Is the #Bitcoin bottom in?

Is the Bitcoin bottom in Bitcoin climbed Back to around $57,000 on July 7th after Dropping to like 53,000 the days prior But will this uptrend continue let's Take a closer look popular crypto YouTubers like altcoin daily think that Bitcoin is primed to Rebound in the mid To long term and bitcoin's relative Strength index or its RSI is also Showing a bullish Divergence which is Just adding to the positive news George From cryptos RS told his like 750,000 YouTube subscribers that sellers are Starting to be exhausted and that coin Is being oversold and even Black Rock Has started buying millions of dollars Worth of bitcoin again now what does That tell us popular Trader analyst and Podcast host Scott mker also thinks the Same implying that the bottom of this Correction could be it but what do you Think do you think Bitcoin is ready to Bounce back to its previous alltime Highs is the bottom really in let us Know what you think in the comments and Don't forget to like And subscribe for All the latest crypto news


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