Is Telegram’s Crypto Coin (TON) About to Explode? (get in early)

Now telegram is the sixth Largest mobile app in the world it's the Sixth most used and the sixth most Downloaded but we're different from the Rest of these apps we're different from The other top five we are going to rely On the ton blockchain the open network Telegrams the open network aka the ton Coin blockchain is one of the fastest Growing cryptos in 2024 the ambition of Ton Foundation ton Community is to Onboard 500 million users to ton within The next 5 years and with the ton Blockchain today having over 600,000 Daily active addresses which is still Less than 1% of telegram's massive user Base the ton coin ecosystem today is a Sleeping giant about to wake up starting Today telegram users will able to own And manage their digital assets beta and Their identity and watch today's whole Video we'll talk top alt coins in the Ton ecosystem as well as hundreds of Millions of dollars literally in ton Coin that will be distributed to ton Users projects teams Traders you in the Next 3 months seriously this is a ton Airdrop the open League season 4 has Begun in Prior Seasons they gave out Already over $40 million in ton coin why Shouldn't the next hundred million go to The altcoin Daily Community Watch till The end so ton coin is a decentralized And open internet created by the

Community using a technology designed by Telegram and we integrated blockchain Technology into telegram at such a deep Level and what makes them different Number one as a layer one blockchain ton Coin is very scalable but because it's So scalable at our scale we need Something that can process tens of Millions potentially hundreds of Millions of transactions the ton coin Blockchain even set a world record last Year for Speed as the world's fastest Network beating out Solana polygon visa And MasterCard the open network reached A record in processing uh is the number Of transactions they processed uh per Minute last year it so obviously they're The best and obviously that speed is Very needed for all the different Applications you can do within the Telegram app for example send digital Dollars to anyone anywhere send us sdt As easy as you send a text we make Crypto as easy as Texting let me demonstrate how this Might feel for you imagine I have to Send $10 to a partner living in the Other part of the Planet it's fast convenient Intuitive and Effortless my partner John here is able To receive $10 worth of ton coin Directly within the telegram messenger Without having to download another app

Or to bother with backing up a complex Process of seat phase and of course like I said partnered with tether usdt look There are so many blockchains that are Asking us to integrate uh usdt on their Chain but one of the really rare things That you can find is the ecosystem that Telegram built with the principles that Telegram built and I don't think people Understand how big this is because Usually if I would want to send my Friend crypto or money I would have to Go from texting them switch apps go to My bank account go to venmo go to Metamask different apps if I'm talking To them I can just stay innately in the Same app by the way many of you know This already but if you wanted to get The wallet right in telegram all you Need to do is first download Telegram And then of course download the defi Wallet send a message to at wallet plain And simple but it's not enough if you Have a wallet you need to have a Applications you need to have killer use Cases and we experimented with NCoin so Uh I believe some of you might have Heard about this phenomenon and actually It is phenomenon and this is where Things get fun there are hundreds of Different apps that you can build build Anybody can build in the ton ecosystem Today NCoin was one of the first it went Viral NCoin started as a viral clicker

Idle game built within the telegram Messaging app the main point of this Free-to-play game is to just tap on a Coin icon to earn not coins players can Also complete quests join leaderboards Invite friends to play together and buy Boosts to increase their earnings this Concept even though it's simple became Popular very quickly the creators of This game say that it's all by Word of Mouth 94% of not coiners came from Referrals meaning that people simply Invited their friends for those watching The screen right now this was it this Was literally the game that went super Super viral and that's one of the Reasons we watched ton flip ethereum in Daily active addresses defi is being Built on the ton blockchain gamei many Apps are being built and why is this Significant apps are being built on many Different blockchains because tons quiet Growth is fueled by telegram's over 900 Million user base and just like sending Money with tether you don't have to go To a different app if you're texting Your friend if you're messaging your Family you can just send them a little Miname play me or send them utilities Right in the chat send them the latest Launchpads right in the chat and of of Course the layer one blockchain that Makes it in the end is going to be the One that attracts the users and now

Telegram already has users but what They're adding monetize your audience in Telegram start earning from Paid Subscriptions donations digital products And add revenue and that's why last Month we Started one of the most generous Revenue Sharing models in the history of social Media we want to offer Community many to Many communities as well to benefit from This Revenue sharing model if they want To monetize their large public group Chats they will be able to do that Completely optional and of course all These payments either go directly to Your bank account or you can get paid in Ton or crypto you know all this uh Transactions the payments for ads Withdrawals of ads are powered by Blockchain actually massive news today's Video is made in Partnership with tcoin To announce our brand new telegram Channel altcoin daily official Announcements only seven subscribers Thus far there's a link down below the First 100 people that subscribe right Now will be the ogs you will be the First and then the first thousand people That subscribe you won't be the top 100 But you will get special Alpha on the Ton coin ecosystem and crypto first be In the top 1,000 trust me link down Below also be sure to grab your username Own your username telegram launch's

Username auction Marketplace fragment we Have been the first social media Platform to tokenize our entire username Space this has been a big Success this Market reached 350 Million worth of USD in Sales imagine for the first time in the History of social media you can directly Own your Username you can sell it you can put it Up for auction you can buy multiple Usernames attach it to your account and While there's always more features for Ton coin that we could dive into and Before we talk about the open League Season 4 airdropping over 30 million ton Coin in the next 3 months telegram plans To transform stickers and emojis as nfts On ton The Next Step that we are going To undertake is Tokenizing telegram stickers this is Wild well you probably recognize this Duck that is smoking weed over there Actually this duck was created by one of The sticker artists we work with it's Perhaps one of the most talented sticker Artists in the world so he created it a Few years ago this sticker Got hundreds of millions of views at Least And imagine if somebody owned this Sticker as an nft when it just came out A few years Ago I think the price increase would

Challenge what we've experienced with Anonymous numbers then we believe that Emoji can become an nft as well you know They're almost like stickers but you can Include numerous Emoji in One Message and why not but after this maybe Sticker sets and Emoji sets can become Their own meme coins also possible also Blockchain project ton enters crypto Storage Market all to solve the large Scale data storage problems in crypto But just like I promised let's talk About the open League how to earn this Massive airdrop well plain and simple You just have to join you have to engage Some of the easier things would be Complete easy tasks such as tapping or Logging in Daily or invite your friends To earn tokens this would be on specific Different projects little mini apps Another way to say this would be the Open league is a competition where Projects earn money by attracting users And users get paid for their Interactions projects are rewarded based On their popularity with higher rankings Receiving larger prizes the contest Features over $200 million in ton coin Rewards allocated from the foundation And if you want the better Alpha the More specific Alpha again link down Below to the altcoin Daily official Announcements Channel That's @ altcoin

Dailyn do notall for scams and by the Way this will only be informational I'll Never drop you links for pre-sales or Ask you to send me money just Announcements again do not fall for Scams but the first 1,000 subscribers From today get special l


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