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The technology is designed in order to Give users the ability to understand at A very fundamental level how their Interests are being protected we use Like openness and transparency for this The technology is fundamentally based on Openness and transparency polka dot is a Sleeping giant in the cryptocurrency Space polka dot just had a massive Breakthrough with the SEC hello my name Is Aaron if you want to make money in Crypto subscribe to altcoin daily for Daily videos the reality is this almost Every altcoin in the crypto space today Is unsure whether they can safely do Business in America without The Regulators cracking down on them I'm not Saying I like this I'm not trying to Create fud obviously I'm into this Obviously I follow many quality altcoins In the altcoin space every day the Reality is this why while many altcoin Projects are unsure or even bracing Themselves for a crypto Crackdown polka Dot has officially risen above and is Officially not a security but instead Officially an SEC compliant crypto Software well what is polka dot again What makes it unique polka dot is unique In its interoperability being able to Connect and particularly if you think The future of the crypto space is Everything talking to each other you Should be interested in looking into

Polka dot the polka dot protocol is Designed to allow unrelated blockchains To securely talk to each other so that Value or data can flow between say Bitcoin and ethereum blockchains without An intermediary it is also designed to Be speedy and scalable via the use of Many parallel blockchains or parachains That take much of the processing demand Off of the main blockchain the polka dot Token serves two main functions within The polka dot Network it's a governance Token which allows holders to have a say In the future of the protocol and it's Used for staking which is a way that the Polka dot Network verifies transactions And Issues new DOT so the dot token has Officially changed from being considered A security to being considered an SEC Compliant software in the United States How did this happen well upon its third Anniversary of proactive engagement with The SEC we're talking about the web3 Foundation whose goal is obviously to Advance cryptocurrency into the next era Upon three years of engaging with the SEC today announces a landmark step Towards the achievement of web 3.0 Decentralized trustless serverless Internet the polka dot blockchain's Native token dot initially offered sold And delivered to purchasers as a Security has morphed and is no longer a Security it is a software in this clip

Josh Joshua Ashley Clayman aka the Mother of blockchains who's the U.S head Of blockchain and digital assets at link Letters Law Firm explains how through Three years of work with the SEC polka Dots dot morphed officially from a Security to officially a software this Clip is four minutes long they provide a Lot of context pay attention to all of This because a lot of you are rooting For altcoins that want to be clear to do Business in America like polka dot can Now do so pay attention to how polka dot Got here can you guys chat a little bit Around the morphing argument right that Polka dot it was perhaps a security at Some point potentially but it has Certainly now at this point morphed into Software right and how or do you expect Regulators to kind of respond to this Argument and how have they publicly you Know responded to arguments like this to Date sure and if before I I start on This and before we start I think it's Just important to to mention this is not Meant to be adversarial at all to other Projects right there are certainly so Many different paths that can be taken Forward for industry some people are Focusing on potential new laws right Others you know are engaging with active Litigation right and making arguments There before court but this is just an Alternative approach you know we we saw

What was out there and we decided to Take the SEC up on on its offer to come In and talk to Finn up so that's I think That's just important as we go through This analysis it's not meant to be Exclusionary or saying this is the only Way forward agreed and given that the Regulatory space has always been you Know a messy space to operate in that's Why we obviously all need Good Counsel Uh I think it makes sense right there Are going to be many paths to you know To success here in this you know may end Up being one of those right yes yes Definitely so um okay so looking back Thinking back to to frankly 2017. the policy they're about to Reference is this one from 2017 Dow Tokens and digital assets Securities This actually set the table back in the Day saying that most altcoins and Cryptos in the space are securities Which people didn't like obviously 2017 I'll just mention very briefly the down Report when it came out right it was the Sec's first real Line in the Sand and it Won't go into everything that was said Obviously it was clear from the down Report that the SEC was saying that the Dow token itself was a security Right and it talked about the downstream Effects Etc and said no matter where you Launch from if you're selling to us Persons for fundraising

Um sales of a digital asset U.S federal Securities laws are going to matter so Just bear that in mind right and since Then we've seen a lot of enforcement Actions Um we've also seen from the telegram Case the next policy slash SEC Settlement that they're about to Reference is the telegram settlement Where they had to return 1.2 billion to Investors and pay 18.5 million penalty To the SEC we've also seen from the Telegram case That basically the argument that people Had tried to make that something could Change form through a Saft right so you Would sell something pursue it to an Available exemption from registration Right this piece of paper the Saft and What you would deliver even though what You sold was a security that you would Somehow in the interim build out your Token build out your your blockchain and Your ecosystem and then you deliver Something and it wouldn't be a security We've seen from the telegram case that That actually doesn't work right that's The theft can work for a purpose but not For that purpose and what the telegram Port said among other things essentially Was that you look at what happened at The time of the initial offer and sale And the the delivery of that token is Not a distinct transaction from that

Initial offer and sale so if you sold Something you know pursuant to an Exemption from registration because you Knew you were fundraising for example You'll need to deliver it pursuant to That same exemption from registration to The same person and you need to comply With the requirements for that so making Sure that people are not purchasing for Resale for immediate resale for example You know they're purchasing Um with a view to consume things like That just many many factors that I won't Go into but we think of it as you know You throw the ball up pursue it into an Exemption you catch the ball pursuant to An exemption and so telegram having just You know the SEC having just filed suit Against telegram at the time when we Began to speak with finhub This was really on our minds and it was On we believe the regulator's minds as Well yeah okay let's get into it how did Polkadot do this become an SEC compliant Software officially and not a security When the SEC has more or less said Everything in crypto is at risk of being A security how did polka dot work around That so part of what we did was say okay We're gonna we're buying into this right We're before The Regulators were buying Into this what can we do to get out of This and the SEC has very Um helpfully I will say provided a way

