Huge News for the MrBeast-Backed Altcoin (14 Day Warning)

Huge news today for this Mr Beast backed Altcoin you see crypto in general is in A bull market Bitcoin has crossed $70,000 Drake is posting Bitcoin videos To his 146 million Instagram followers And certain altcoins are separating Themselves from the pack not that there Won't be dips dips happen in every bull Market but keeping track of the Different projects implementing in case You missed it partner of the channel Xcat is approaching a pivotal month Potentially the most significant since Its launch nearly 3 years ago this month Is set to feature a series of notable Announcements including a product launch With a major highlight on the 27th and What's happening on the 27th well first Off just to clue everybody in xcad Network is a platform harnessing the Value of content creator audiences via Creator tokenization viewers can earn Rewards used for fan governance watch to Earn popular YouTubers KSI and Mr Beast Were original investors and think of Xcad like a Chili's or what Chili's did For football clubs xcad is doing for YouTubers and content creators and Actually while football clubs were able To better connect and engage with their Sports audience through the Chile's Platform YouTubers in a way are much Better for this model as YouTubers are Already talking to speaking to Their

Audience every single week if not day Well the news today actually happening On the 27th our product launch is coming This Corridor along with other huge Announcements however there will be one Which will impact the entire crypto [Music] Space And what's happening on the 27th well Something that has been highly Anticipated is their main product launch Now that's different than this Announcement but their main product Launch coming this quarter will be huge Think of it like a main net release in a Sense in terms of significance but how This is different is it's supposed to be Extremely friendly for an average web 2 Audience so non- crypto native people Will love this is the goal and the Purpose will be where average users can Start earning rewards by watching YouTubers watch to earn for the masses And by watching YouTubers using xcad Average people have access to special Perks with their favorite creators like Meet and greets special merchandise Etc And again that's not what's happening on The 27th what is happening well checking In on xad's social fi ecosystem and the Latest stats they already have over 105 Content creators onboarded with a Combined over 750 million subscribers Actually

7832 million and if SL when all these Content creators start to issue fan Tokens that's big to me because all These average people will then be Onboarded or at least have massive Awareness into crypto and again Investing in cryptocurrency in general Is very risky never invest more than You're willing to lose we are on the Cusp of something because while we've Seen average people start to flood into Crypto as we approach this bullish Momentum where we are today is nothing Compared to where we were in 2021 Although the optic is starting but That's why something like this has the Potential to be so significant because The hundreds of millions of average People who already watch these Successful content creators as this main Product launches which is supposed to be So much better UI ux that could bring in The masses who are already watching also Something I've been noticing is that we Can look at xad's timeline and see They've been highlighting some key Elements of this main product for Example their launch pool a new feature Of our V2 ecosystem will be the launch Pool users will be able to through the Xcat application stake xcad in Creator Launch pools for a set period of time And receive an airdrop of the live Creator offering so if you stake xcad

You get aird dropped Creator token this Is a completely free offering and anyone With xcad tokens can enter the launch Pool and the more xcad you stake the Higher percentage of the pool you will Receive and then how this affects you This once again will increase the demand And utility of the xcad token it will Also take X cads off the market for Periods of time this runs alongside the Launchpads and we we've seen this model Be very successful within other Platforms such as binance and also Payment Gateway it's going to be web to Friendly meaning web to Native checkout Experience easy onboarding meaning no Kyc for purchases up to $700 low minimum Spend wide range of payment options Including Apple pay Google pay local Payment methods and more better ux Better UI and again all of this benefits Demand and I also thought this was Really interesting today we launch xcad Stats and looking at the live metrics It's cool to see the growth we have Total staked total locked total hodlers In general and it's cool because they Also break this down by different chains How many people are holding on the B&B Chain versus ethereum versus zelica Versus polygon the total seems to be Growing and then also trading volume by Year looking bullish also Creator tokens And how they're launched will be

Enhanced in V2 future Creator token Launches will be treated differently From those you saw in the beta phase Creator tokens will now be treated like A full launch similar to how you see new Tokens launch in the web 3 space and While yes like always Creator tokens may Have their initial offering on the xcad Launchpad and or other launchpads SL Exchanges this will be demand pressure On the token but also Creator tokens Will now be listed on at least one Centralized exchange upon listing this Means market makers can now get involved And provide better liquidity and a Better trading environment for Traders Creating a complete experience for those Who want to trade Creator tokens I am Not sure what this exchange could be it Has not been announced yet but again Exciting stuff for the V2 ecosystem so Give me your thoughts on this in general Again that's not the major announcement That's happening on the 27th we don't Know what that is we know the main Product launch is coming this quarter But it's very hush hush what's coming Later this month maybe it could be Something further involving Mr Beast and His involvement or KSI and his Involvement maybe not at all but that That is heavy speculation from the Community zelica is a big backer and They've been sort of quiet over the

Years could be some connection there I Personally don't think it's any of those Because again the verb Gage was this Will be something that will impact the Entire crypto space time will tell and Then of course the other option since Xcat is so integrated into the YouTube Culture maybe they're integrating in a Big way into another competing but big Platform like a Tik Tok that would be Huge again I don't know give me your Thoughts Down Below in the comment Section be sure to subscribe for daily Videos keeping you informed on this Market and like always see you tomorrow


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