Is The Israel-Saudi Agreement OVER?! All You Need To Know!

Israel the Middle East Military and Technological Powerhouse has been close To forming an alliance with Saudi Arabia The Region's economic Titan and key oil Supplier such a deal would have Transformational impact on one of the Most volatile regions on the planet with Repercussions felt across the global Economy then on the 7th of October Hamas Attacked Israel sparking a brutal Conflict that has the potential for Serious escalation With far reaching consequences the end Game is anyone's guess this video will Examine the potential peace deal between Saudi Arabia and Israel it will look at The stakes involved what the key players Saudi Arabia Israel the US and the Palestinian Authority stand to gain from This deal and what affect the conflict Between the Palestinians and the Israelis could have on the steel this is A big topic but it's a really important One let's let get going shall We first I'll provide some context on The 15th of September 2020 a Monumental Deal in the Middle East was brokered by The US the Abraham Accords normalized Diplomatic relations between Israel the United Arab Emirates Bahrain Morocco and Potentially Sudan I say potentially Sudan since relations have been froze Due to domestic opposition and Civil War In the North African country the Abraham

Accords were a breakthrough to give you Some perspective it's been nearly three Decades since an Arab State normalized Relations with Israel that was Jordan Back in 1994 Egypt also had a peace treaty with Israel which goes back to 1979 those peace deals were vitally Important not only for Israel but also For the US which considers Israel its Closest Ally in the region partly in Recognition of those peace deals and Also is an effort to bolster the Security of Israel's two largest Neighbors Egypt and Jordan have also Been among the top recipients of US Military and non-military Aid ever since Just behind Israel but while the Abrahamic cords were a stunning Breakthrough a peace deal with Saudi Arabia would be more far-reaching for Israel and here's why Saudi Arabia is Not only the Region's economic Powerhouse it's also a home to the two Holiest sites in Islam Mecca and Medina Therefore the symbolism of a peace deal With Israel the Jewish state is enormous As Israel's prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in an address to the UN National Assembly recently a peace deal Between the two countries and I quote Will encourage a broader reconciliation Between Judaism and Islam between Jerusalem and Mecca and between the

Descendants of Isaac and the descendants Of ishma now while there is truth to Nany statement it's important to take it With a pinch of salt as I'll discuss Later Iran which is not an Arab state But a regional power through Shia Islam Is bitterly opposed to an alliance Between its two Regional Rivals Saudi And Israel and backs militia groups in The region including Hamas and hez buah Based in Lebanon many pundits suspect that Iran Orchestrated the attack by Hamas but We'll get back to that first let's turn To each of the main players involved in This agreement and look at what they Stand to gain from a deal and what Obstacles they face in securing one First up we have Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia primarily wants protection from Iranian threats don't be for by the Dayton between Riyad and tan signed in March the two countries are bitter Rivals and have supported opposite sides In conflicts across the region including In Iraq Le Lebanon Syria and Yemen in 2019 Iran back rebels in Yemen carried Out drone attacks on two key oil Installations inside Saudi Arabia the Attack knocked out more than half of Saudi's oil output shook Saudi stock Markets and showed just how vulnerable The country was to an external attack Saudi's Crown Prince and deao ruler

Muhammad bin Salman or MBS as he's known Is said to have been shaken by the Attack in addition to security nbs's Other priority is to diversify saudi's Economy away from oil which currently Makes up 74% of all exports tourism Technology and its stly ambitious and Also controversial urban development Project neon are all part of this Vision So for Saudi Arabia a peace agreement With Israel is there to achieve both Goals as part of the negotiations Saudi Is asking for a security guarantee from The US At the time of filming the likelihood is The US will approve an accord that's Similar to the one the US has with Japan But will not agree to a NATO likee Agreement this means the US would pledge Military Support if Saudi were attacked But Washington wouldn't go so far as to Consider an attack on Saudi to be an Attack on us soil as NATO style Agreements stipulates additionally it Looks like the US will help Saudi to Develop its nuclear energy program Meanwhile the US and Israel can provide Saudi with the technological innovations Necessary to help Saudi diversify its Economy however Saudi Arabia faces Challenges Saudi Arabia has previously Stated that Israel must commit to a path For Palestinian statehood as a Precondition to the agreement this was

Reportedly a non-negotiable for the Saudis however it recently appeared that Riyad had softened its stance a his Article dated back on the 29th of September and citing three unnamed Sources claimed that Saudi Arabia and I Quote will not hold up a deal even if Israel does not offer major concessions To Palestinians in a bid for their Statehood but that was before the Hamas Attack on the 7th of October the day of The attack the Saudi foreign Ministry Released a statement calling for and I Quote an immediate halt to the Escalation between the two sides Although the state mentioned the and I Quote deprivation of the Palestinian People of their legitimate rights and Nowhere condemned the actions of Hamas The overall tone is Restrained by contrast qatar's forign Ministry issued a statement saying that Israel alone was responsible for the Ongoing escalation of violence with the Palestinian People based on past actions So it would seem that Saudi is still Vying for peace with Israel what's less Clear is what their position towards the Palestinians will be as a result of this Conflict will NBS demand or drop Palestinian concessions as a Precondition to peace this is the big Question part of Saudi Arabia's Calculation will be based on whether

