Is It Too Late to Buy Bitcoin? | Altcoin Daily Interview

There will be a major dip around the Bitcoin having I think a lot of people Would welcome a crash I think the Institutions are trying as hard as they Can not to let that happen for the first Time in history Bitcoin broke through Its previous alltime high before the Anticipated halving now what does this Tell us about the nature of this bull Run is it too late to get involved at This point and what are the tools you Should learn to make the most out of This cycle to find out I talk to two Very special guests who need no Introduction Aon and Austin Arnold the Founders of YouTube channel altcoin Daily I couldn't think of anyone else With a better understanding of the Current sentiment the hottest Trends and Where this Market is going you don't Want to go through this whole cycle Without taking out your initial Investment be prepared for the salana ETF be prepared for the chain link ETF Before we dive in I'm thrilled to Announce the upcoming return of block Show the leading event in the crypto and Blockchain Industry this time it's Teaming up with block down a Pioneer in The web three conference scene get ready To join us in Hong Kong for this crypto Celebration from May 8 to 9 don't miss Out click the link in the description to Learn more about this event and remember

Early birth tickets are limited and now Let's get into It what do you think about the current Bull cycle if we compare it to previous Bull cycles that we saw in the past I Would say um number number one the the Demand shock and the supply shock have Never been more clear crypto Enthusiast Enthusiasts know about the supply shock That happens at the having where the Supply faucet gets cut in half which Usually means if demand just stays the Same price goes up um that's always been Clear um the demand shock this cycle Preh having is is so obvious just Because we're seeing the amount of Bitcoin being mined into existence every Day we always have known that and the Amount of accumulation that black rock Fidel it all these institutional players Are doing is is is explosive in a sense And that's why prices going up and that Is a major difference between this cycle And I would say every other past cycle We've seen in crypto that largely it has Been retail driven in the past Cycles Retail was in before the institutions This cycle it's the institutions that Are buying like crazy and Retail largely Isn't here yet based on the social Engagement based on go Trends um so We're pre- retail and if I could jump in I just want to say that you know this Time is different people always ask is

This time different and it's such a meme Because you know participants in the Market mistakenly take that to mean oh We're never going to correct again Because this time's different the Market's always going to go in ABS and Flow there's always going to be bull Markets and bare markets and every Single asset that has a fluctuating Price that always happens I would say However that this time is very different And maybe you can put up on the screen Screen uh the technology adoption life Cycle chart um and this is a chart where There's a big chasm in between early Adopters and early majority and I want To say this time is different because in My belief Bitcoin has crossed that major Chasm it's no longer early adopters now We're in the early majority I mean Black Rock being in is a big deal multiple Spot ETFs competing to for demand is a Big deal these are the most successful ETFs in history like my brother said Wall Street is in for real this time That is a big differentiator and Although Bitcoin has crossed that Chasm As the early majority crypto at large Has not so there's tons of opportunity In crypto there's tons of opportunity in Bitcoin I wanted to just dive a bit Deeper into um this sentiment question So altcoin daily as we know is one of The biggest YouTube channels in crypto

And uh of course you have the pulse of The market in the sense that you get the Response from the audience people are Watching you and they show their Emotions their interest so looking at Your audience at the behavior of your Audience lately what is it telling you About the current Crypt Market I think That there's maybe a sentiment in the Broader Market of crypto that Everybody's bullish everybody thinks Bitcoin's getting over $100,000 tomorrow I would say that a lot of crypto Twitter Or at least the audience I'm seeing the The ogs that subscribe to altcoin daily They're ready they've dollar cost Average in they're smarter they've been Learning there is a lot of newer people That came in the last six months 12 Months um that are underweighted they're Hoping for a crash they're not Ultra Bullish they would love a 20% dip so I Think that there's a lot of confusion in The markets um that people weren't ready For this runup so fast everybody's of Course a long-term bullish um but you Know there's a I think a lot of people Would welcome a crash I think the Institutions are trying as hard as they Can not to let that happen I personally Wonder whether we are going to see a big Crash when the halving is going to Happen so the halving may be a classic Buy the rumor sell sell the news sort of

