“I Can GUARANTEE This Will Cause A Crypto Tsunami for Ethereum!” (2024 Outlook)

So I think that everything is positioned Now for ethereum to really dominate Today we take a look at ethereum cuz That would be the real Catalyst if Ethereum is able to flip Bitcoin and how Far ethereum could go in 2024 it is by Far the dominant platform the ecosystem That's evolving today and you know it's The the dominant platform for a reason And then of course at the end what could Eventually take down ethereum and so I Think we will probably see this cycle Salana get solidified as like the number Three watch the whole video what was the Big story for ethereum in 2023 but let's Start in less than 60 seconds on why the Ethereum price has been fading all of Last year compared to bitcoin compared To Solana to be honest I don't think There was a big story for ethereum I Think that's you know part of what's Kind of going on uh with the most recent Ethereum price action uh you know it's Ethereum has done everything that it Said that it would over the last you Know three four five years right um you Know proof of stake has happened um you Know l2s are happening uh everything is Kind of set up for ethereum to really Dominate um but there hasn't been a huge Catalyst I would say it's just been you Know slow grind back up now the world's Largest asset manager Black Rock has Backed ethereum as well that may be the

Catalyst we see at the end of 2024 but The reason ethereum is slumping today is Because Celsius to unstake thousands of Ethereum the defunct crypto lender sent Over 30,000 ethereum to custodian fire Blocks in the past week some of which Was deposited onto crypto exchange coin Base so Celsius had been staking all That ethereum and then just selling the Rewards now they're just unstaking and Selling all the ethereum the company Celsius which is converting to become a Bitcoin minor had previously said it Would include staking in its Activities The Firm has been selling staking Rewards on the open market to cover Costs associated with the reorg plan and In a direct quote from them they say Celsius will unstake existing ethereum Holdings which have provided valuable Staking rewards income to the estate to Offset certain costs incurred throughout The restructuring process the Significant unstaking activity in the Next few days will unlock eth to ensure Timely distributions to the creditors Meaning if you lost money in Celsius you Like this but also meaning this is why Ethereum is slumping has been slumping This week click subscribe if you Appreciate staying up toate on this Market you're invested in and the data From analysis tool Arkham show that the Crypto wallets linked to Celsius have

Staked over 151 million worth of eth now Being unstaked a position on which it Likely earns over 4% to 5% in annualized Yields I guess they're interested in Getting that liquidity now I think the Interesting thing this cycle is that Ethereum has now been the number two Asset but looking into to this year 2024 And Beyond what is the potential Ethereum has now been the number two Asset for you know other than like a Brief blip where uh Ripple passed it for You know a few months in 2018 2019 about Seven years it's been the number two Crypto asset right um and for good Reason you know it has dominated Transaction activity it's dominated the Narratives from nfts to decentralized Finance uh and we now are sort of in This position where as Bitcoin uh as it As it typically does at the start of a Cycle as the Bitcoin dominance cycle Starts to grow um what would typically Happen is those Bitcoin profits would be Rotated out into you know alternative Assets right you know uh longer tale Assets and ethereum was typically one of Those so ethereum and other altcoins Typically do outperform Bitcoin in a Bull market yet why is this trend Seeming to slump on ethereum but it Feels to me like ethereum is now in a Position where it has become so dominant That people are actually skipping over

Ethereum and going to things like salana And you know even Layer Two scaling Solutions and you know longer tale Assets more speculative assets um and so I think ethereum is kind of a victim of Its own success in that regard also the Ethereum layer 2 ecosystem is stealing Some of that market share in a sense What has happened though of last year is There has been this consolidation around The ethereum ecosystem in terms of the Layer to scaling right um that ethereum Road map of ethereum uh main net as the Data layer and all of these other Execution layers in the form of you know Polygon arbitrum optimism Etc um you Know we've we've seen even uh you know Huge companies like coinbase using Ethereum and optimism as their sort of Foray into you know these uh onchain Transactions and so that's been a really Powerful narrative that we' seen what Has also happened is some of the Competing layer one networks the other Networks that were taking attention away From ethereum have kind of pivoted to Come back into the ecosystem and become L2s right um so cell was a great example Of that um what that's done I think has Created a bit of a a power vacuum for Salana to be this credible threat and so I think we will probably see this cycle Salana get solidified as like the number Three crypto asset where you'll have you

Know Bitcoin then ethereum as the Dominant you know smart contract Platform but salana as this vast Follower platform that will likely so Let's talk about salana and the Potential in their ecosystem a Continuation from a video I put out Almost a week ago Solana altcoins will Make millionaires in 2024 but what could Be that Catalyst that sends ethereum Into that next level there is no major Catalyst it's just going to be constant Adoption it is by far the dominant Platform um and and you know it's the The dominant platform for a reason it Has the best tech it has the best um you Know Engineers it has you know the Widest adoption and so I think that as An institution looking to do uh things With smart contracts ethereum is the Obvious choice you know it's becoming a Little bit like you know the the old IBM Trope of you know no one ever got fired For choosing IBM right and and so Choosing ethereum becomes just the Obvious default choice that said you Know I think salana and potentially some Of the the other chains will have a Chance to challenge ethereum um but for Now you know it's really going to be I Think ethereum's game to lose and then The question is can ethereum do what the Ethereum community has been predicting For a very long time either next year or

Or you following year in the cycle which Is flip Bitcoin because that would be The real Catalyst if ethereum is able to Flip Bitcoin which you know requires a Four or 5x price appreciation relative To bitcoin that would Extremely uh you know catalyze I think The the next couple of years of activity Um and and shift The Narrative but it's Again you know that's for a theing to to Kind of pull off and looking at Solana News Solana's mix mob launches race to Earn game ahead of airdrop this room Exists to express the culture of crypto Through gaming and for that we have Create a lore that fits the crypto Culture perfectly so this is a project I'm invested in and again to me it's Just cool to see the building on Solana Crypto gaming startup mix mob has Released its first Solana base game Racer one a card driven strategic Racing Experience where players can bet on Matches or play and earn tokens for Winning races so we loved what axi was Doing with crypto and gaming but we Thought hey we can improve on this what If we added real money gaming Competition and defi that would blow Everything away and create a real Sustainable economy to me what was Interesting is that this is backed by Bitmex co-founder crypto OG party animal Arthur Hayes also heavy interest from

The Solana team but again I want to know Is this game fun enter mix Razer one Think of it as Hearthstone mes Mario Kart but with crypto it's fun Competitive real time short matches and He has all the components that are easy To learn but hard to master it'll be Launching on January 11th the game is Playable on iOS Android and desktop and Although it's not launched yet might be Cool to race to earn but either way I'll Continue to introduce you to cool Different projects popping up in the Solana ecosystem like always see you Tomorrow


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