Imminent Bitcoin price move signal, ransomware resurgence, and Tron’s growth

One Trader has spotted a rare signal That suggests Bitcoin is going to see Massive volatility in the next 9 Days good morning you're listening to The ryzen crypto podcast by coin Telegraph with me Robert bags steering You through the crypto Cosmos with daily Dispatches from the digital Frontier if you simply enjoy being well Informed on crypto you better click that Follow button okay grab yourself a Coffee and let's get into [Music] It we are all over the map again today Visiting all corners of crypto so here Is what's on the docket a Trader on X Has highlighted a rare signal that Suggests Bitcoin volatility is about to Spike after a reasonably quiet 2022 a Report suggests that ransomware was back With a vengeance in 2023 the blockchain Tron is poised to become a leader in Stablecoin payments and US Bitcoin Miners are challenging the mandatory eia Energy survey as politically Motivated yesterday William suberg went Through the final ings of a popular Trader on X horn hairs who has flagged a Rare trading signal for Bitcoin the Signal suggests that within 10 days or N9 days now we will hit major price Volatility there's a lot to unpack with This and I want to ensure it's Straightforward and we don't go too far

Down at the very deep Finance Rabbit Hole the trader is using the Ballinger Bands volatility indicator this uses Three metrics middle band which shows The average price over a period of time And then upper and lower bands which are Measures of how much in this case Bitcoin goes up or down Ballinger bands Are a way Traders work out if a stock is Trading high low or about right as well As how volatile they are the trader Highlighted the Ballinger bandwidth BBW Stop it which is a measurement of how Close the three bands are when the bands Are close together volatility is low and The price isn't moving all that much the Rare signal that horn hair is pointing At is how low the Binger bandwidth is That is the bands are very close Together and the price for Bitcoin Hasn't been moving much now with Bitcoin Whenever the Ballinger bandwidth has Been this low in the past it was Followed by a huge move in price what's Interesting here or useless depending on How you take it is that the trader Doesn't know whether this means the Price is about to go up or down horn Hairs wrote on X Now's the Time to get Your plan ready for either direction Don't want to be stuck in a frozen Panic With no plan if things launch upwards or Nuke lower it's coming very soon so the Tldr is that this Trader believes we're

Seeing very low volatility over a Reasonable period of time is not only Rare but in the past it has been an Indicator of a major price move and Increased volatility the timeline for This is now only 9 days you might Remember from an episode around a month Ago that Arthur Hayes the co-founder of Bitmex said he wouldn't be buying Bitcoin until March at the earliest Because he predicts a nose dive what do You think about this do you think we're In for increased volatility I mean That's historically a pretty safe bet When it comes to crypto do you think We're about to see a nose dive or Perhaps a spike upwards or is it and I'm Going to resist doing my best mccon Impression fugazi share your thoughts With us on at coin Telegraph and Arc Bags on X in 2022 somewhat unexpectedly the use Of ransomware fell off a cliff which was Pleasing but chainalysis yesterday Released a report on ransomware as part Of their upcoming crypto crime report That had some worrying findings although Ransomware attacks predate Cryptocurrencies crypto has come to play A pretty fundamental role in them Courtesy of the pseudonymity the ease of Crossb payments irreversible ility Unless you're Ripple that clawback Feature comes in today and the ease of

Laundering through mixes and privacy Tokens so while ransomware isn't a Crypto problem it's still a problem Intrinsically linked with crypto and It's got worse much worse the report Showed that after 202's all-time high of 983 million in ransomware payments 2022 Plummeted to 567 million in payments a 42% drop but as the report suggests 2022 Was an anomaly not a trend and part of The decrease can be attributed to Geopolitics such as the Russian Ukraine Conflict this anomaly not a trend is Evidenced by 2023 is ransomware payments Which hit $1.1 billion which is Comfortably a new all-time high and not The sort of ath we like 2023 saw 538 new Ransomware variants or strains with Varying strategies some like fobos act As a sort of ransomware as a service and Looked to Ransom little and Ransom often Whereas the ransomware group Klo CLP Were big game hunting through zero day Vulnerabilities a zero day vulnerability Is a security flaw in software that has No patch ready and soall because the Victim has zero days to fix the issue Some of these were high-profile attacks Including the exploit of a vulnerability In the software move it which is used by Major organizations such as the BBC and British Airways now when it comes to the Loot and how it was moved the report Reads centralized exchanges and mixes