Event what do you think Giovani Essentially what you're asking is should We expect volatility in crypto for a Major event I personally am now uh we Were very vocal on the channel that uh The Bitcoin ETF approvals at least I was That it would be at least a mini buy the Rumor sell the news I always expect that hope for the best Prepare for the worst um but I think Something we're seeing this cycle is any Dip has been bought up quickly for Example we touched alltime highs we Dipped back to 64 63,000 that's a multi Dip and it got bought up quickly at Least for now anything could happen but I personally am expecting that buy the Rumor sell the news but and prepared if It doesn't happen Black Rock and Fidelity and all these Bitcoin ETF Issuers seem to not not be letting it Happen they don't want to get fall Behind they want to accumulate Bitcoin For their ETF so prepare for everything And I just Echo what Austin said there Will be a major dip around the Bitcoin Having a major dip and it's going to Scare a lot of people away but dips in a Bitcoin bull market are meant for buy There is a lot of hype around the Possibility of an ethereum ETF coming in May U Eric balunas the senior ETF Analyst at Bloomberg even said that There is a 70% possibility that is going

To be approved but a lot of analysts Don't really agree with that so I'm not Really sure about that one guys what do You Think the ethereum ETF approval the spot Ethereum ETF 100% will happen now why Will it happen the same reason the Bitcoin one had to get approved uh the Grayscale verdict if there's if there's Futures products there's got to be spot Products uh the fact that there's Ethereum and Bitcoin ETFs spot ETFs in Canada in Europe already it's not a Matter of if it's a matter of when now Will it get delayed that's very possible Um we're not seeing at this point the Reshuffling and refiling between the SEC And the applicants like we saw in the Months or so leading up to the approval Of the Bitcoin one not that we can't see That now it's important to note that Black rock um is a big player you know Black Rock wants um an ethereum ETF Black Rock's into the tokenization of Real world assets and they have like a 99.9 win rate with the ethereum ETF or With the with ETFs in general so with The ethereum ETF if Black Rock stays in And doesn't uh pull out their Application it's going to get approved Uh it might get delayed but it will get Approved um we could see them pull out So they don't um you know lose on their Win rate but eventually it's going to

Get approved and then more than that That's incredibly bullish for crypto at Large and ethereum because people are Finally starting to understand bitcoin's Uh token Dynamics in that the supply Flow gets cut in half every four years Insanely bullish but ethereum's Supply Decreases at a you know fairly Consistent rate since since the merge Happened in whenever that was 2020 2021 Ethereum's supply has been shrinking Bitcoin Supply flow shrinks ethereum's Supply shrinks it's deflationary and People really haven't wrapped their Heads around that yet so if and when the Ethereum ETF gets approved the same way We're seeing you know Bitcoin just you Know melt up we could see the same thing With ethereum in my opinion Austin what Do you I think I love that answer plain And simple an eth Futures a Bitcoin Futures ETF was the reason we got a Bitcoin spot ETF we already have an e Eth Futures ETF so that was the same Logic my bias says it happens this year And then be prepared for the salana ETF Be prepared for the chain link ETF I Don't think that's stuff happens anytime Soon I think Bitcoin and ethereum have a Lot better chance in the near term but Eventually wall Street's going to want To have ETFs for all their products They're not ideological they're in it to You know put out products so they can