They expect to face blowback Domestically or among Muslims across the World if they're seen as selling out to The Palestinians in pursuit of their own National interests how strong this Sentiment is depends on how mass and the IDF behave in the days and the weeks Ahead we interupt this program for an Emergency crypto weather forecast get Ready for a worldwind savings we're Seeing some high pressure sign up bonus Systems forming in the Northeast with Some exchanges offering up to $40,000 in the South we'll be seeing Some heavy discounts on Hardware wallets So watch out for those if you're going To be out and about and then in central Areas there's a high chance of trade Andp discounts which should be settled In late on so be on the lookout for up To 60% off there Lush for the more Comprehensive forecast just visit SL deals or use the link down In the description these deals are red Hot so make sure to take all the Necessary precautions well that's all For today's forecast now back to the Scheduled program next up we have Israel Israel stands to gain on multiple levels When it comes to a peace deal with Saudi Arabia first off as Netanyahu stated in His UN speech It bolsters the prospects for a broader Peace deal between Arab states and

Israel beyond that it also creates Bulwark against Israel's Regional Nemesis namely Iran Israel and Saudi Arabia have already been cooperating When it comes to intelligence sharing For quite some time but a more formal Agreement would presumably expand this And open the potential for military Cooperation down the line then there is The massive economic potential that Normalization in relations represent for The two sides for context Saudi Arabia's GDP is 1.1 trillion according to the Latest World Bank figures by comparison Israel's is $522 billion a peace deal with Saudi Arabia would also be a major achievement For Netanyahu and perhaps help him to Clean up his image in case you're Unaware Israel's longest serving prime Minister is charged with fraud breach of Trust and is accepting bribes in three Scandals Netanyahu is also getting a lot Of criticism for the massive Intelligence failure that enabled the Hamas attack an editorial by the Israeli Newspaper haret goes so far as to say The Prime Minister and I quote Bears Responsibility for the war for Netanyahu's government the peace deal With Saudi is no longer top priority the War trumps all other Considerations yet how the war unfolds Will will have a real impact on what

Form the deal with the Saudis takes or Whether it goes through at all one key Part of this equation is netanyahu's Hard right allies in government even Before the outbreak of War they resisted Any Prospect of concessions for the Palestinians as part of the negotiation Process rather than removing illegal Settlements as demanded by the Saudis They supported the expansion of Israeli Settlements annexing part of the West Bank and removing any Prospect of a Two-state solution it's just 2 Days in But this war has already been described As devastating for the Israeli psyche Many have likened this to Israel's 9/11 Anger is at Peak levels both the ongoing War and the fact that Israel's cabinet Contains and I quote one of the most Extreme members of cabinets that I have Ever seen as Joe Biden puts it means That a Saudi Israel peace deal in the Short term is all but off the table the Bigger question is whether in the long Term the conflict actually Spurs on a Peace deal and I'll cover that in the Section titled Iran for now let's move On to Joe Biden and the US perspective a Breakthrough Middle East deal would be a Major achievement for the Biden Administration particularly as they eye The presidential election in 2024 it would be on par with or often More bracking rights than the Abraham

Accords and would undoubtedly sit well Among America's considerably influential Pro-israel electorate Jewish Americans Are apparently and I quote exatic about The potential for such a peace deal According to one influential Rabbi from A geopolitical standpoint the deal not Only isolates America's enemy which is Iran but more importantly hals China's Growing influence in the region China as You might be aware broke at the Dayton Between Iran and Saudi earlier this year Both Middle East easn states were Effusive in their praise for China at The time a fact that no doubt riled up The Americans if the Israel Saudi deal Goes through it would solidify the US Economic as well as military Relationship with Riad and keep China at Bay Washington is also hopeful there Will secure three strategic waterways Around the Arabian Peninsula these are The straet of huz Bal mandm Street and The Suez Canal as a New York Times Ops Ed points out these channels are vital Global shipping routes that hold Considerable interest not only for us But also for China the straight of HOV Between Oman and Iran sees around Onethird of the world's Seaborn Petroleum and a significant portion of Liquid natural gas pass through these Waters notably over 45% of China's Annual oil imports pass through this

