Is Cardano still a good investment in 2024? Cardano Investment Thesis (ADA Price Prediction)

I think cardano has made some of the Better design decisions at the protocol Level we don't need 45 evm chains the GitHub activity for projects and cardano Is just continuous shipping but what Cardano has done organizationally has Been built for the future and fill the Gaps that we clearly had during that 2021-2022 phase that we didn't fully Capitalize on and they're in a good Position right now despite what people Might believe To make a Resurgence if the conditions Are correct I like cardano you like cardano but like Cardano compared to everything else Going on in crypto hashoshi is cardano Still a leading project in the crypto Space Ooh a fiery question right off the bat I Think cardano is a leading project in The crypto space in all the ways that People may not care about as much it's Not going to be the sexiest project They're not going to have as many VC Relationships the technology is going to Be dense and almost academic and maybe Sometimes come off as arrogant in a way But I think as a technical person myself I have a lot of respect and the reason Why I've stuck with cardano and said hey I don't think cardano is terrible here's The reason why That's because they've taken a much

Different approach to the same design Problems that we've had in this space For a long time and there are very few Projects that are doing that to be quite Honest with you there are A lot of copycats and a lot of projects Doing the same thing over and over again With a slightly different label title or Brand and cardano's done things almost Completely differently from the start They've made good decisions and bad But that to me as a Protocol design buff I think that that's A cool thing that they've done and They're in a good position right now Despite what people might believe To make a Resurgence if the conditions Are correct So where is cardano today because I know In 2017 2018 it was just a wall it's Just a Daedalus wallet cut to 2021 Midway through they finally got smart Contract capable where is cardano today What have they accomplished Yeah what cardano and and let's be real Right If we're honest for for a minute I Think that cardano fell short in the Sense that during the the peak of the Bull market we're talking at 20 21 into 2022 type of period smart contracts were New it took a little too long to get There they made the choice do we launch This well we're not 100 sure Everything's stable or do we wait and

Launch it at the right you know when We're really confident They made the decision to launch it Stable and I respect that but it was a Little late in the game and because it's Such a different Protocol itself the smart contract Languages Completely different than solidity which You see in almost every other blockchain It was a slow uptake and the developers In that Community took time to figure it Out so as a result of that you didn't See a huge bump in defy traffic you Didn't see stable coins and what you get With stable coins is liquidity so Liquidity then drives all the other cool Things that happen on a blockchain and So that was a missed opportunity And so since then and of course you know Prices have come down for almost every Other every altcoin including cardano You know 90 plus percent and I think a Lot of people are upset I get why it Sucks But what cardano has done I think at a Protocol level uh organizationally has Been Built for the future and fill the gaps That we clearly had during that 2021-2022 phase that we didn't fully Capitalize on Uh and I've I've been really slow on Content because I had a kid and I'm

Moving had a lot of other life things Going on but I've been tracking a lot of The uh The GitHub activity for projects and Cardano of course is one of them it's Just continuous shipping for people who Are interested in the technical piece They do a a weekly Dev update like Pretty technical stuff but they give it A weekly Dev update they're just Continuously chopping away at Functionality so where they're where They are today is they've polished up The smart contract functionality a lot And on the side of developer advocacy And developer tooling making it easier For developers to do stuff teaching Developers how to use the tools where we Were with solidity in 2015 They've done a ton of work there they've Created better tools for people who are Non-developers that's called Marlo you Can use a graphical user interface kind Of drag and drop logical programming to Create smart contracts on cardano no Programming experience required and then They've made a lot of protocol level Updates made the the node client the Actual functional part of the network That connects to other nodes and builds The whole thing they've improved that Fundamentally for performance and They've launched the The beginnings of what will be the

Scalability future of cardano which is Hydra it's their Layer Two native to Cardano people like oh you don't really Need an L2 your main chain isn't full But it's better to have it now than when You need it and you don't have it right So I'll pause there I'm uh I'll get off My soapbox No dude I appreciate it dude that's why I want you on and congratulations on Your kid again I know you named him Cardano which is a big deal Right my wife would be pissed But um yeah so cardano today has a you Know it's like where ethereum almost was Early on but it's its own thing it's got A you know ecosystem which is developing And budding nfts uh different defy apps Stable coins Like where is cardano going is it going To take like a similar path we've seen Ethereum take like what can Ada holders Look forward to You know I think that Cardano would be There's a difference right I think that The the foundation like the the people Like iog iohk I think they're looking Beyond just D5 and nfts and all that Stuff is good and I think cardano is Still going to play there because you Have to But I think that the vision is is Broader than that it's allowing people

To execute functions of of government Municipal level government state Provincial whatever whatever your Structure is using a public chain Running Democratic processes through This blockchain network because they've Set the stage for a lot of that with Their early focus on identity and Self-sovereignty features and the native Assets component of it so all the things You do with nfts or fungible tokens Etc Are on the main chain you don't have to Rely so much on external storage like You do on other blockchains so I think In that way you're Fundamentally you're looking at a chain That's maybe more focused on The Business and socio-political issues that Happen in the world than just Defy and I think that's cool now some People in the Cardone Community might Not agree with me on that but if I look At the decisions that were made And the way that you know someone like Charles hoskinson talks I think that's Really what they're focused on can we be The the fabric of Finance and Um Democracy in Africa or or some other Country in another part of the world That doesn't have this infrastructure Yet that's always been the mission and

