Is It Time To BUY Crypto!? Altcoin Accumulation Guide!!

Investing in altcoins can make you a lot Of money but only if you know when to Buy and when to sell given that crypto Is currently in a bare Market the Question you should be asking now is Obviously when to buy when is the right Time to accumulate those next 100x coins And tokens before the Bull Run begins Today we're going to take you through a Few metrics which suggest that the time For accumulation could be imminent and Give you a sense of just how big the Gains could be during the next bull Market my name is guy and you are Watching the coin Bureau I'll start by saying that I am Not a financial adviser and nothing in This video is financial advice in case The T-shirt didn't give it away already It's purely educational content that's Meant to help you on your crypto Quest That said knowing when to accumulate Altcoins ultimately comes down to where We are in the crypto Market cycle as Most of you will know crypto follows a 4-year cycle that's believed to be Driven by the Bitcoin harving which Happens every four years if you know This prove it by Smashing that like Button now the last Bitcoin harving Happened in May 2020 and in the year and A half that followed BTC went up by Around 7x eth went up by more than 20x And hundreds of altcoins like adaah went

Up by 100x or more in case you didn't Know the next Bitcoin harving will Happen in April next year before you run Off and start filling up your altcoin Bags though there are four things you Need to keep in mind the first is that Not every crypto cycle is so clear-cut Some Cycles have been slightly longer And others have been slightly shorter as You may have heard the current crypto be Market has been abnormally long now the Reason for this is different depending On who you ask but in our opinion it's Primarily because of crypto's Correlation to macro factors in other Words it's because bigger investors are More involved in crypto and this is Making its price action mirror that of Other large asset classes namely tech Stocks if this is indeed the case then The Crypt Market could continue if tech Stocks see another leg lower this is Certainly possible given the other macro Factors in play such as interest rates And geopolitical tensions the caveat is That crypto hasn't been nearly as Correlated to tech stocks in recent Months logically this means that Crypto's price action has been driven Primarily by crypto specific factors During this period the facts that BTC Barely moved on a higher than expected CPI print but pumped by 10% on the Rumors of a spot Bitcoin ETF listing is

Clear evidence of this the problem is That there are lots of bearish crypto Factors that could likewise keep prices Suppressed for the foreseeable future Most of these have to do with Regulations which have made bigger Investors uncomfortable investing in Crypto this would explain the recent Lack of crypto and macro correlation if You've watched any of our videos about Crypto regulations you'll know that most Of crypto's regulatory issues won't be Solved anytime soon while it's possible That we could still see a bullish Catalyst like a spot Bitcoin ETF listing This is unlikely to happen until the Regulatory issues are resolved even then It's possible that the spot Bitcoin ETF Listing could be a Selden news event Given the current lack of interest in Crypto as the recently approved ethereum Futures ETF has shown an ETF listing Doesn't guarantee investor inflows it Just sets the stage for a massive bull Market which will eventually come and Folks here is a pro tip make sure you Have accounts on multiple crypto Exchanges to ensure that you can always Cash in or cash out the coin Bureau Deals page has bonuses of up to $440,000 And trading fee discounts of up to 60% On the best cryptocurrency exchanges the Link will be in the Description now this ties into the

Second thing you need to keep in mind Before you accumulate altcoins and That's Bitcoin and its relationship to Alts although crypto as an asset class Is considered to be risky within crypto BTC is seen as the safe haven asset it's Where the money moves when the market is Crashing there are also bullish reasons For money moving into BTC though as you Might have guessed one of these is the Bitcoin harving which I'll remind you is Coming sometime in April next year here Between now and then investor interest In BTC will likely continue to increase And some would say that is guaranteed Given that the final deadline for the SEC to decide about black Rock's spot Bitcoin ETF application will be just Before the Bitcoin harving naturally What this means is that investor Interest in altcoins will likely Continue to decrease between now and the Bitcoin harving in Practical terms this Means that altcoin prices could continue To fall and some could still Fall by 50% Or more if we see another leg lower in The crypto Market once the Bitcoin Harving has happened though history Suggests that BTC will start to pump Eventually this money will flow into Altcoins as investors become more Comfortable taking bigger risks in an Already risky asset class what's Interesting is that this rotation into

