Is AltLayer the Future of Ethereum? Unveiling the Next Gen of High-Speed, Secure Blockchain Tech

With over $22 billion in total value Locked ler twos are a vital part of the Road map in scaling the leading smart Contract platform ethereum according to L2b there are 39 active layer 2os in the Market currently all seeking to win Market share from leading l2s like Arbitrum and optimism meanwhile a Relatively new narrative has popped up Reaking pioneered by engine layer Reaking essentially allows locked eth in Liquid sticking protocols such as st e Re eth CB eth and LS e and this is to be Reused to secure other chains users get To earn additional yields on top of Those earned from securing the main net So far over $3.2 billion in eth has Already been staked with engine layer What happens when you bring together the Idea of reaking and layer twos enter alt Layer what is alt layer alt layer Facilitates native and restake Optimistic Roll-Ups and ZK Roll-Ups Roll-Ups are Layer Two Solutions Batching transactions offchain and Submitting them in bulk to the main Chain this frees the main chain from Congestion and reducing gas fees all Layer enables daps to choose the best Rollup option for their needs this Rollups as a service or Ras proposition Allows developers to create and deploy L2 Solutions and daps for ethereum that Are faster more cost effective and more

Secure than ever before old lir also Introduces restake Roll-Ups which are Rollups with extra security Decentralization interoperability and Fast fing it restak rollups achieve that Through reaking ethereum allowing staked Eth to be used for securing transactions All A's vision is a diverse ecosystem of Over thousands of rollups including General purpose ones like arbitrum 1 and Optimism maget as well as application Specific ones with different technology Stacks a rollup could be created using Arbitrum orbit as the foundation Utilizing arbitrum 1 for data Availability and settlement another Option could involve using ZK stack with Celestia and as the data availability Layer and ethereum as the settlement Layer so how do restake rollups work Well rollups are the best way to move Transaction execution out of etherum and Therefore help scale the base chain Moreover with the release of different Rollups sdks such as op stack arbitrum Orbit polygon zdk and ZK syns ZK stack Custom rollups for dabs are now as Simple as deploying a smart contract Restake rollups add extra features to Roll-Ups using three connected Services Vital the service for verification which Checks and confirms that the rollups Data is correct and matches the main Networks data mock the service for

Faster finality which speeds up the Confirmation time of the transactions And makes them final and irreversible Squad the service for decentralized Sequencing which orders the transactions In a fair and random way and prevents Manipulation or censorship all layers Ecosystem all layers ecosystem consists Of of various projects that have Integrated with alt layer's rollups to Leverage their scalability security and Interoperability these projects span Across different use cases such as Gaming defi nft metaverse data Availability and others let's talk about Gaming so gaming requires high Throughput low latencies and low gas Fees to provide a smooth and immersive Gameplay experience kth a defi powered Space game where players can explore the Galaxy and mine asteroids as integrated With all lir and uses Ras to reduce the Gas cost and increase the speed of its Transactions as well as to enable cross Chain interoperability with other Blockchains and also rollups kth also Leverages alt layer's reaking mechanism To secure its game State and also Provide faster finality then metaverse One of the metaverse projects that is Integrated with alt layers Roll-Ups is Oasis and this is a decentralized Platform that allows anyone to create And monetize their own metaverse Oasis

Uses all layers Roll-Ups to scale its Platform and support millions of Concurrent users as well as to provide a Seamless user experience across Different metaverse domains Oasis also Utilizes alt layers inoperability Features to connect with other Blockchains and rollups to enable Cross-chain asset transfers and Composability now when it comes to data Availability data availability refers to Data storage and access in a secure Decentralized and efficient manner Engine layer a protocol that introduces Reaking a new primitive in Cryptoeconomic security has integrated With all layer to launch its own restak Roll-Ups engine layer provides a secure High throughput and decentralized data Availability service for rollups called Engine da engine layer combines the Benefits of engine da with the Advantages of all layer's rollup Stacks To offer reaking services to other Rollups that use all Lay's protocol now When it comes to alt Lay's tokenomics Alt is the native token of the all lir Protocol and ecosystem and it also Serves as the utility and governance Token alt has a fixed total supply of 10 Billion tokens with a circulating supply Of around over 1 billion tokens Currently alt use cases are governance So alt holders can participate in the

Governance of alt layers protocol and Ecosystem such as proposing and voting On protocol parameters rollup features And ecosystem grants then there's also Staking so alt holders can stake their Tokens on alt layer's rollups either Natively or through reaking to secure The rollup State and provide faster Finality stakers can earn rewards in alt And or the native tokens of the rollups That they stake on as well as a share of The fees generated by the rollups then There's fees so alt holders can use Their tokens to pay for fees incurred by Using alt layers Roll-Ups such as Transaction fees rollup creation fees Rollup upgrade fees and more alt holders Can also enjoy discounts or subsidies on The fees depending on their stake or Also governance participation then There's access so alt holders can use Their tokens to access the various Services and features offered by Alt L's Roll-Ups so such as data availability Decentralized sequencing fast finality And interoperability now when it comes To the road map its road map includes Launching more rollup Stacks such as ZK Stack polygon cdk ZK sync and others Launching more restak Roll-Ups such as Engine layer Celestia Avil near Beacon And others then also launching more Ecosystem projects in the defi gaming And also metor space and with these

Plans and also goals all lir aims to Become the leading rollup platform and EOS system in the blockchain industry And to accelerate the scaling and Adoption of web 3 applications so I hope You guys learned something about alt Lirer today anyways guys I've been your Host Trevor with CMC I'll see you in the Next One


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