Huge Ethereum News for 2024 (Top 5 Cryptos to Buy & HOLD)

Breaking news involving ethereum as well As proof of five different cryptocoins Clearly gearing up for a positive 2024 Both vanck and Valkyrie prepare to offer Exposure for ethereum futures in ETFs The ethereum focused ETF will invest in Ether Futures and other collateral Assets the firm's Chief investment Officer told us that the firm filed Because quote the market and Regulators Seem to be ready for an ether fatures ETF he added that the Futures Market is Becoming robust showing demand for Exposure by investors saying that the Firm is quote uniquely situated given Its crypto focus and experience with Launching and managing a Bitcoin Futures ETF so while we are still waiting for The approval of an official Bitcoin spot ETF in America ethereum Futures ETFs Just got approved now of course both Valkyrie and Vanek are offering this Product as well as a slew here's the Entire list of ethereum Futures ETFs Potentially launching Monday it's going To be a crazy day to say the least and How this affects you as an ethereum Holder just understand first off this Fund this ticker symbol which Traditional investors can now invest Into won't be investing directly into Ethereum or other digital assets instead It will invest in standardized cash Settled eth Futures contracts sourced

From exchanges that have the cftc's Stamp of approval meaning that this will Do little for price it's cash settled so The people that buy the sticker or the Fund themselves don't actually have to Hold any eth they can trade on the Future price their e Futures but nobody Actually has to hold anything why this Matters this is the first step in just a Few steps of the traditional World Saying yes to ethereum and maybe even Bigger news Google Cloud cloud is now a Validator on the polygon Network that Means Google Cloud owns madic we see it Right here it's public it's transparent Google Cloud owns over 10,000 at least Right now Stak and in the direct Announcement polygon says this month Google Cloud became part of the Decentralized validator set for polygon Proof of stake the same infrastructure Used to power YouTube and Gmail is now Helping secure the fast lowcost ethereum For all polygon protocol with 100 plus Validators securing the polygon POS Network Google cloud is in good company And keep in mind while many of polygon's Validators are Anonymous Google Cloud Now joins Germany's Deutsche Telecom one Of Europe's largest telecommunication Firms supporting polygon and that brings Us to our next clip our next coin Franklin templeton's president explain Exps that if nothing else Bitcoin is

About to have a huge 2024 Bitcoin is the Greatest distraction from the greatest Disruption that is coming to financial Services um I think AI is probably the Other big disruption there but and and There's so much noise around a lot of Things like FTX and others but if you if You bring the technology down to its its Core value it does three things one is It um it allows a payment mechanism Number two it allows smart contracts to Be programmed into the token and three Because it's a general ledger it has a Source of Truth so whoever has that Token All rights in that token are are Granted to that person so if I sell it To Frank I don't have to go through a Third party to do it Frank gets it and Frank gets all the rights so my favorite Example is Rihanna who uh came out with Right before the Super Bowl she and I Know she's just testing the market in This 300 nfts each one worth 0.33% royalties of one of her biggest Songs well why can she do that she can Do it because when Spotify plays a Rihanna song it can capture the smart Contract executes and says I owe Royalties here and so nobody has to be Involved in it and it can take the Fractional payment and go to because Frank's a big Rihanna fan so it goes to His account and he he owns a couple of Those uh and and he's paid right so now

Think about any way in which you have uh Revenue streams or royalty streams that You can now start to fractionalize that Or democratize that and think about how That is an uncorrelated asset to all the Traditional assets so other examples is You know I think that athletes are going To they'll sign a big contract they'll Say to their fans I'm going to sell off You know tokens worth 10% of my future Revenue stream I'm going to you know 100,000 tokens and boom uh the fans are Going to probably pay a premium for it So it will be a way if you think about It it's just securitization done on Steroids and it's merely that this Technolog is enabling it and it's also Enabling other very interesting Companies that will disrupt some of the Traditional business models that we have Next coin is actually non-fungible nft Brand pudgy Penguins debuted toy Collection in 2000 Walmart stores and to Be clear I don't own a pudgy penguin I Kind of wish I did but obviously anytime Big news happens in any crypto I will Cover it I will keep you informed as you All know pudgy Penguins has launched in 2000 Walmarts via pallet program which Is one of the most prestigious programs That any brand of its kind can activate In a retail location and to be clear These are the puggy plush toy collection Which are similar to The nfts but not

The same thing we are proud to be the First nft project to bring consumer Products to the world's biggest retailer And more importantly bring blockchain to The masses and specifically how the Plush toys relate to everything each toy Would come with a unique birth Certificate that allows the user to Claim unique traits for their digital Forever pudgy character inside pudgy World which is an online virtual world Built on the ZK sync era blockchain by Scanning a QR code to understand the Significance of this activation you Really have to take a deep dive into This ecosystem and how we got here the Pudy penguin Community ried out their Previous Founders and as community Members we stepped up to the plate and Bought the project for $2.5 million That's what web 3 is about when you look At the toys that are in the aisle of This Walmart activation understand that Each one of them is an nft that was Licensed from the holders themselves and Every single time one of those toy sells They get a royalty and perpetuity and Finally each toy comes with a QR code That brings you into our pudgy World Experience giving you nfts and Blockchain Technology with a couple Clicks of a button this is not just a Moment for for py penguins and speaking Of adoption chain link continues I

Covered so much indepth analysis with You in my video from last week most People don't realize how big chain link Will be but founder Sergey nazarov Continues his little press tour talking About how private banks will have their Own private blockchains they need some Form of cross-chain interoperability so They can transact stable coins so they Can transact tokenized real world assets And chain Ccip is aiming to be that solution so The only world that's really left is That every Bank asset manager CSD Everybody has their own chain probably Multiple chains and in that world all Those different chains need to connect Because if they stay siloed then there's Really no point of putting assets on Them because the whole Market will just Be your chain so there's a kind of big Liquidity problem where if I launch my Real world asset on my own bank chain Then the rest of the world won't have Access to it unless there's an Interoperability standard and ccip seeks And is becoming that interoperability Standard across Banks asset managers and Csds so that they can properly transact With each other in a secure efficient Way and still be able to have their own Chain right so in the in the fragmented World of everyone has their own chain Being connected so that you can transact

Have access to liquidity there's a Bigger Market to access your assets There's a bigger market for you to have Access to is critical because the Banking industry is about getting access To Value those transactions and Liquidity and breaking news as I'm Making this video 3 AC's suzu arrested In Singapore so the co-founder of three Aros Capital suzu was arrested in Singapore when attempting to leave the Country Zu was apprehended at the Changi Airport whilst attempting to travel out Of Singapore following a committal order Granted by the Singapore courts against Him now a committal order is used to Send somebody to prison for contempt of Court so that that's what they Officially got him on and in a direct Quote as a result Mr Zoo will be held in Prison to serve his sentence of 4 months Under the committal order during which Time the Liquidators will seek to engage With him on matters relating to 3ac Focusing on the recovery of assets they Want to get the money back the Investigation is related to efforts to Recover funds for creditors of 3ac the $1 billion hedge fund colle collaps in 2022 following the implosion of the Tera Ecosystem other co-founder Kyle Davies Is still on the run but as I get more Information I will keep you updated like Always see you tomorrow


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