The crypto Market is about to Skyrocket With Bitcoins having just 2 months away 95% of all Bitcoin buyers in history are In profit as long as you didn't sell Amazing metric speaking of amazing Bitcoin metrics smash the like button Let's get this information out there to As many people as possible four Bitcoin ETFs are in the top 25 ETFs of all time Black Rock fid it AR invest bitwise this Chart shows the top 25 ETFs ever in History after only just one month on the Market so this data spans a total of 5,535 ETFs launched in the last 30 years Black Rock and Fidelity are in A League Of Their Own each over three billion and Arc invest in bitwise also making the List amazing please understand how Successful these Bitcoin ETFs are even Today February 9th big net inflows over 400 million this is the third biggest Inflow day for the Bitcoin ETF group Since their launch first day 655 million On the 17th 453 million understand how Atypical this is understand how Successful these are compared to your Usual ETFs historical context it's Really unusual for new ETFs to have Inflows every day here's the daily fund Flow for gold the first gold ETF after Its launch it's one of the most Successful ETF launches of all time in One month it had eight days of positive Inflow one day of negative inflow 11

Days of zero flows the sustained demand We're seeing in Bitcoin ETFs is Remarkable you remember that post Kathy Wood retweeted kind of explaining all This right oh wait it was me the gold ETF was who's one of the most successful ETF launches of all time look at what Happened when the gold ETF launched back In 2004 like we said this was one of the Most successful of all time this is what The price of gold did bitcoin's ETF Coming in hot way more successful so Bitcoin's ETF more successful than this Of course we're still kind of here in Relation to the ETF launch looks like With gold a big runup going into it then A coold Down consolida period and then a Huge melt up this is what could happen With Bitcoin a big difference of course Is that after the Gold ETF launched There was more demand they started Mining more gold they increased Supply With Bitcoin they cannot do that in fact Supply flow gets cut in half in just a Few months like and share this if you Agree follow for more please understand What's happening take a look at this Chart net Bitcoin ETF flows the black Line is the total net Bitcoin flows to The ETF so this is the net Bitcoin in The ETFs to date while the yellow is the Daily ETF inflows so compare this yellow To Gold's daily ETF inflows and the net Is up into to the right understand that

The nine Bitcoin ETFs not counting gbtc Have just flipped micro strategy micro Strategies Bitcoin Holdings took 2 3 Years to get up to this level Bitcoin ETFs did it in 1 month I love this chart The 10 Bitcoin ETFs Bitcoin Holdings Over time so before the ETFs there was Only grayscale it was all blue right Today Black Rock Fidelity certainly Taking their piece of the pie just an Interesting way to show the data the US Stock Market is up the S&P 500 closes Above 5,000 for the first time ever I Bring this up because now that Bitcoin Is tradable via ETFs with a direct Conduit into the crypto Market there's a Decent chance we are just even more Strongly indexed and correlated to the SX and the SPX the stock market keeps Taking out new all-time highs and with The Federal Reserve and Jerome Powell Incentivized to keep this going Throughout the election year because Trump would fire him send bitcoin's Price in crypto prices with haste ETFs Are the Bitcoin brand awareness boost we Never asked for but always desired and Then what what comes next ethereum ETFs Are coming traditional Finance Institutions and Wall Street folks are Going to love it and there's nothing Haters can do about it if your portfolio Is not heavy on eth then you'll have no One to blame but yourself when you

Realize you effed up according to this Analyst it is my personal opinion that Bitcoin and ethereum and many other Quality cryptocurrency projects will be Making new all-time highs either this Year or next year cryptocurrency is About to Boom in the US all of us in Crypto now have a strong possibility a Big chance of getting richer than we've Ever imagined there is only one thing That could stop all of this from Happening though crypto has just one Final boss to defeat before Mass Adoption can occur in the US Elizabeth Warren's digital asset anti-money la ing Act needs to be stopped we can make the Difference like this post share this Post and so you fully understand exactly What Elizabeth Warren is trying to pass Trying to do to crypto journalist Rachel Wolfson spoke with perianne the CEO and Founder of the Chamber of digital Commerce whose sole mission is to Advocate for positive Bitcoin crypto Regulation she explains exactly how Elizabeth Warren is trying to kill Crypto with her bill and why this needs To be stopped listen the bill if you Read it it I can kind of walk you Through what it does but effectively it It would ban cryptocurrencies in the United States it doesn't that's not what The words on the page say it doesn't say We're Banning crypto it defines certain

Things in the crypto in our space and it Defines them under the bank secrecy act And says they have to comply With the same type of financial Reporting that financial institutions Have to abide by like Banks so uh this Includes self-hosted wallets that a Self-hosted wallet would be regulated Like a financial institution It also Says Bitcoin miners any kind of node Validator would be subject to financial Reporting requirements of course if you Are mining Bitcoin you do not have the The name the address the social security Number of the transactions affiliated With the transactions you're verifying Because that's not how it works that's That information does not exist so Because you couldn't collect this Information and report it to the Government you could not run a legal Bitcoin mining business in the United States same thing with self-posted Wallets same thing with anybody doing Acting as a node validator which means It's a back door van what's the name of The bill like it's proper name I know You mentioned 20 yeah it's the digital Asset anti-money laundering app Senate Bill 2669 cool okay we just call it the Crypt Band bill because that's what it is the Cryptocurrency market is really starting To heat up my friends subscribe to the

Channel join our team if you're Interested in making money in crypto WE Post one video every day keeping you Informed on the entire cryptocurrency Market my name is Aaron see you tomorrow


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