Out people might not necessarily like This way out but there is a way out of Being a Security even if you initially Sold something as a security and that is Through its April 2019 Framework that it released which is Available online and that is the Investment Company analysis for digital Assets and So within that framework it Gets a lot of it gets a lot of flack People say oh almost everything is a is A security under this and if I were the SEC I'd say yeah that's what we're Saying that's exactly the point but There also are nine factors Where it says you know something Initially sold as a security May be reassessed at a later point it May no longer be a security so part of Our process was to show look we're Applying against this we're applying our Facts against this framework and look we In our view have satisfied these and Um part of this involved and I think Angie may be better placed to discuss Some of it but putting in place Processes you know that you know Tech Gurus are going to talk about the text Not Market the token that there is going To be you know a limitation in the hold By the foundation and its Affiliates of Tokens because as Daniel said one of the Functions is governance right and so There are multiple factors about that I

Will just say before I guess I I hand Over to Angie and Daniel about this Point in terms of reaction from The Regulators well there there hasn't been That we've seen a public reaction Um there certainly have been speeches That maybe others may want to talk about Um but what we can say is during the Process Not one time did anyone ever say that This didn't work Or that our analysis was wrong and given That we hope to have long Futures in the Industry and in legal and in Broker-dealer world and and the like and That you know we are licensed these are Not claims that we would make if we had Any doubts in our minds polka dot has an Ecosystem of boundary pushing Builders Advanced ubiquitous in the space Certainly something that other altcoin Projects can look to and say this is how It should be done earlier this year Polka dot Inked a deal with Toyota you Or probably somebody you know drives a Toyota and now they're working with Polka dot Japan's largest company one of The world's leading car manufacturers is Exploring a new web3 use case through a Groundbreaking tie up with polka dots Parachain as star Network I want to Finish with the founder of polkadot Himself Gavin wood talking about the Future of polka dot what can polka dot

Holders look forward to make sure you Subscribe to the channel like the video Join the altcoin daily team Cryptocurrency open permissionless Protocols are the future Gavin what does The future of cryptocurrency look like And how is polka dot staying the course And fitting in and winning in this Future of crypto we're currently I think Still in relatively early days at the Development of this technology and at This like wider aggregate platform But we are making a substantial progress And one of the key elements is to not Lose sight of what it is that's actually Different like That we are actually giving users Guarantees by credible expectations that The technology works as they believe it Does Um and as soon as we start losing sight Of that as soon as we start like as soon As web 3 becomes cluttered with these Web 2.5 Platforms that kind of are web 3 in name But web 2 and nature then we start Risking that the world will not change That we will be beholden to these trust Bound platforms and the trustbound Service providers the princes that that This technology creates so I think for Me at least the the coming like five ten Years is really about staying on target Developing the Technologies in their

Fullest and ensuring that the technology That people use is actually the Technology that they believe they're Using and that they're getting the Guarantees that they expect now talk to Us about how polkadot fits in with let's Say ethereum because a big question I Get polka dot or ethereum some people Say ethereum some people say polka dot Gavin explain it to me how does they Connect then instead of ethereum polka Dot how do they underlay this new web 2 System and what's the necessary Connection between these assets people Become familiar with you the Financialization and the actual foreseen Technological application in them in the Next five to ten years I mean you know technology is is uh Usually quite iterative eventually like Maybe a a major sort of key piece of Technology is is innovated but by and Large we learn from our from our past And and we you know as Builders we Strive to create new better things in Our future and um you know I think I Kind of see the similar path Um I I learned a bunch when I did Ethereum Um and I you know I kind of understood Better what what needed to be created to Make web 3 a reality and in many Respects the lessons uh that I learned In those years have sort of made good

Um with polka dot and I mean the the Crew one of the crucial lessons that I That I realized was smart contract Platforms the the platforms that we sort Of see a lot in in the crypto Market Um these these kind of programmable Platforms They Don't Really fulfill Their needs in order to create a truly Web3 based Application massively multi-user Application platform that's capable of Of largely eclipsing web 2 and When I understood this I kind of also Understood that you know polka dot Um has to has to integrate has to free Itself from this cryptocurrency Centric Notion it cannot pass the interests of The dot currency onto Um the uh the interests of the end user Of applications on its platform in the Same way that Bitcoin does an ethereum Does and so one of the key Innovations Within polkadot was to create a platform That application providers at these These teams that use polka dot Um can utilize for their application Without passing on knowledge of this Like token of the dot token to their Users it would be a bit like Google Passing on knowledge of Google's Electricity provider onto its search Users it wouldn't make any sense it's Search users don't care where a Google Gets its electricity from they care that

Google Google gives them the search Results well it's kind of the same if You build an application on uh on Ethereum at the moment your users have To care about owning ether if you build It on polka dot your users are divorced From the concept of dot tokens it's only You have to care about it as the Application developer your users just Use your application in the way that you Want them to use it


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