Have consistently represented a Substantial share of transactions Suggesting they are preferred methods For laundering ransomware payments However this year saw the Embrace of new Services for laundering including Bridges instant exchanges and gambling Services we assess that this is the Result of takedowns disrupting preferred Laundering methods for ransomware some Services implementation of robust AML And kyc policies and also as an Indication of new ransomware actors Unique laundering preferences so it Seems it's a bit of a case of you tear One thing down and another one pops up But the really worrying stat is that Ransomware payments nearly doubled from 2022 to 2023 this is a problem that Primarily needs to be addressed to Protect people online but we also Shouldn't pretend that this isn't a Threat to crypto many anti-crypto folk In the US government are likely to point At crypto as a reason for the spike in Ransomware Use stable coins are a topic we have Course to discuss fairly frequently Although their price doesn't go up and Down or it shouldn't their role in the World has expanded continuously and We've even seen some citizens from Countries that have been ravaged by Inflation converting their entire

Paychecks into stable coins as soon as They receive them stable coins have also Proven a fantastic way to issue Crossborder payments given the speed Ease and low cost one story of Unambiguous success in the stable coin Space is tether usdt which has become a Leader in its field not to mention Tether is a company has been doing Pretty damned well too as you might Remember from last week's episode tether Posted a record $2.85 billion in profit In quarter 4 last year what you might Not know about tether is that over 50% Of its tokens issued and it has a market Cap of 93 billion so there are a lot are Issued on the Tron blockchain that is to Say Tron is the primary Network for usdt Cointelegraph research published some Thoroughly interesting findings Yesterday they looked at how Tron is now In fact poised to become a leader in State coin payments the article reads Over the past few years Tron has Enhanced its Market presence overtaking The BNB chain in terms of stable coin Transaction volume in 2021 and Representing 1/3 of the global stable Coin volume by the end of 2023 in the Fourth quarter of 2023 alone Transactions on Tron amounted to $1.2 Trillion coin Telegraph research also Found that Tron is flourishing as a real World asset tokenization platform the

Report reads Tron has established a Notable presence in the tokenization Ation of real world assets rwa hosting The world's second largest rwa protocol St usdt as with allcoin Telegraph Research reports it goes into incredible Detail so if you want a truly Comprehensive understanding of how Tron Is becoming a Powerhouse in the stable Coin space make sure you give it a read I've linked it in the description Below earlier this month the United States Department of energy demanded That Crypt miners report their energy Consumption for the next 6 months the US Energy Information Administration eia Which is the statistics agency of the Department of energy said it will be Initiating a provisional survey to gauge The electricity usage of local crypto Mining firms and these firms are and I Quote required to respond with details Related to their energy use that is it's Mandatory The Prompt was said to be the Increased price of Bitcoin which could Incentivize more mining activity the EA Administrator Joe de caralis said the Survey would specifically focus on how The energy demand for cryptocurrency Mining is evolving identify Geographic Areas of high growth and quantify the Sources of electricity used to meet Cryptocurrency mining demand well Several us mining firms and other

Organizations involved in crypto and Blockchain have raised concerns over the Legality of this sudden and mandatory Survey furthermore they have questioned Why crypto was targeted specifically by A government run institution and this Last point is a Salient one is this Politically motivated the president of The Texas blockchain council Lee brater Called it an unprecedented information Collection request before going direct With the following statement the eia's Mandatory emergency survey of Electricity consumption data represents The latest politically motivated Campaign against Bitcoin mining Cryptocurrency and us-led Innovation Riot blockchain is North America's Largest Bitcoin mining facility and Their head of public policy Brian Morganstern wrote on X that it is a Politically motivated attack on bitcoin Driven by the self-appointed anti- Crypto Senator Elizabeth Warren in his Thread Morgan Stone went on to highlight Senator Elizabeth Warren's Misconceptions about carbon pollution With crypto mining it's electricity it Doesn't emit any how Bitcoin miners Enhance grid stability and then the Following uppercut the White House had The quiet part loud in September 2022 by Signaling a desire to limit or eliminate Bitcoin mining I'll link to the full

Thread in the description because Morgan Stone goes into a lot more depth and Uses a a lot of data as evidence it Really is a fantastic read and he is far From alone many others have called out This survey as a patent double standard Teras Kulik CEO of Sunnyside digital a Hardware and infrastructure provider for Bitcoin mining firms said I wonder will The oil and gas traditional data center Banking and petrochemical sectors be Asked for the same data this point about Data centers is one several commenters Have raised as the eia ran a pilot Program to identify dat data center Power use but it only solicited 50 data Centers in total and received a 26% Response rate Colin Harper the head of Research at Bitcoin mining software firm Luxor said it seems pretty in congruous To me for the eia to single out Bitcoin Miners with a standalone survey when They haven't even done a fullscale one For data centers at large the Motivations for the survey do seem Dubious and the US Bitcoin miners are Not going to take it Lightly okay that really was Far Reaching but that is your daily debrief Complete consider yourself informed Thank you for listening to the ryzen Crypto podcast by coin Telegraph if You're enjoying these daily updates Please make sure you let us know by

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