Waterway according to the times Meanwhile around 10% of global trade Passes through Babel mandm straight the Waterway between Yemen and jibuti it's Importance to China can be seen by the Fact that Djibouti hosts beijing's only Foreign military base then we have the Suez Canal approximately 12% of International trade 10% of international Oil and gas shipments and 22% of Container trade passes through the Suez Canal Chinese vessels make up 10% of the Traffic going through it in total 60% of Chinese exports to Europe go through the Suz by strengthening the US Saudi Alliance Washington goes a long way Towards cementing its control of these Waterways while preventing China from Expanding its influence in these Waters however despite the clear Advantages of such a deal to the US National interest Saudi Arabia is still Viewed with suspicion by many decision Makers in Washington an article by The Brookings Think Tank perhaps best Summarizes it in a lingering sentiment In Washington they said in a quote in The end policy makers would do well to Remember that Saudi Arabia is a key Partner but not a friend the United States and Saudi Arabia share many Common interests but they do not share Common values or a common worldview Although this article is dat in 2016 the

Sentiment lingers that is not to say There haven't been some major changes in Saudi Arabia in recent years there have Under NBS Saudi Arabia has implemented Wide ranging reforms including allowing Women to drive and allowing Co-educational classrooms however the Crown Prince's reputation will forever Be stained by the brutal murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Hashi At the Saudi consulate in Istanbul Although NBS denies his involvement in The 2018 Affair a US intelligent report Concluded at the time that the Crown Prince personally approved the murder Moral reservations aside some US policy Makers are also concerned that the Military concessions the Biden Administration appear ready to offer Saudi Arabia are too broad without Providing clear details an unnamed Source cited by Reuters believes that The US lawmakers might oppose these Military pledges clearly many of the Details need to be ironed out however The key question makers in DC will have To agree on is this how far is the US Prepared to go to ensure Saudi Arabia's Security next we have the Palestinians However I should note that by Palestinians I do not mean Hamas rather I'm referring to president Mahmud Abbas And the Palestinian Authority Palestinian negotiations are looking for

Guarantees that the expansion of Israeli Settlements in the West Bank will be Halted and defer plans for annexation This is possible they also want a Sovereign Palestine State the so-called Two-state solution but this is not on The table on the economic front the Palestinian Authority could see an Influx of financial support with Saudi Arabia anticipated to extend substantial Economic aid as part of their agreement Given their week negotiation position Palestinian Representatives May back the Deal despite it falling short of their Ultimate ambition However the Palestinian leadership lacks Widespread support or even legitimacy in Fact a 2021 poll revealed that 80% of Palestinians want President abas to Resign to give you an idea of just how By the situation is the poll was taken Several months after aass called off the First Palestinian election in 15 years The reason because his fata party was Facing an embarrassing loss therefore For even if the potential peace deal Receives that backing of the Palestinian Authority it doesn't mean the Palestinian people themselves will be on Board as Hamas extremists demonstrated So brutally these past few days speaking Of spoilers we need to talk about the Iran factor in case you need a reminder Iran's levels of power extend across the

Region it's complicated but we'll try And summarize it as concisely as Possible Iran has extensive influence in Neighboring Iraq it supports and arms Hosty separatists in Yemen which have Attacked Saudi Arabia it also bankrolls Arms and trains hez buah lemon's Dominant political and military power Which threatens Israel and undermines Saudi its allies in Lebanon meanwhile The Syrian government arguably owes its Survival to Iran and Russia without Their support the Syrian government Might have been toppled during the Syrian Civil War and we have haven't Even mentioned Hamas yet not only does Iran arm and finance Hamas but Iranian Security officials reportedly help to Plan the attack and gave it the go-ahead Several days prior scuppering the Saudi Deal was almost certainly part of Iran's Plan and in the short term it has Undoubtedly been successful a Saudi Peace deal is extremely unlikely in and During the immediate aftermath of this Conflict that said the conflict might in The longer term be seen to have Contributed to a peace effort after all If there is one thing that Saudi and Israel can agree on it's their shared Animosity of Iran and their desire to Both weaken Iranian proxies across the Region and prevent Iran from building a Nuclear missile fast forward a few years

And we could see a peace deal between Iran and most Sunni majority countries But we could also see a Middle East Where not only Israel is equipped with a Nuclear missile but also potentially Iran and Saudi Arabia and and that is Not a reassuring Prospect that's about it for today guys So what did you think of the video Grappling with the intricacies of Middle Eastern politics is fraught with Potholes and sensitivities and we really Wanted to present the facts as Objectively as possible let us know how You think we did in the comments below Also tell us about the potential peace Agreement do you think it will pass and If so how could it transform the region Before you go if you like this video and You learn something from it then please Like it please share it and please make Sure you subscribe to both coin buau and Coin buau Clips also you can head over To the coin Bureau deals page where you Can find the best discount deals and the Finest crypto merch there is it helps Support our Channel and let us continue To provide you with the best crypto and Macro content that's out there thank you For watching and we'll see you all next Time Oh


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