IMF Strikes Back: “End of Bitcoin & Crypto”

A key difference in with the cvdc is That Central Bank will have absolute Control breaking news today in Cryptocurrency IMF officials have just Presented a blueprint for Global Cross-border cbdcs and while they say While the international monetary fund Says this is a good thing this will help Cut the costs of cross-border payments Make them cheaper and faster they also Admit this will lead to easier Compliance checks and easier Capital Controls for example in cash we don't Know for example who's using a 100 bill Today we don't know who is using the 1000 peso bill today A key difference in with the cvdc is That Central Bank will have absolute Control on the rules and regulations That will determine the use of that Expression of Central Bank liability and Also we have the technology to enforce That in a direct quote today from Tobias Adrian the director of the imf's Monetary and capital markets in our view Regulatory steps should be taken to make Sure that these markets are safe for Investors he says on why cbdc's globally Are a benefit our blueprint for a new Class of platforms would enhance and Ensure greater interoperability Efficiency and safety in cross-border Payments as well as in domestic Financial markets the current cost

Sluggishness and opacity of cross-border Payments today comes from limited Infrastructure you should pass Regulations to make sure that identities Are captured that Integrity is insured In fact the IMF has always been pretty Vocal that cbdc's are programmable money Here's the deputy managing director of The IMF sharing how cbdcs would allow The government to precisely control what People can and cannot spend their money On the third way we think cbdc can Improve Financial inclusion Is through what we call programmability That is cbdc can allow Government agencies and private sector Players To program To create smart contract To allow targeted policy functions For example welfare payment For example consumption coupon For example food stamp By programming cbdc those Mali can be Precisely targeted for what kind of People can own and one kind of use this Money can be utilized for example for Food So this Potential programmability Can help government agencies To Precisely Target their support to those People who need support and while the

Race is on it seems for the IMF to keep Control Bitcoin the people's money is Only getting bigger new the 4.5 trillion Dollar in assets under management Fidelity is rumored to be filing for a Spot Bitcoin ETF following BlackRock and To do this in part the rumor is they're About to buy grayscale to do it and you Know from our BlackRock video a few days Ago this is what will happen if slash When blackrock's Bitcoin ETF is approved Which experts do believe will happen BlackRock has had a huge success rate in Actually getting ETFs approved by the SEC their their track record is 575 to 1. so that means of the 576 ETF proposed That they have given to the SEC only one Has failed right so that is extremely Major they have a huge success rate they Don't file typically unless they're very Confident that they can actually get This approved well now the flood gates Are open with Fidelity and let's Remember Fidelity was the first major Traditional investment firm to endorse Bitcoin who also quietly launched retail Bitcoin and eth trading in the depths of The bear Market it would be surprising If they haven't already filed for a Bitcoin trust or ATF and the latest Ethereum news many of you have been Asking me about this Ethereum developers propose raising the Validator limit to 2048 ethereum from

The current 32 eth to stake and run a Validator why are they doing this well Current low validator limits 32 have led To waiting times of over one month Meaning the network is sluggish meaning Wait times are high the network is slow And of course while this would make Everything faster I mean people can Heart average people can hardly afford 32 ethereum today yet if you can you get To help validate you get to be in charge In part of the overall network if this Happens it would truly only be exchanges Or whales or whoever could afford this The proposal was first floated in early June by ethereum developers Mike neuter Justin Drake Etc and today the proposal Is still under debate meaning it isn't Actively being worked on it's just a Conversation I would think personally we Want to keep the underlying chain the Underlying ethereum at work as Decentralized as possible and then of Course get the scaling from the layer Twos but as I get more info I'll keep You updated the Terra Luna founder Dokwon just received four months in Prison in Montenegro on fake passport Charges and it's not just dokwon it's Actually him and his colleague and Former Chief Financial Officer was also Charged alongside him and received the Same sentence and specifically Kwan was Charged with attempting to leave the

Country using a false Costa Rican Passport he reportedly told a Montenegro Court that he wasn't aware the passport He was traveling with was allegedly Forged and instead pinned the blame on a Chinese named agency so for the next Four months we know where do Quan will Be and to answer your question could AI Artificial intelligence destroy Bitcoin Michael Saylor explains yeah the the Thing that Coin is 400 x a hash of digital power To put that in perspective that's as Much power energy as the entire U.S Navy Uses and its Fleet about 12 and a half Gigawatts and also it's a fleet of five Million Bitcoin Asic miners spread Everywhere in the world that generates So much hash rate that if an AI took Over every computer on Earth all the Smartphones all the computers at Amazon Google and Microsoft all of those Computers couldn't Dent the Bitcoin Network it's an extremely powerful Digital energy Network and because of That you you don't have to put a billion Dollars in a bank that's run uh in Lebanon or Argentina or the us or turkey You can put the billion dollars onto the Bitcoin Network and the Bitcoin network Is nation state resistant if all of China turned every computer against the Bitcoin Network they couldn't stop it And so Bitcoin represents a new new way

To store your assets and and in fact the Most secure computer network in the World by the way altcoin daily this Channel will be interviewing sailor Again with regard to ethereum you know I Think ethereum's a security I think it's Pretty obvious it's a security you do Not want to miss that interview and be Sure to join us for the block down Festival in Portugal use code altcoin Daily50 for 50 off your ticket link down Below see you tomorrow


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