Introducing the new crypto trading podcast

[Music] Welcome to crypto trading secrets with Benjamin [Music] Pyrus welcome everyone to crypto trading Secrets with your host Benjamin pyrus I Just wanted to take a minute to say hi And introduce the show and what you can All expect in future episodes so this Will be a podcast primarily focused on The trading and investing side of crypto Based around interviews I usually look To interview folks in the crypto space That are reputable and active in the Crypto markets as for me I'm Benjamin Pyrus but I go by BJ I've been in the Crypto space since 2017 but most of my Time in the space has been as a writer I Have been on staff with coin Telegraph For multiple years and I enjoy working In the industry but I also have some Experience trading and investing on the Side personally I currently trade and Invest in crypto mainstream markets and I'm very passionate about trading I've Spent a fair bit of time learning Technical analysis but I'll mainly be Looking hear from my guests moving the Conversation along and maybe adding a Few of my own opinions but mostly Keeping it focused on my guests Regarding each episode the show will Typically have three segments first is Finding the bottom during this segment

I'll be chatting with the episodes guest About things like the current crypto and Macro Market State when the guest thinks The market might turn turn around and Where bitcoin's price bottom might Possibly end up stuff like that in a Bull market this segment would simply be Changed to talking about finding the top The second segment is called Trade Secrets during which I ask the guest About things like their history and Their trading methods the last segment Is called the next Bull Run during this Segment I'll be asking the episode's Guest things like how they will be able To tell if the market has changed into a Bull market and how they plan on trading And investing during that time during a Bull market this segment would simply be Changed to the next to Bear Market with Questions on how the guest would Approach that I might also interview Other types of guests at points for Different episodes along the way using a More standard interview format but I'll Still aim to always have the content Focused mostly around crypto trading and Investing as for right now this is the Bones of the direction for the show hope You all like It [Music] A


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