Vision from my perspective Um So to me that would be pretty exciting If that were to happen Be honest with me on this next question Hashoshi and by guys by the way you guys Can follow hashoshi linked down below I know you like cardano that's obvious Do you like cardano over alternative l1s There's Solana there's algorithm there's All kinds like how does cardano compete I I would say of the non-evm chains so Non-etherium virtual machine compatible Chains which I am undoubtedly Um a fan of like I've I started by real Career in the space on ethereum Um I think cardano has Made some of the better design decisions At the protocol level And they've led the way on things like Proof of stake Protocol design that I don't think People give them enough credit for with You know delegation and non-custodial Staking and all that sort of stuff Now Do I say The word the future is mutually Exclusive and if ethereum is Um Mainstay for the next several decades That cardano can't be no I believe Personally that we need multiple chains But we need heterogeneous chains we Don't need 45 evm chains where you have

To have 45 wallets to use them If I'm going to have to Make sacrifices from a user experience Perspective I need to get something out Of it there needs to be a reason and I Think that you'll start to see the Differentiation between use cases on Something like cardano and something Like ethereum or polygon or Solana to an Extent Um And I you know people give Solana I Would say Solana and cardano are the two Projects that are the most polarizing You have tons of people who love them And then a whole other contingent of People who hate these projects with a Fiery burning passion but I would say What I what I like about Solana and Cardano is that they are Unapologetically willing to do things The way that they think they should be Done And if they get burned on it mostly they Own it you know some people will argue That too but mostly they own it and I Can get behind that Okay very interesting so as we're Looking out into the future you say That's going to develop a little Differently all these different things We talked about five year outlook Prediction for cardano Five-year Outlook I think five years

Five years from now We need to see that the functions that Have been built deeply into the protocol Within cardano so I'm talking about Self-sovereign identity so the ability For people to take a wallet and maybe Have their Credential like credentials running Through these You know publicly verifiable blockchain Based systems in a privacy preserving Way where you own it not somebody else Okay people get confused about digital Identity Um And protocol governance Needs to be fully in the hands of the Cardano community And I think that is the bread and butter Of what makes cardano a compelling Chain for the future is the emphasis That was placed and the design that was That was done on the last sort of era of Development for cardano kind of where we Are now which is how do we do on-chain Governance so that everything that gets Built on chain all the protocol Parameters treasury funds the future of The protocol sits in the hands of the People not of a foundation alone And in five years I want to see a Thriving Democratically managed Network that's Global to me that would

Be Right up there with with some of the Biggest successes of the space and Proving that you can do something Different than the first mover In every single way And still succeed if you have the right Use cases coming your way So five years from now that's what I'd Be looking for and ideally you also Might have some interoperability Solutions for connectivity to other Ecosystems because you should Final question let's just say cardano Holders are right ashoshi it wouldn't be An altcoin interview unless I asked you Cardano price prediction Cardano price prediction so Let's say what the cardano landed in in The Three plus dollar range in the last the Last phase I believe I think over just Under three dollars just under three Okay so let's just say in that Below little over three dollar range In my opinion That was driven mostly on speculation And not a lot on utility And I'm a fan and I will say that right So let's say the utility part is solved And you get People building what you know The the having happens liquidity starts Coming back into the space

Um you've got some other change driving Some excitement there's some cool use Cases on cardano builders start building You start to get that momentum going Again And there's utility on cardano and Liquidity coming to cardano I don't see Why you can't Move past that that ceiling from the Last phase and people are going to say Oh well that's not going to happen That's so rare for altcoins like a ton Of people didn't think cardano was going To survive the 2018. Draw down and dissolution because like Oh they don't have a product it's just a Wallet and a node client which was true By the way totally true but then those People had to like eat their shoe in the Next phase in 2021 when things really Weren't perfect for cardano either then And people are still Diving in and supporting what cardano is Doing so I'm gonna bet on them doing the Same thing the community is still Still strong maybe not as strong as it Was but it's still really strong and I Think then you see them outstrip that Previous all-time high and again you Might see a theme in the way that I talk About most all coins very few of them do I think have the ability to get back to All-time high or beat it but I think Cardano will beat it if and only if

They have the developer Um enablement piece sorted out because Builders have to build stuff for users To come and use stuff so that's that's My my caveat that has to happen if it Doesn't Problems No dude appreciate that and actually you Know you do keep things uh very uh solid So that sounds bullish to me dude I'm Excited hashoshi thank you so much for Coming on guys go follow hashoshi linked Down below final thoughts for the Altcoin daily audience Final thoughts would be it has been a Rather rough ride of late for crypto no Matter where you live if you live in the States uh like like we do I think it's Been even rougher of a ride because you Have a feeling of helplessness with What's going on from a regulatory Perspective but I think that these are Uh natural bumps in the road for new Technologies new paradigms new ways of Doing things there's always this Um sort of Antibody-like response to drastically New things that don't really make sense With the the current state of affairs I Think that's the phase that we're in the Same thing happened with a lot of the Fundamental components of the internet Maybe not to this extent but it's very Very similar history Echoes and I think

Now we're getting to the point where This battle is going to force maturity Which is what's been missing and Hopefully it forces out a lot of the Bad Actors that there are in the space that Are not looking to build anything of Value they're looking to take money from You and if that happens and we really Start rewarding the the True Builders in The space then the sky's the limit and It sounds cliche but it is the the Factual truth that um there's a reason Why we're in the space not just to make Money right but to build technologies That make a difference Thanks so much ashoshi Right on thanks


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