iPod Creator Helps Ledger Design New Sleek Hardware Wallet [ Crypto Espresso 12.07.22 ]

It's Wednesday and you know what that Means if you said news delivered by Andrew via the medium of crypto espresso Your teeny tiny daily Shadow caffeinated Crypto headlines congratulations for Paying attention your reward is news First up microstrategies executive Chairman Michael Saylor has criticized Sam bankman freed following the collapse Of FTX calling him the poster child of coinery speaking to the Valutainment podcast sailor described Large parts of the crypto industry as Greedy arrogant or foolish and claimed SPF had created tokens out of thin air Sam scraped billions from unsuspecting Investors in Silicon Valley they should Have known better he took billions from Crypto hedge funds and crypto Banks like Blockfy and Voyager they should have Known better and then he probably took 10 billion dollars or more from Depositors on his exchange the bitcoiner Said and it's a good old-fashioned dog Pile since binance CEO chengpang Zao Isn't pulling any punches either ZZ has Described the 30 year old founder of FTX As among the greatest fraudsters in History adding he is also a master Manipulator when it comes to media and Key opinion leaders the entrepreneur Denied that he was responsible for the Exchange's downfall though and said FTX Killed themselves and their users

Because they stole billions of dollars Of user funds CZ went on to argue that No healthy business can be destroyed by A tweet defending his decision to make a Bombshell announcement that he was Planning to offload more than 500 Million dollars in ftt tokens last month Sandbankment freed has hired The Prominent New York defense attorney who Defended Jeffrey Epstein Confidant and Convicted sex trafficker giseline Maxwell according to Reuters Mark S Cohen is a former Federal prosecutor who Specializes in white-collar crime and Civil litigation Maxwell for her part Was sentenced to 20 years in prison After being convicted of trafficking Underage girls for the disgraced Financier Cohen May well have his work Cut out for him with bankman freed who Has admitted that he is ignoring legal Advice by continuing to give a flurry of Media interviews whether he'll listen to Cohen remains to be seen but given that He's been quoted saying his lawyers can Go flip themselves again use harsher Language on that flip who who can say Really the creator of the original Apple IPod has teamed up with ledger to unveil A Sleek new hardware wallet Ledger Stacks with an x boasts a wrap around Electronic ink screen and the front Cover of the book-like device can even Display an nft the timing of this new

Device could hardly be better interest In the self-custody of cryptocurrencies Has surged after a series of unfortunate Hacks with several high-profile firms Freezing withdrawals and even going Bankrupt as the bear Market bites hard Overall Ledger hopes this new flagship Product which supports over 500 Cryptocurrencies and uses Bluetooth Connectivity will make crypto Journeys Infinitely more intuitive and finally Nike has revealed that its next nft drop Will connect virtual sneakers to real Ones the crypto kicks IRL collection Will have a limited edition of 19 000 Sneakers and four styles that Nike is Calling the first Native web 3 sneaker Line prices will run from four hundred And fifty dollars to one thousand three Hundred and thirty three dollars with Payment being accepted in eth the Physical shoes will ship in May and only To U.S addresses which is causing some Grief in the fairly intense collectible Sneaker Market the shoes will also Feature the auto lacing technology The Firm developed for the Air Mag more than 30 years ago for the film Back to the Future too as well as haptic feedback Gesture control app connectivity and Wireless charging oh and it says here That they also form a protective barrier Between your feet and the ground but who Even cares about that speaking of

Ridiculous bells and whistles though did You know that crypto espresso is also an Interactive news show that's right in Addition to delivering the news straight To your head holes you can interact with The show by liking this video Subscribing to our YouTube channel and Clicking on that little bell icon to get Buzzed whenever a new crypto espresso Video goes live there's also an Attachment that makes real espresso and You can use it as a shoehorn and it Literally makes bells and whistle noises In case of an emergency wow and which Attachments would you like for the Crypto espresso attachment ecosystem let Me know in those comments below because I read them and I might just shout out My favorite comments in a future episode Questions about our headlines or crypto In general ask Alex in that description Below Alex is a great resource for all Things web 3 and the metaverse and that About does it for today again I've been Your host Andrew these have been your Headlines and bells and whistles and We'll see you all tomorrow


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