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The chains that chain link networks Launch on tend to rapidly increase their Tvl rapidly increase their developer Activity rapidly increase the amount of Applications they built which goes to The sentiment that you know I mentioned Before where our goal is to generate More and more great applications to Reinvent our industry blockchains value This and because they value it many of Them are becoming more and more inclined And gracious enough to enable more and More Oracle networks to go live on their System I want to share with you an Altcoin project that I think can do Really well going forward my name is Aaron this is altcoin daily this altcoin Actually has a history of doing well Especially in Bear markets subscribe to The channel we cover stuff like this Every single day if you're interested in Making money in cryptocurrency join the Altcoin daily team now this altcoin the Price is down now it's been Consolidating for a while oil I think this altcoin will be big in the Future I mean actually it's pretty big Now it just seems like so few people Have realized this yet if you think you Know chain link you don't really know Chain link and in this video I want to Explain to you why chain link will be Huge we just want really reliable really Great web3 applications and then the

Hundreds of trillions of dollars that Will be reformatted into this reliable State Will make everything happening now Look like you know Like the very very early days of of Something pretty pretty amazing and it's Not just me who thinks so former Google CEO and now chain link advisor Eric Schmidt last year he shared his Interpretation of the chain link vision And why he likes it and why he joined The chain link team Now understand after Leaving Google Eric Schmidt signed on to Be an advisor and work for chain link so Imagine leaving Google and then deciding That the next project worthy of your Time is crypto and more specifically Chain link the chain link vision is Basically Cryptographic truth is always the right Answer so your religion if I can say it Is don't trust the human trust the Protocol right so roughly what way to Say it well that is a scalable model if You can get the technology to scale and That's likely a major contribution to The computer architecture going forward Did you hear him chain link is likely a Major contribution to computer Architecture going forward now if you're Unfamiliar chain link is a decentralized Network of nodes that provides data and Information from off blockchain sources

To on blockchain Smart contracts via Oracles that's what chain link does in The most basic way this process helps Eliminate reliability issues that might Occur if you would only use say a single Centralized source to get that Information so I don't want to bog you Down too much information I mean you Don't need to know how a cell phone Works to use a cell phone or like cell Phones but chain link validators they're Given reliability scores based on the Good data they provide then they're Rewarded with link tokens when they Execute this good data seamlessly Reliably chain link is blockchain Agnostic and has actually come a long Way since it started out in 2017. so Listen to Sergey Nazareth the founder Give you an update on the blockchains The chain link is now servicing and the Multitude of products chain link now Offers so today we live in a multi-chain World chain link is live on 15 chains Some of these REM chains some of these Are l2s and then we have you know Completely new blockchain designs like Solana so we we need to nowadays be able To Target a heterogeneous environment of Chains not just evm chains Chain link also has evolved and has many Products right so there's not just data Feeds but there's proof of Reserve vrf Automation ccip and so on and so forth

So to be clear many people think of Chain link as providing reliable data Delivery through data feeds and they do Do that but they offer more products and Services besides just that the chain Link Network also provides Oracle Services for verifiable random function Automation proof of Reserve also Deco FSS and ccip and a nice benefit of that Is also that if I make any improvements To the foundation now everything that's Built on top of the foundation will Benefit from that understand the Direction the chain link is heading the Capabilities of chain link Oracle Networks continue to expand to support More advanced data in compute services At the same time the cost of Oracle Services continued to decline as a Result of several key initiatives and Industry Trends chain link scale is About uh cost reduction so the chain Link scale program also Builds on on a Great history of Oracle networks coming Into various blockchain environments and Creating a great Kind of Environment basically a great ecosystem For developers to build applications There's a long history of when an oracle Network goes into and becomes live on a Blockchain that is when a certain type Of application can be built and once Again this is not just some idea I have

This is something proven out by facts And data where the chains that chain Link networks launch on tend to rapidly Increase their tvl rapidly increase Their developer activity rapidly Increase the amount of applications they Built which goes to the sentiment that You know I mentioned before where our Goal is to generate more and more great Applications to reinvent our industry Blockchains value this and because they Value it many of them are becoming more And more inclined and gracious enough to Enable more and more Oracle networks to Go live on their system the way they're Doing this is they're basically reducing The on-chain costs of oracles to near Zero For providing those services So so basically the chain link scale Program makes it so that chains can Reduce the cost of providing an oracle Network down by anywhere from 50 percent To 99 Plus Making the providing of Oracle networks Very very Um low cost That'll massively increase the amount of Oracle networks and help the chain link Network scale without having to rub up Against the high costs of on-chain fees And this will increase the amount of Data and services available on those Chains which has a very clear