Make a regulated fee on them besides Bitcoin and ethereum what are the crypto Sectors that you feel more excited about At the moment guys I'm going to give you Two because maybe You' consider this First answer a cop out I one of the Biggest Trends I'm excited for in this Crypt Bowl Market is trans action and Store value so that would be Bitcoin and You know that I've been bullish on that For years but I think it's never been More obvious with the inflation with the Um macro uncertainties in terms of Governments Fiat money um in terms of The use case that Bitcoin was built for We're seeing that now so as a store Value Bitcoin this cycle never been more Clear if I had to pick one other trend On bullish on options are uh dpin AI Gaming Etc I'm bullish on all of them in different Ways but to me what has the best product Market fit has always been gaming just Because gamers are spending hundreds of Millions of dollars in in-game assets They don't own those were narratives From last cycle the games and the Integration have only got better so to Me it's a no-brainer crypto gaming you Know a lot of these games have been Building for years and it does take Years to build a good AAA game and we're Finally starting to see them come out in The market and you know gaming it it

Doesn't matter what the Fed does it Doesn't matter if bitcoin's pric is up One good game will bring in millions of People we know that one of the most Important things besides picking the Right Trends is actually knowing how to Exit the market at the right moment uh We don't want our audience to go all the Way up and then uh back down without Actually uh gaining anything from from This cycle so what do you think is a Good strategy for people that are Watching us any suggestion any any Recommendations in terms of taking Profits okay what's the best profit Taking strategy you don't want to go Through this whole cycle without taking Out your initial investment without Locking in some profit that's you know Don't get burnt guys there's so many People who get burnt that's the one way You can't get burnt if you get a 2X 3x Whatever it is take out your initial Investment you might be thinking oh but Like if I keep it then I have that much More if it gets that high pressing the Sell button is the hardest thing to do Um it's you you'll have a much better Time um if you you like have a plan in The beginning I'm going to sell some When it gets to you know 20% up or 120% Up have a plan and stick to it and do Not deviate I would say that there's Some Bitcoin ethereum and a few more

Quality alts that we talk about on our Channel that I have a huddle position I'm not going to sell for a long time um You know I I'm going to sell maybe some But there there's you know some I'm just Taking for this decade and also the Number finally let's this is my final Thing one of the number one mistakes That I see people make in every bull Market is new people thinking that they Can time the market and oh Bitcoin Pumped up to 50,000 went from 30,000 to 50,000 well it's going to you know have A correction soon I'll just move over to Stable coins then the market pumps up to 60,000 now you're stuck in stable coins Thinking you can time the market that Way it's always bad news unless you're a Professional experienced Trader or at Least have been in cryptocurrency one Full cycle if not two what would be your Price target for Bitcoin or on a price Range you're looking at for this cry for This Bitcoin bu Cycle I think just looking at history of Bitcoin Cycles we see the having effects Price you cut the supply faucet in half And demand just stays the same price is Going to go up now everything we're Seeing in the market from institutions Demand isn't stting the same demand is Going up as well which is even more Bullish for price but just basing off History we see that the Bitcoin price

Has gone up at least 200% about 12ish Months after the having now sometimes it Was 400% sometimes it was a lot more Obviously the larger an Assa gets They'll be diminishing returns um but It's at least hit 20% if not more every Time now maybe because of diminishing Turn returns this cycle Bitcoin only Increases 100% uh 12ish months after the Having right now Bitcoin is a little Over but let's just say when the having Happen maybe will be around $60,000 my bull case for Bitcoin uh $660,000 100% gain would be $120,000 I wouldn't be surprised if we See something bigger than most people Expect there's a lot of bearish Mentality nowadays because people got Burned from the price predictions last Cyle because everybody thought it was Going to 100K now these ETFs spot ETFs a Major difference and I would just point To the chart of the gold ETFs from 2004 Gets shared a lot on Twitter uh as soon As the spot ETFs launched for gold Gold's price just melted up for the next Years it's possible we haven't even like Started the bull run yet I mean I tend To think we are and it'll probably end Around the same time it usually does but I keep the possibility open that the Bull Run hasn't started yet because the Like you can just look at the chart