Altcoins seems to require a catalyst now If you were around in crypto in 2020 you Might recall that the Catalyst that Caused money to flow out of BTC and into Altcoins was decentralized Finance or Defi the defi Niche took off after its Protocols started issuing tokens that Were seeing mind melting gains and Impossible interest rates for staking in Retrospect defi summer was the first Domino in the altcoin bull market and it Resulted eventually in astronomical Gains for so-called ethereum Killers Like salana ironically enough the defi Tokens themselves lagged after the Original defi hype was over and never Recovered to their previous highs Assuming history repeats then the next Altcoin bull market will begin with a Crypto Niche blowing up in a good way Now if you watched our video about the Crypto niches to watch for the next Bull Run you'll know we're bullish on So-called Salam Killers defi protocols And decentralized social media among Others I'll explain why in just a second Now there are many ways to assess where We are in the Bitcoin altcoin cycle the Easiest way is to look at Bitcoin Dominance the measure of how much of Crypto's total market cap is just BTC as you can see Bitcoin dominance has Been rising since last September and Could rise as high as 56% % now another

Way to assess where we are in the Bitcoin altcoin cycle is to look at the Eth BTC pair eth's value measured in BTC You could say that eth is the safe haven Among altcoins and therefore serves as a Simple proxy for how altcoins are doing As you can see it's not looking too good If our measurements are correct eth Could lose as much as 30% of its value Against BTC in the coming months the Fact that our friend Benjamin Cowen sees The same thing suggests that our Measurements aren't too far off this Could foreshadow a major ShakeOut among Altcoins at least in BTC terms now this Relates to the third thing you need to Keep in mind before you accumulate Altcoins and that's that they're not all Going to pump or dump at the same time After the spotlight turns away from BTC It will probably shine on eth given that It's the second largest crypto after That it's anyone's guess now as I Mentioned earlier chances are that the First altcoins to pump will come from a Specific crypto Niche like for instance Gamey or nfts make no mistake when the Altcoins in this Niche do pump you will Feel the fomo the initial inflows will Be enormous relative to market cap Resulting in unprecedented gains for Some folks this is when you'll need to To remember what happened to the define Niche the pump may be

Shortlived instead of foming into the Latest VC narrative and getting wrecked Ask yourself this what are the most Speculative crypto niches of all and Which ones have the best fundamentals The reason you want to ask both Questions is because of the underlying Macro factors that will be guiding the Decisions of the biggest investors news Flash but the biggest investors are the Ones that will pump altcoins by 100x or More not regular retail Apes like you And me from our perspective the main Macro factor that the biggest investors Will be watching is interest rates if Interest rates are low then the big Investors will probably bet their money On the most speculative cryptos if Interest rates are High they'll probably Bet on the ones with the best Fundamentals now Once Upon a Time the Most speculative cryptos were those that Claimed to be the next Bitcoin during The last cycle the most speculative Cryptos were those that claimed to be The next ethereum it's no Co instance That ethereum Killers like Avalanche saw Some of the largest returns in Percentage terms so this begs the Question of what the most speculative Cryptos will be during the next cycle we Can't say for sure but we suspect the Answer will be those so-called salana Killers such as for instance Aptos now I

Must stress that this is just our Opinion and we might not be correct so It's on you to figure out which crypto Niche you think is the most speculative Now when it comes to the cryptos with The best fundamentals fees and Tokenomics are the name of the game According to the crypto fees website the Cryptos which have generated the most Fees over the last week are ethereum and Bitcoin followed by a bunch of defi Protocols and select layer ones this is Where tokenomics come in one of the Advantages that ethereum has over Bitcoin is that a portion of all eth Used to pay for fees is burned as we've Seen this can make eth deflationary at Times which has the Practical effect of Increasing its Price Less Supply Plus Same or more demand equals Price's rise The catch is that ethereum has a very Large market cap meaning that the fees And and deflationary tokenomics aren't That significant relative to eth's size This doesn't mean that eth won't pump it Just means that it will pump much less Compared to a similar crypto with a much Smaller market cap defi Protocols are a Perfect example and that's why we're Bullish on them defi protocols generate Much more in fees relative to their Market cap the only thing missing is the Tokenomics a way of translating those Fees into gains so far only a few

Protocols such as make a DA have done This lo and behold it's worked damn well For mkr's Price despite the crypto be Market imagine what that chart would Look like during a bull market for more Profitable dii protocols like arve and Uniswap note that regulatory Clarity is Required for this to happen hence the Earlier comments about regulations the This pertains to the fourth thing you Need to keep in mind before accumulating Altcoins and that's how the next wave of Crypto investors will approach the Market it's safe to assume that the next Wave of big investors will stick to the Largest cryptos because of their Liquidity and Market depth now in theory This means that the largest cryptos will Pump the most but if you think this then You've already forgotten what I just Said in practice it's the market cap That matters the larger the market cap The harder it is to push prices up or Down that means smaller gains and losses In percentage terms this is something That the next wave of small investors Probably won't understand the previous Cycle suggests they'll be aggressively Accumulating cryptos with a low price Tag regardless of the market cap because They think they'll be billionaires if The price tag becomes as large as btc's Or eths now not not sure who needs to Hear it but Sheba enu will never reach

