Is Litecoin Growing?

Just to kind of give you an idea for how Impressive the Litecoin network is Really growing and how it expands in Certain ways so we just hit 175 Millionth transaction so to put that in Perspective 46 million transactions were Just in 20123 all of last year in 2022 We hit a record of 39 million Transactions so already we've already Beaten last year's number by millions And millions so we're on track to have The most transactions that ever taken Place in in a given year is going to be This year and it's not atypical it seems That every year these transactions just Kind of go up because more and more People are getting introduced to to Litecoin to crypto in general and They're starting to see how inexpensive It is and easy and fast it is to use Litecoin another fantastic one is we saw The percentage of Litecoin payments on Bit pay which is the world's largest Crypto payment processor exceed all Other cryptos so even Bitcoin


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