Is the Amex Platinum Worth $695?

Is the American Express Platinum Card Worth the 695 annual fee short answer Absolutely yes but why well right now There's a special offer where you can Get a hundred thousand at membership Reward points after you spend six Thousand dollars in purchases within the First six months on top of that you get A 200 Hotel credit you also get a 200 Airline fee incidental credit get a 300 Equinox credit you get a 155 dollar Walmart Plus Credit you get a 200 Uber Credit you'll also get a two hundred Forty dollar digital Entertainment Credit you also get the 100 TSA Pre-check and Global Entry Credit you Get the free 100 Clear Credit get a 100 Saks Fifth Avenue credit seeing that You're still very far off from the 700 Annual fee I think the break-even point Right there justifies the annual fee and Makes the Platinum Card definitely worth It


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