$1 because then it would have a market Cap of $590 trillion which is literally Larger than any Financial thing in Existence except maybe derivatives debt Which could be in the Quadrillions in any case the result of This retail investor reality is that the Market cap of some cryptos could rise to Unreasonable levels just like Sheba enu And the other mem coins did in the last Cycle as such you must take both the Market cap and the sticker price of an Altcoin into account before you Accumulate the only thing more important Than market cap and sticker price is Marketing and the most important part of Marketing is the narrative there's no Shortage of narratives in crypto and They often coincide with the different Crypto niches it's too soon to say which Narratives will be the dominant ones Believe it or not but we believe that One of the biggest crypto narratives During the next Bull Run could be Privacy that's simply because big Investors like central banks and Wealthy Individuals don't want their balances to Be publicly viewable to the plebs this Will require some kind of privacy Solution of course privacy coins are a Niche of their own but privacy can Theoretically be applied to almost any Crypto project including Bitcoin and Ethereum consider a scenario where

Salana killers are the killer Niche and One of them introduces privacy features That would be a moonshot in this context I should note though that narratives Don't need to be this elaborate and it's More likely than not that they won't be Look no further than the metaverse Narrative for evidence of that when Facebook announced that it was Rebranding to meta every crypto that did Anything related to the metaverse saw Ridiculous gains more recently air Related cryptos rallied due to the hype Around chat GPT if you look at the ones That pumped the most you'll notice that They had a low sticker price a small Market cap and fit the narrative they Were also available on the best Exchanges so remember our deals page With all those bonuses in the Description in some then don't ask Yourself which altcoins you want to Accumulate ask yourself which altcoins New investors will want to accumulate When the crypto bull market begins again It's too soon to say for sure but with a Bit of research you should come up with A list of viable cryptos to consider Right then you're probably wondering by Now just how big the gains could be During the next crypto bull market well The answer ultimately depends on which Crypto we're talking about by now you'll Know that the money will flow from BTC

To eth to the large caps and to others So let's take it from the top obviously There are many ways of measuring Historical gains the way we like to do It is to look at the previous zone of Support and resistance for the entire Cycle and compare it to the most recent Top in btc's case this Zone was around 1K during the first cycle btc's top in 2017 was around 20K so 20 X in the Second cycle btc's key Zone was around 10K btc's top in 2021 was 70k so 7x this Suggests that BTC has diminishing Returns over time which makes sense Considering that this is what happens to Every asset as it matures if we accept This premise then BTC should see around A 3X gain between its current key Zone And its next top as far as we can tell Btc's key zone is around 40K for this Cycle this actually makes sense Considering that 40K is roughly what it Will cost to mine BTC after the next Haring so some quick maths tells you That this translates to a BTC price of Roughly 120k which is in line with many Other predictions granted that there's No shortage of those anyway next up we Have eth which is also seeing Diminishing returns and seems to be Following BTC just just one cycle behind Eth's zone of support during the Previous cycle was around $250 and its Top in 2021 was around 5K that's a 20x

Gain and it foreshadows a 7x gain Compared to its current Zone similarly To BTC eth's zone for this cycle is Around 2.5k roughly 10x the zone of the Previous cycle funnily enough a 7x gain Would translate to a 15K eth top which Is also what many are predicting what's Fascinating is that the other large caps Seem to be one cycle behind eth namely The so-called ethereum Killers I'll use Cardano's adaah as an example here adaah Saw a 100x gain between its Zone in the Previous cycle and its top in the most Recent cycle from 3 cents to $3 adah's Zone for the current cycle seems to be Around $120 so if cardano is following ethereum This means adaah could see a 20x gain Between this key Zone and its next top Of around $24 that doesn't sound like much but Consider that ader is currently worth 25 that's almost 100x now I know all This sounds amazing but I must Underscore the fact that these are just A few of many predictions out there the Fact of the matter is that nobody knows How high these cryptos could go and it Depends on factors that are Fundamentally outside of our control be They crypto or macro the only certainty Is that crypto is extremely speculative Even when you sprinkle in some Fundamentals this of course makes crypto

Very volatile which makes some people Millionaires and other people poor you Obviously want to become the former but You also want to make sure that you Don't become the latter in the process So never invest more than you can afford To lose and always remember to store Your crypto on your own personal wallet So it doesn't get lost when the next Centralized entity goes down as it so Happens the coin Bureau deals page has The biggest discounts on the best Hardware wallets too link I'll remind You is in the Description okay folks that is all for Today's video if you found it helpful Help us out by Smashing that like button If you want to keep getting this helpful Content subscribe to the channel and Ping that notification Bell if you want To help others share this video with Them and now I'm going to go and help Myself and get a bit of rest thank you All so much for watching and I'll see You next Time


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