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Hello you're listening to the rise and Crypto podcast by coin Telegraph Steering you through the crypto Cosmos With daily dispatches from the digital Frontier if you want to stay ahead of The curve in crypto make sure you click That follow button I'm Robert bags and For the first time of many grab yourself A coffee and let's get into it so why Has cointelegraph created a daily Podcast anyone who has so much as poked Their head around the door of crypto Knows it's a singular space Not only is It tremendously broad cryptocurrencies Are just one dimension with blockchain Technology forming many others but it Moves at break neck speeds if you aren't Reading thousands upon thousands of Words per day you'll fall behind there's No such thing as standing still in Crypto you're either moving forward or You're losing ground one key motivation For creating rise in crypto is therefore Filtering the Deluge of information Disseminating what you need to know and Delivering it to you concisely we Respect your time and for this podcast To do its job effectively we need to Make an episode every day that's 15 Minutes or less who can't plug that into Their morning commute over breakfast or Even during your ablutions the second Motivation is coin Telegraph itself Cointelegraph is an unparalleled Vault

Of information with 24/7 industry news Coverage from every time zone in a Rapidly expanding decentralized world Cointelegraph is central for information Data and unbiased thought leadership Ryzen crypto will act as a daily Highlight reel of the most important Stories and insights from this NeverEnding coverage of blockchain Crypto and emerging fintech so what can You expect from the ryzen crypto podcast Monday to Friday I will be piping the Essentials directly into your ears I Will cover breaking news Market moving Events legal drama new fintech analysis Research the highs the lows and The Oddities of the crypto space it is my Job to keep you informed see this Podcast as your morning brief and brief It will be there'll be no rambling I'll Go straight to the heart of the matter For those deep reads and features you'll Need to head over to But for a brief breakdown I've got you Covered if you want to aams razor your Way to the front of the packing crypto This is how you do it follow or Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts Thank you for listening let's do this Again Tomorrow [Music]


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