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The the core idea behind chappies and The problem that we're looking to really Solve is chappies the most undervalued AI crypto for 2024 is retaining Engagement and retaining your loyal Customers and your users in a nutshell Chappies is an AI powerered plug andplay Protocol that helps build real Community Engagement and growth whilst rewarding Community members in real time in a in a Very nutshell I guess if I had to put it Very quickly as explained by founder of Chappies and CEO it's a social fire Plug-in playay protocol any Community Can actually use chappies and they can Essentially W their users in real time For um staying active and engaged you See the real problem that this is Solving is bigger than AI it affects all Of crypto and whether you're on telegram Discord Twitter how do we know which Communities are actually real and which Communities are just vanity meaning they Prioritize volume versus genuine Engagement What we've seen is there's a lot of Tools out there that allow you to build Hype build numbers and essentially Vanity numbers in your community across The different socials so co-founder and Coo John Sears explains you can eat Quite easily with campaigns on platforms That I won't mention you can build up a Telegram group to 100,00 but but

Actually in reality you've probably got A thousand or less people engaged out of That 100,000 chappie solves this Rewarding genuine engagement really the Problem we're solving is allowing Community members industry participants To see what's real and what's not so We're all about genuine engagement Promoting genuine engagement and looking After the People that add value to a community not Those coming in to extract value and Leave which is what we're seeing at the Moment with the current Source available And full disclosure in my AI portfolio I Do own the token ALS Al chappies is Partnering today so I can bring you the Most accurate information possible in This dedicated video on what chappies is This is really what chappie uh you know Aims to be is is an AI it's it's an AI Model that allows you know any any Platform any Community um on you know Various different social media platforms You know with us starting right at the Moment on Telegram and Discord you know That's where most web 3 communities are Currently housed and Twitter as well of Course Um but the central Hub really for for You know any web 3 Community is Telegram And Discord so you know you we're plug Andplay protocol that really allows you To um you know monitor analyze and

Reward uh user engagement in a very Simplified format so more and more Projects are joining in joining the Chappie community for example txx 20 We're thrilled to announce the launch of Our chappies campaign now live and Waiting for you and let's watch this Video it's 990 seconds long on how this Works but this is essentially why Companies benefit from joining chappie This is chappies the first AI powered Community Building tool that helps you Grow and retain your online community Faster and easier than ever Before chappies is a revolution for Community Builders and its Members it's Unique AI analyzes your Channels engages your followers and Seamlessly and instantly rewards the Best Interactions how does it all work and Keep listening this is the important Part for Community managers there's a Dashboard where you can set up campaigns And tasks users only need to connect Their wallet and socials once in your Portal you launch your first chappies Community campaign there will be Predetermined tasks for a quick start All you need to do is choose the right Rewards before you can launch your Campaign you deposit your own native Token or stable coins to a rewards pool These tokens are redistributed over time

To users and those who claim are Instantly rewarded users also receive Special chappies points upon completing The tasks set by you the community Builder now chappes is active your Community will want to engage with Quality posts keep responding and Sharing them to receive those delicious Tokens your community will Thrive with Chappie as your Sidekick besides being a NextGen Community man manager chappies Will also give you a vibrant Marketplace For your community shares deep insights In what your community likes and Highlights what they respond to as your And other chappies communities grow Bigger and bigger your users will become More engaged and keep coming back Chappies makes engaging and growing your Community easier than ever and with Millions and millions of potential Members the time to connect and grow is Now so what are you waiting for now Their season 2 airdrop is Live join Chappies season 2 airdrop now it's Simple buy chappies stake and then sign Up and start using the app your mission Should you choose to accept involves Diving into to the app signing up Staking those precious chappies tokens And then important hopping into Communities to engage in conversation And slaying tasks like a boss and the Token how does the token fit in we

Really wanted the chappies token to be At the center of the whole ecosystem Really so so there's many different Aspects to the Token obviously fees Collected from campaigns from Advertisers Microtransactions of people using the The service aex a da a treasury let's Let the COO explain so firstly it's a Full 100% web3 Revenue model and what That means is we've got seven or eight Revenue streams so we've got campaign Fees on the B2B side we've got Microtransactions claim fees on the BTC Side we've got advertising we've got Premium spots on the platform we've got Our own internal decks which we come on To later the fees from that um we've got Merchandise coming on board we've got Premium analytics which is more of a SAS Model but all of those different revenue Streams go into the Japes D Treasury and Then we have an automated um efficient Buyback system that all flows back into The token and liquidity so so basically The more more users the more B2B the More b2c on the platform the more value That's driven into the chapie token There's also staking great news our Staking pool is reloaded and ready for Action don't miss this chance to earn Juicy rewards earn rewards contribute to Liquidity and then we've got staken for Example so users can stake both tokens

And nfts and essentially that's their Access to chappie share because the Tokens are distributed from the buyback So so it's a circular kind of Environment where everything is kept Within the ecosystem anyway awesome AI Project to keep on the radar or just use Obviously investing in cryptocurrency in Any capacity is always risky if you can Just earn tokens just by engaging the Engaging you're going to do anyway why Not I'll link their Twitter down below They're always tweeting out new Companies new projects that are using Them by the way their smart contracts Have been audited by both hackin and Certic which I like and these guys Really could change the game for genuine Community Building genuine engagement as We evolve this model that we've been Building this AI model that we've been Building and the whole language based Behind and you know the whole data Lake And everything like that I think I think It's going to play a crucial role in you Know in web 3's you know community Building in general and I think a lot of Communities will start to adopt this Because you'll want to see like as a as An owner of a community you want to see Actually quite a lot of analytics as to You know how your community is actually Performing um and where to take it and Things like that so that that that's

That's where I think you know chappies Really stands out give me your thoughts Down below like always see you tomorrow


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