Correlation to increasing the amount of Apps built on those chains and that has A clear correlation with increasing the Amount of value that our industry Provides which also has a pretty clear Correlation which the amount of value That flows into our industry so if You'll add it all back together we're Kind of just building all the great Applications faster That's what we want to do right so the Scale program eliminates costs so more Services are available to do all of that So chain link scale Mega underrated Removes the need for Oracle rewards on Participating blockchains vastly Accelerating the time it takes for Oracle services to become Self-sustainable based on user fees Meaning blockchains cover operational Costs for chain link nodes developers That have access to Greater Oracle Services more useful dapps are built Web3 user base increases more fees help Support chain link web3 ecosystem Becomes more sustainable in addition and Subscribers of this channel probably Know some of this because we update you On stuff like this all the time chain Link is the king of Partnerships and Integrations chain link is the king of Getting people to use them their Products their services their Blockchains There are 16 093 projects in

2019 Integrations this is the current Count and they list everything on their Web site check it out the one I want to Focus on the one that altcoin daily Subscribers are familiar with at least Somewhat Swift this was huge last year Swift announces they've partnered with Chain link to use ccip in a POC to Enable 11 000 Banks to connect to the Multi-chain crypto World Swift so Everybody understands is a messaging Network that financial institutions and Banks use around the world to securely Transmit information and instructions Through a standardized system of codes a Lot of people understand Swift is kind Of out of date when it comes to Transferring financial data it makes Sense that they're looking at crypto it Makes sense that they're looking at Chain link how can you not be bullish on The future of chain link with the CEO of Swift speaking about it like this You can't not be bullish by the way when He says breakthrough experiment I Believe he's talking about a product That chain link offers a service in in Cbdc's in particular we made a Breakthrough experiment last year Um whereby we Um we came up together with several Central banks and Commercial banks with The results that we can through the Swift platform with all the controls

That have been embedded over the past Decades through Swift platform we can Bridge Any country having any kind of Technology or any kind of form how about This now not the CEO but Swift's Director of strategy a transcript this Is what he said about chain link and I'll play you a clip in just a second But he says you have to reach the gap Between institutions that have been There for ages and all of these Blockchains that are going to provide These you have to reach the gap between Those institutions that have been there For ages and all of these blockchains That are going to provide services there Will be many of them blockchains Coexisting some private some ethereum Based many types Swift doesn't have the Potential to reach and connect all of Them we Swift do not bet in 10 Blockchains this year and if those 10 Disappear we lose investment and it's The same for the banks and this is where Chain Link's ccip comes into place if we Swift connect to the interoperability Network ccip and then we connect 11 000 Banks with 20 blockchains and more to Come then we have these two Infrastructures Swift and chain link That are secure that are reliable that Are scalable and connected I have Institutional investors saying hey Swift

We want you to be the network to connect To that now in reality connecting to This network for digital asset doesn't Mean connecting to new same Infrastructures it means is that you Have to bridge the gap between these Infrastructures that have been there for Ages and all of these new blockchains Are going to provide these Services Whether it's Insurance clearing trading Settlements of tokenized assets and They're going to be many of them there's Already a few of them some of them are Private some of their are ethereum based Some of them are in anything that you Can any fabric that you can imagine Right so Swift doesn't always have the Potential to go and try to connect to All of them right because if we bet on 10 this year and those 10 disappear then We are losing investment in that and It's the same for the banks so this is Where ccip comes into place right so It's the perfect example of if you have These interoperability Network and you Have Swift that is using this Interoperability Network we connect to 11 000 Banks you connect today to 15 Chainings to 50 15 blockchains but you Can connect to way more that's the bet That we're putting on you guys and we're You know trying to encourage to do more Then you have these two infrastructors That are secure that are table that are

Scalable they can actually work so that You can buy an asset whatever you want And you can transact it in whatever Country and serve Institutions such as Bank of New York Mellon or dtcc to actually do that Cross-border that makes sense Also pretty interesting chain link has Ties to the world economic Forum take a Look at this Take a look at this now you can like the World economic Forum you can dislike the World economic Forum I'm not here to say They're good they're bad I'm just saying A connection like this whether you like Them or not this is huge make sure you Subscribe to our channel altcoin daily For daily videos just like this let me Know what you think about chain link in The comments below and we'll finish with This the future of chain link as Described by Sergey Nazareth you're Going to have applications in web 3 Built on multiple chains using multiple Oracle networks composed into one Application right if you think about web 2 applications You don't know like do you know what Cloud Uber runs on Do you know what services or what cloud Netflix uses no you don't you also don't Super duper care right you you just care That you get your show and you get your Ride and you get your stuff delivered

That's all you care right great that's Where everything's going so where Everything's going is I'm going to build My application in the best environment For what the environment needs to do for Me and then I'm going to need all these Services to connect it all up and do all This other computation that that Environment can't do for me and that's It and and that's just going to be how The more advanced things are built so This is the architecture we want we Don't want everybody Going bananas over any one specific Thing we we just want really reliable Really great web3 applications and then The hundreds of trillions of dollars That will be reformatted into this Reliable state Will make everything happening now Look like you know Like the very very early days of of Something pretty pretty amazing so this Architecture is is the future of what we All want to arrive at This architecture results in a Hyper-connected world where multiple Applications can use each other as Services there's multiple um Blockchains being used to make one Application there's multiple app chains Being used even to make one application And there's multiple Oracle networks as Separate web3 Services being used to

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