Is It Too Late To Buy Bitcoin in 2024? (Explained in Under 10m)

Is it too late to buy Bitcoin a friend Asks you is it too late to buy Bitcoin What do you say please watch this whole Video or risk missing out on Life-changing money send this video to One friend who's interested in Bitcoin But needs that final push cryptocurrency Is seeing some amazing metrics let me Show you what's going on under the hood In crypto buckle up crypto fam the M2 of Crypto stable coins is experiencing a Liquidity surge stable coin supplies are Increasing rapidly this is no ordinary Market rally this is a comeback of Confidence driven by a massive influx of New money entering the cryptocurrency Space don't get left behind follow along Smash the like button let's get this Information out there to as many people As possible there is more upside ahead Let me tell you why so Bitcoin is over 50k and the average Joe does not give a Crap understand that retail is not even Back yet and Bitcoin is still pushing Towards alltime highs and truth be told Historically speaking retail doesn't Usually come back until Bitcoin breaks Over all-time highs Bitcoin at a new Record high today above 20,000 once Again and it looks like we're around the Highs of the session there has been Renewed attention on the cryptocurrency This year after the crash that we saw a Couple of years ago where it got almost

To 20,000 so it has regained those Levels um a lot of celebration in cryto Land and on crypto Twitter as I have Seen today this run is being fueled by Institutional Money YouTube views a Strong retail indicator are actually Lower than they were in 2022 bare Market Hey speak for yourself miles I like Miles I mean our YouTube views are Higher than 2022 but still YouTube views Aren't that high relative to the bull Market so retail is not back yet imagine What happens when they return and Actually early Bitcoin or Adam back some People speculate that Adam is Satoshi he Says it's not even institutions yet I Think this is just the next 9% of Americans who own the 30 trillion of Stocks and bonds allocating just 0.1% so far I think institutions are Slowly dipping their toes in now that The ETFs have been approved but we're Only about a month and a half out from The ETFs finally being available so There's still plenty of time to go for Institutions to get in I would think a Lot of Institutions and people in General are trying to buy that much more Bitcoin before the having when Supply Flow gets cut in half and it's just Going to be that much harder to get your Hands on some Bitcoin and this is what We're seeing the last 3 days of ETF coin Scoopage has been unfathomably bullish

All models are being destroyed New Issuers have been absolutely hoovering Up these coins I mean for instance Black Rock now owns over 100 bitcoins worth 5.7 billion for their spot ET ETF head Of research over at coin shares says us Spot Bitcoin ETFs have just hit net Inflows of 4 billion yesterday was the Largest net inflows of 651 million since The launch day on the 11th of January Understand what's happening Supply is Drastically decreasing demand is Drastically increasing it's just amazing Black rock has raised 5 billion on their Spot Bitcoin ETFs in less than 5 weeks For context 80 % of Bitcoin in Circulation has not moved in the last 6 Months the takeaway Black Rock has Sucked up 2.5% of all tradable Bitcoin In 5 weeks wild unbelievable chart Investors are dumping gold for Bitcoin Since spot Bitcoin ETFs were launched The gold ETFs in aggregate have seen Almost 2 billion in net outflows while Bitcoin has seen net inflows of almost 4 Billion and the craziest part of this Bitcoin rally to me writes will Clemente Of reflexivity research is that the Futures Market isn't even overleveraged Not even close to Peak 2021 levels All-time highs feel like a Stones throw Away guys smash the like button let's Get this video out there to as many People as possible it is not too late to

Invest in Bitcoin Bitcoin ETFs are Taking 10x more Bitcoin off the market Than is being minted slmed daily writes Cameron winkl Voss of Gemini if these Inflows hold through the having then Bitcoin ETFs will be taking 20 times More off the market than the daily mint I like where this is going Bitcoin has So much higher to go listen to the alpha They give on cnbc's ETF Edge I love this Analysis I'm anticipating that by the Time we get to the end of 2025 we're Talking two years we're going to see Total inflows of more than $150 billion We're only at five right now and what is What is going to that's a big claim That's a big number what's going to Propel that it really isn't all that big When you do the simple arithmetic Individual investment advisers Independents those that are operating Their own firms collectively manage Around $8 trillion in assets and three4 Of them in every industry survey done by Dak FP as well as by bitwise all show That three qus of advisers say that They're going to allocate to these ETFs And that their average allocation is Going to be about 2 and a half% of Assets do the arithmetic 8 trillion time 77% * 2.2% is $150 billion with the Flows and that's just in independent Advisors it excludes the wirehouses it Excludes the regional broker dealers it

