Is Apple About to Declare War on Meta with New Mixed-Reality Headset? [Crypto Espresso 1.10.22]

It's time for the two things that go Together better than peas and carrots Tuesday and Newsday that's right I'm Your host Andrew and it's the ultimate Day of the week where news and Tuesdays Join forces to form crypto espresso your Teeny tiny daily shot of caffeinated Crypto headlines first up a third member Of Sam Beckman Freed's innermost circle Is being investigated by federal Prosecutors while looking into the Collapse of the FTX Exchange in a Torrent of fraud allegations head of Engineering nishad Singh has met with Detectives and is reportedly seeking a Cooperation deal following in the Footsteps of Caroline Ellison and Gary Wong however just to be clear he hasn't Been accused of wrongdoing and no Charges have been filed this meeting was Likely tied to the allegations that Singh helped to make code changes that Gave Alameda research a virtually Unlimited line of credit funded by FTX Customers further plea deals could leave SBF looking increasingly isolated ahead Of a planned trial in October in a Bankruptcy court hearing on Monday Crypto lender blockfi went to some pains To make the case that senior Executives Including CEO Zach Prince did not drain Their own funds in advance of filing for Bankruptcy blockfi appears to be seeking To get ahead of questions about why

Prince withdrew more than 9 million Dollars in April and why the company Appeared to pay him and four other Executives 15 million dollars in August Sharing a month by month time frame Documenting the personal accounts of top Blockified bosses an attorney Representing the company said I think The important takeaway here is that There was no situation where insiders Were pulling money off the platform on The eve of or anywhere near this Bankruptcy file Andrew Tate Who as a Beta soy boy myself I'm very jealous of Is appearing in court today to challenge His 30-day detention following an arrest On suspicion of human trafficking the Controversial internet personality along With his brother Tristan and two women Were arrested in Romania late last month Pending a criminal investigation reports Suggest Tate's lawyer will argue that Their detention is unlawful and also Claimed that there is no substantial Evidence against his client Tate a Former kickboxer was known for creating Hustler's University a platform that Offered content on how to trade Cryptocurrencies some critics have Accused the site of being a scam and a Pyramid scheme meanwhile Tate's been Using his Twitter account to Proclaim His innocence claiming the Matrix has Attacked me whoa and finally Big Boy

Apple is reportedly ready to launch its Highly anticipated if sparsely detailed Mixed reality headset which could give The company a key role in the creation Of web 3 and the metaverse Bloomberg is Reporting that the alternate reality Mixed reality headset Apple has been Working on since 2017 is scheduled to be Revealed in June and put on sale before The end of this year the headset said to Be called reality Pro will likely be a Standalone device with a built-in Computer rather than relying on an IPhone if you were expecting an Affordable entry into Apple's metaverse Well it's Apple come on what were you Expecting the price has been estimated In various sources to be at least 2 000 To 3000 dollars in many ways this puts Apple on track to be in direct conflict With Mark Zuckerberg's meta which is Seemingly betting its entire business on The metaverse being the future of social Media and speaking of lizard people Pulling the strings behind the scenes Obey consume and like this video Subscribe to our YouTube channel and Click on that little bell icon to get Buzzed whenever a new crypto espresso Video goes live also feed me crickets on Yesterday's video some comments Mentioned nothing because we disable Comments now because spam Bots are Horrible I don't know maybe I'll plug my

Twitter or something on here questions About our headlines or crypto in general Why not ask Alex in that description Below Alex is a great resource for all Things web 3 end of the metaverse and That about does it for today again I've Been your host Andrew these have been Your headlines and we'll see all of your Beautiful shining faces tomorrow


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