Humane might be looking for a buyer after Ai Pin launch | TechCrunch Minute

The maker of the $700 AI pin is looking To get acquired just a month after the Launch of its much hyped AI pin Bloomberg reports that Humane is looking To get acquired the company is looking To sell for a reported 750 million to $1 Billion which sounds like a lot of money For a startup that just released its First product but it's also been Reported that Humane previously raised Funding at a valuation of 850 million so This probably wouldn't be a big win for Investors some very recent history the AIP pin is supposed to be a new kind of Device that puts AI at its Center There's no screen you mostly interact With your voice and there's also a Projector that shows images on your hand Before launch there was a lot of Excitement about the AIP pin as the Beginning of a wave of new devices that Can make Hardware exciting again and Move Hardware beyond the same old Smartphone form factor the launch itself However didn't go great the tech pundit Marquez brownley described the AIP pin As the worst product he'd ever reviewed And even though other reviews weren't Quite as bad they were still pretty Scathing it probably didn't help that Rabbit launched it similar R1 device at Around the same time not that rabbit has Everything figured out but people are a Lot more forgiving of the R1 which only

Cost $200 compared to the AI pin's $700 plus a $24 subscription fee all of This reflects the weird moment that AI Is in right now startups VCS and giant Tech companies are all making big bets In the space but there are also big Questions about the effectiveness of AI Models about whether those models can Get the training data they need and About the ethics of creating a personal Assistant that sounds like the actress Scarlett Johansson without her Permission now keep in mind Bloomberg's Report is based on Anonymous sources and Even if Humane wants to sell that Doesn't mean it'll find a buyer at a Price that it wants so all of this could Change of course it's totally possible That Humane could turn things around With the right buyer maybe they'll work Out their product Kinks maybe they'll Get the funding they need to bring Future products to Market and maybe We'll even say in a few years that Humane pioneered a whole new product Category but for now it's probably safe To say human isn't looking to sell from A position of strength I'll see you Tomorrow


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