Hugely bullish but at that time when There was way more demand because of the ETFs for gold they started mining more Gold they do that with every single Commodity corn if there's demand for Corn they produce more corn with Bitcoin They physically cannot do that and in Fact the supply flow gets cut in half Very soon so if if things go crazy it Would not surprise me what can go wrong What can disrupt this bullish narrative That we are all hoping for a Black Swan Event obviously could crash Bitcoin hard Black Swan event to me would be these Are very probability wise very very very Low probability but a double spend Problem bitcoin's code now bitcoin's Code is is public it's been looked on Looked over by the smartest mines Globally but a double spend problem Maybe if Satoshi came out of the Woodwork and I'm not talking about Emails I'm talking about satoshi's alive Here he is I think that would be bad for Bitcoin in the short run could not kill Bitcoin in the long run um and then Other than that if the FED continues to Raise rates that's obviously bad for Risk assets so I don't think I think Bitcoin maybe a bull run would be Dampened for Bitcoin I think that would Affect altcoins more um because the risk Assets maybe this this bull run would be A Bitcoin more bit Bitcoin driven Bull

Run If the Fed just stays higher for Longer but again it looks like they're Going to have to cut markets are Predicting they do cut later this year Um other than that to me there's nothing Stopping Bitcoin supply and demand open Public code it's never been more obvious Um but obviously Anything Could Happen The market has not figured out how Valuable this asset is um like crypto People have figured it out and um I'll Jump in I loved the answer my brother Just gave I would say that I mean Obviously you and I are bullish and the People who do this every day for a Living but based on our comments based On what I see when I watch TV the Consensus is bearish I mean still when They go on CNBC although you know There's allies like Joe kernin who Understand things um Andrew sorin um and The other hosts I I see all the time They're constantly you know just talking Bitcoin Bulls down um which is kind of Part for the course so I'd say right now The consensus is still bearish I would Say for the next n months generally I'm I think there's a very low chance that Black Swan happens because this is an Election year for the US I would say we Could see something in 2025 or 2026 but It's my personal opinion that a lot of People in the real world are bearish now And for the next 9 11 months um I I

Think we're going to see a bullish price Action or bullish consolidation you Talked to the smartest people in crypto People that have a lot of knowledge a Lot of experience can you give me three Personalities you think that our Audience should follow in order to get Great insights for this crypto markets If I want to learn about gaming I go to ELO trades on YouTube he is deep he's Given out the alpha um he's just in These telegrams talking to these Founders so I love that I think Mark Yuso great for macro insights he's has Some of our best performing videos in Terms of interviews I'm great for macro And then other than that I really like Quant analysis data driven sort of more Fundamental analysis from Benjamin Cowan Into the cryptos verse those are three Of my top three Mark cubin um you know His his uh business savvy uh and Tech Savviness is is unmatched and he gets in There and like he plays with the Protocol so he knows what he's talking About gotta go Michael sailor I mean There's nobody who uh can talk about you Know where the demand and the value prop Of Bitcoin is going to come from than Michael sailor maybe just Kathy Wood we Haven't had her on the channel yet um And then this third guy if you want like Altcoin picks and he's going to love it If he sees this in the interview uh Kyle

Chass actually gives uh he's a VC Investor and founder and he actually Gives a lot of great good Alpha on uh on Altcoins guys thanks a lot and uh let's Keep in touch let's see how this bull Market develops thank you for having us On I will read coin Telegraph every Single day as an aggregate to get the Daily News so honor being Here thank you so much and I guess my Final thoughts of somebody from altcoin Daily audience subscribe to coin Telegraph coin Telegraph hope to see you In our audience and I just say and I'm Speaking certainly to the people have Been in crypto for a least a cycle There's a lot of opportunity in the next Couple years Nobody Knows the future but I think there's a lot of opportunity and Don't rest on your laurels don't get Lazy the difference between making $100,000 versus a million dollars is if You don't rest on your laurels study the Market every day and uh really you know Stay into with That thanks [Music] [Music] Guys


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