looking Forward to building Bitcoin out and and Fostering crypto adoption yo TJ was Never into bcoin like that's I'm just Guessing but that's probably true Right uh I will not comment on Preferences of of anyone at the old Company but I would say I will tell you This that there are a lot of people um That were very unhappy with my decision Uh to move towards bcoin and to move Away some certain coins that uh were

Preferential I will say um and you know I know that there were some people that Uh I I lost um as employ and lost not Not his friends necessarily but there Were some people that were no longer Operating with me and it's the same Thing there were a lot of people that Had opinions about the people I was Hanging around and a lot of people that Had opinions about the the coins that I Liked and what I was involved in and With bcoin and going forward that's what I mean by I'm free now like I'm free I Can do whatever I want now I can do Whatever I want and yes I'm 67% owner But you have to understand the Difference between being able to do Whatever you want and then being able to Do whatever you want with push back into Tractors and now I don't have any of That and I'm free to operate the way I Want to operate and I'm excited about it Is there an operating agreement in your New company are you making the same Mistakes no there's no operating Agreement because I'm 100% owner like There doesn't have to be any kind of any Kind of operating agreement because There's nobody to agree with like it's Me myself and I that are in charge of This so um and I would tell you I would Tell everybody this um and were you About to ask me a question about Lessons Learned because I'm about to give a

Lesson learned here yeah a lesson Learned a lesson learned here is don't Bring people on as business partners it Doesn't matter how much you know them Doesn't matter how much you trust them Doesn't matter if their family doesn't Matter if you love them doesn't matter What they've done for you when you are a Person that creates something now look If you create something with someone Right it's different but if you create Something first and then someone else Gets invited into that fold I will look Everybody in the eyes and I'll tell you That is a big mistake by going through This I've also seen so many other people Who have gone through similar Experiences not on this level and not to This scale obviously because it's public But so many people have regretted that The number one business litigation um Topic is partner splitting and and so um I I think that uh you know just because You create something you're the owner of It it doesn't necessarily protect you um So going forward I'm GNA make sure I Have protection at all sides Ben final Question then I'll let you go millions Of people have watched her story this Last month I know the other channel the Other side is watching this interview Now what is your final message to the Haters the lovers people out There yeah uh my final message is is

That for for everybody that has has Watched over the years and been loyal to Me and subscribed to the channel and Watched the videos I think it from the Bottom of my heart and and the thing That I I take away from this that is Going to be the number one not Necessarily the most important lesson Learned but the number one thing that I Realize I ized that now will separate What I do going forward from what I did In the past which is you know I thought I was smart I thought that I I thought That what I was doing was unique I Thought that the value that I brought in Crypto was unique I thought that that The way that we structured the content Was unique I thought it had a formula I Thought there was a formula to the Success of bit boy crypto and I I Believe that we could take that formula And we could reapply it in any Niche With any person that had talent and we Could get similar results and what I Learned is that's not true at all I Never had a formula I didn't have any Kind of of secret tricks or tips that Help me what I had was I had me and I Had my personality and that the the People many of the people around me um You know I I think forgot about that and I never realized it which is people People watch my channel because of me They didn't watch it for the production

Value they didn't watch it for I knew About this coin and nobody else did they May have made money on that coin right But they watch my channel because they Love me or they love to hate me people Love me or they love to hate me as we All know there's not a lot of people in The middle I'm sure you're audience but I did notice your audience I was look Comments from another video you did your Audience is a very neutral audience Which I think is very funny um because I See there's a lot of like well you know Like this was a really cool video and it Was very mature conversation and but no Comments on I was actually said so uh You know your audience reflects you guys You guys very well um but you know for Me there's not a lot of people that are In the middle you either love me or you Love to hate me um or you hate to love Me you know there there's not a lot There and I've learned that and I Realize that now and that helps me take A lot of the comments more in stride the Comments didn't bother me before but They certainly don't bother me now and Now I really do see that even when People are saying horrible things about Me like it is a form of adoration in a Sense and so understanding that having That Epiphany and knowing I'm the value On the channel that's going to change What I do going for because I know I C I

Don't want to leave something to other People to take over when I'm gone it's Either me or it's nothing and that's how It is going forward and I appreciate Everybody for the support um and uh you Know the platform to come talk about in My new channel and um you know look Forward to having you on my new show Next week or the week after I'll put the Links Down Below in the video Description um appreciate you coming on Man


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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