I did something crazy

So recently I did something crazy I Added someone to the family and this Here is my dude Astro Jung say hi hello Now I wanted to give you my honest Experience of just what dog ownership Has been like for someone who works at Home works full-time as someone who's Wanted a dog for a long time but also Realize that you know I'm busy I got Videos to make and I got things to do Dogs are a lot of work uh having him the First week was probably the hardest time I had in my life in a long time with That being said though he has made every Aspect of working from home even more Enjoyable there are times where I've Gotten so busy that I stopped Prioritizing my health where I wouldn't Even get up in the day to go out for a Walk I wouldn't get any fresh air I'd Just be sitting My dog here Astro he forces me to go Outside he allows me to be a bit more Present and yes it does take a lot of Work but I have no regrets this is the Best decision that I ever made


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