Excludes the institutional investors Real quick my friends cryptocurrency Taxes do not have to be scary pay your Taxes and you can get your taxes done in Minutes through our partner coin Ledger Use our link below to create a free Account and get your crypto tax tax is Done this is the Turbo Tax of crypto I've used this this is completely free To use you do not pay upfront you only Pay at the end when you want to download Your tax report it's so easy to use you Get your crypto taxes done in minutes All you do is connect your wallet to Coin Ledger coin Ledger automatically Calculates your gains your losses your Income in your home fiat currency for Free so you track your gains your losses Your income for free with this soft Where if you use our link below you only Pay at the end if and when you want to Download your tax report again you must Use our affiliate link to get all perks Make sure you use our link below these Guys are like the Turbo Tax of crypto But they're also trusted by regular Turbo Tax in that coin Ledger tax Reports can be easily and simply Imported into your Turbo Tax or Tax Act Or whatever tax software you use I've Used this service before coin Ledger Crypto Tax Service work works you will Not stress over your crypto taxes if you Use this make sure that you use our

Affiliate link below so that you're able To set up a free account with them and Try this out for free you use this Service it takes 5 minutes you'll have Such peace of mind when you're done Crypto taxes are easy with coin Ledger Let's talk about five altcoins I like One or two pretty new and I guess I want To start the conversation it feels like Everybody's just too damn bearish on Crypto how could eth get over 20k this Cycle you ask simple SPF was selling Your deposited eth on top and the bottom And now he's in jail and ethereum will Get an ETF this year despite coping to The contrary of the haters the ethereum ETF could happen this year if not I Think it's very likely it happens next Year and absolutely no other asset will For years get an ETF this might be true It might take a couple years to get Salana or chain link ETFs I feel like Most people don't know or refuse to Admit or don't see what's really Happening behind the scenes ethereum l2s To the Moon total value locked smashes Another record 2433 billion an all-time High are you guys ready for the eth bull Run yet let's get a little lower cap why Do I like injective another injective Burn is scheduled to happen tomorrow to Date over 200 million in injective have Been burned in approximately 13 hours 6,200 in will be added to that amount

Injective 2.0 enables all ecosystem daps To contribute to the auction token Burns Can be very good for supply and demand Dynamics polygon polygon's poos just Recorded its highest amount of daily Active addresses since October 2022 Probably nothing this is an altcoin full Disclosure I just bought Cody bringing Privacy to ethereum and they have a Version 2.0 version two is a privacy Centric layer 2 on ethereum built with a Groundbreaking privacy Tech that is fast Secure and can run on any device there's A few reasons why I wanted to buy the Tokens Cody network has announced the Launch of its 25 million ecosystem Growth fund Cody a blockchain developer Known for operating projects on cardano And its own network establishes its new 25 million or 400 million Cod token Ecosystem growth fund and like I said The fact that they're also introducing The version two a privacy Centric Ethereum L2 it's the biggest upgrade of Our infrastructure to date we're Building an ethereum L2 and using new Technology that's 10x faster and lighter Than ZK Solutions avalanche now working With City Bank now working with the dtcc Depository trust Clearing House City Tests private Market tokenization on Avalanche and finally chain link once Known as being like the king of Partnership something eventually polygon

Also became known for is back baby with Another big partnership Spanish Telecom Giant Tonica partners with chain link For enhanced security this is a huge Spanish Telecom giant the best time to Buy Bitcoin was a year ago the second Best time is today Bitcoin and crypto Have such a bullish future we cover this On a daily basis on this channel Subscribe to altcoin daily join our team


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