INSANE Crypto Price Prediction! (This 1 Altcoin will be HUGE!!!)

I'm assuming Kathy that you're going to hold to 
your Bitcoin forecast for what is it a million   Per coin by 2030 that still feels good to you 
yes one Bitcoin today is 17 000 one Bitcoin by   2030 will be at one million dollars according to 
Arc invests Kathy Woods ethereum will come out   Even stronger I'm assuming Kathy that you're 
gonna hold to your Bitcoin forecast for what   Is it a million per coin by 2030 that still 
feels good to you yes and you can um you know   Sometimes you need to battle test you need to go 
through crises uh to see uh to see who the real   Um to see the survivors first of all but really to 
test battle test the infrastructure and the thesis   And uh again we think Bitcoin is coming out of 
this smelling like a rose uh because of what I   Have mentioned uh previously and I do think 
though the one thing that will be delayed is   Um perhaps institutions stepping back and just 
saying okay do we really understand this uh   And once they actually do the homework and 
see what's happened here I think they might   Be more comfortable moving into into Bitcoin 
and and perhaps ether as a first stop you know   As they'll understand it more bitcoin's price 
today near the lows bitcoin's value today near   The highs bitcoin's fundamentals near all-time 
highs bitcoin's hash rate at all-time highs   Bitcoin beginning 2023 with bitcoin's hash rate 
breaking above all-time highs it's never been   Higher ethereum fundamentally in my opinion 
never been better make sure you subscribe to   Our channel altcoin daily we break down the 
entire cryptocurrency Market make things easy   To understand for you on a daily basis so join the 
altcoin daily team ethereum balance on exchanges   Hits a four year low if you take away one thing 
from this video Let It Be This price doesn't   Necessarily necessarily equate to Value the price 
could be down but the value can be up and that's   What more and more big players smart money are 
realizing that Bitcoin ethereum and crypto is   Here to stay and in a time where there's too much 
money and fiscal spending Bitcoin and ethereum   Will have value something like crypto specifically 
Bitcoin and ethereum where there's a finite amount   Of that that will have value a higher value than 
where we're at today value at a much higher number   Than where we are today oh yeah I think so big 
players understand eth and Bitcoin is the best   Hedge on the planet if you think about every 
decade the 70s were the decade of inflation   The 80s was a decade of kind of Boom bust 
huge swings in dollar volatility the 90s   Was equitization bubble the odds was the 
mortgage bubble and the great financial crisis   The teens or the peak of globalization and 
probably the peak of Central Bank experimentation   With monetary policy right uh the 20s I'm afraid 
are going to be that period where we really focus   On debt Dynamics country by country fiscal 
deficits and the need to run certainly fiscal   Policy in a way that gives people confidence 
in the long run value of the currency and   The problem that we've had really for the last 
12 years is that we've we've we've done this   Massive experimentation with monetary policy 
where we suppressed yields and we did this  

Massive experimentation the fiscal side during the 
pandemic and so my guess is the 20s are going to   Be just the opposite of both we're already seeing 
that right now from the central bank we're gonna   The whoever is the president in 24 is going to be 
dealing with debt dynamics that are so dire and   So every so dire that what this is the 1970s no so 
dire that that we're going to have to have fiscal   Retrenchment and that fiscal retrenchment means 
that if we don't have physical retrenchment then   Everything that we spent if you think about the 
teens which was all about suppressing yields right   And I think the 20s will be just the opposite I 
mean higher term premiums and bond markets higher   Term premiums and stock markets it'll be just the 
opposite of what we experienced the last decade so   In a time when there's too much money which is 
why we have inflation in too much fiscal Spirit   Spending something like crypto specifically 
Bitcoin and ethereum where there's a finite   Amount of that that will have value at some point 
someday I don't know when that will be but it   Will have value that scares the value at a much 
higher number than where we are today oh I think   So yeah it is amazing to be able to Bear witness 
to the growth of ethereum and eat layer twos eats   Ecosystem and L2 ecosystem continues to expand get 
bigger and better in this case polygon MasterCard   Taps polygon for web 3 artist accelerator 
MasterCard announced Friday at the Consumer   Electronics Show in Las Vegas Nevada that it will 
use polygon blockchain to launch its MasterCard   Artist accelerator the program is designed to 
help musical artists learn how to expand their   Brands through minting nfts on polygon building 
online presence on polygon and establishing a   Community on polygon while MasterCard has not yet 
said who will participate in the accelerator the   Company said that the accelerator will end later 
this year with a live streamed artist showcase   MasterCard says its aim is to create a space 
for music content creation collaboration and   Ownership using the accelerator to connect artists 
worldwide with mentors in web 3 associated with   Ethereum and polygon projects building on polygon 
increasing daily projects moving over to polygon   And the ethereum ecosystem increasing daily a 
May amazing to see this polygon paid top Solana   Projects youths and D gods to the top nft projects 
on Solana 3 million to migrate chains d-labs the   Company Behind these nft projects received a 
non-equity grant from the layer 2 Chain to fund   Its expansion so many of these cryptocurrencies 
at least the quality altcoins have treasuries   In order to fund things exactly like this and 
they're using the money they're putting the   Money to good use it looks like at altcoin Daily 
it's not always bullish we like to present you   With the good the bad the neutral the facts the 
reality and this is what you need to know about   Grayscale dumps Avalanche from its large Cap Fund 
grayscale has dumped all of its Avalanche this is   Part of its regularly scheduled rebalancing 
interesting that grayscale sold its avax and   Used the cash to purchase Bitcoin ethereum 
Ada and Matic not that interesting good move   And soul interesting move let me know what 
you think about all of this in the comments  

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if Bitcoin was at like 40K in by by the summer   That wouldn't surprise me at all and that's like 
two and a half X from here so it's a great return


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