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Welcome back everybody to altcoin daily I had such a blast meeting you at Bitcoin Miami but now back to business There's so much going on in crypto I'm Gonna catch you up in this 10 minute Video make sure you like make sure you Comment make sure you subscribe and Let's Jump Right In pulse chain is the Latest alternative L1 on the Block and Like all l1s that start from nothing it Can only go up so pulse chain is seeing Some great metrics pulse chain a Recently launched ethereum Fork has seen A 50 growth in the past 24 hours Reaching a total value locked of 513 Million interestingly it seems that Pulse X is driving all chain activity This is like their uniswap are you Currently using pulse chain pulse chain Seems kind of controversial to me Judging by some of the comments what do You think let me know below PayPal keeps Rolling out and increasing their crypto Features in this case integrating with Metamask users in the United United States can transfer ethereum from PayPal To metamask the company of course first Announced their collaboration in 2022. Understand this PayPal has just opened The door to hundreds of millions of Users to get into the crypto world you Can now send crypto that you can buy Through PayPal to metamask integration Of PayPal and metamask in your metamask

Wallet you can just buy crypto using PayPal so you select PayPal you choose The amount and you've just purchased Some you can also buy and send crypto From PayPal and then send it to metamask This is very big hundreds of millions of Users of venmo and PayPal and all of Them now have a way to onboard directly To a bankless wallet I just think that Is uh absolutely massive and worth Celebrating Avalanche price Avalanche Daily active users daily active users on Avalanche C chain trending up Solana is Integrating AI into their blockchain Raising their Grant fund from 1 million To 10 million the chat GPT plugin into Graded into Solana is open source and Can be downloaded from GitHub chat gbt Plugin is available for download from GitHub and will quote make it easier to Understand Solana data and protocols or Surface data about Solana's Computing Infrastructure and D5 projects current Functions for the plugin include Purchasing nfts transferring tokens Inspecting transactions interpreting Public account data and finding nft Collections by floor price on Solana Quote from the Solana co-founder every Developer building consumer oriented Apps should be thinking about how their App is going to be interacted with Through an AI model because this is a New paradigm for telling computers what

To do speaking of Solana stepan is a Company building a protocol on Solana Move to earn step-in integrates Apple Pay Apple pay Marketplace has integrated Step in we are thrilled to announce that Steppin is the first blockchain gaming App to secure a landmark integration With Apple pay Breaking Down new barrier To entry for web 3. sneakers are now Just a Tap Away users will not need a Crypto wallet to purchase step in Sneaker nfts they can simply use Apple Pay to buy in quick private and secure Ways the only downside to all this is That Apple's IOS Marketplace is charging Their own I believe 30 fee so they are More expensive here Still this is big news binance is Denying a recent Reuters report that it Has co-mingled customer funds binance is Pushing back binance Chief Communications officer Patrick Hillman Called the story week in a five Paragraph tweet on Tuesday today quote This story is so weak that they had to Put up front Reuters found no evidence That binance client monies were lost or Taken in a transparent attempt to Protect themselves from a libel suit Hillman then said underneath that they Then pinned 1 000 words of conspiracy Theories which we explained were false With zero evidence other than a former Insider game 5 developer Gala games Gala

Games has their gaming arm obviously They have their movie arm now it seems They're going to have a poker arm game 5 Developer gal games to launch web 3 Poker platform with poker go quote Players will soon realize the heightened Entertainment that comes with playing Poker in an immersive web 3 in Environment according to the founder of Gala games game 5 project Gala games Announced that it has partnered with Las Vegas poker streaming platform poker go To launch a new web 3 social poker game Dubbed poker go play users will have the Ability to enhance and upgrade their Players in addition to redeeming real World prizes poker go is scheduled for Beta testing in June with the full Release being available this year Gala Game enthusiasts are you excited about This let me know Ledger after huge Community backlash for their Ledger Recovery update has delayed this update Until open sourcing is available Ledger Will delay the release of its recover Service after backlash on social media The CEO had this to say we believe Wholeheartedly in the need for a service Like Ledger recover those of us who have Been in the space for a long time over a Decade in my case have a responsibility To ensure that everyone can be Self-sovereign and can have self-custody Over their digital value Ledger won't

Release recover until the open sourcing Is complete listen to the CEO of Ledger Talk about this himself Ledger CEO the Only concern is if we get subpoenaed by The government but he says more than This listen to the CEO talk about Ledger 99 of the cases you know there is no Collision that is really possible Between the the three entities whether This is built like you know you can only Uh you only the user can sort of call Back the the three shards the only Concern really is if we get subpoena by A government to say now you know these Years are specifically you know we would Like you to you know retrieve the three Shards Etc so that's not a real concern In the end because for several reasons Um one you only get subpoena like this By governments if it's a serious act Like you know terrorism drugs etc etc Like it's not true that the average Person gets a peanut every day can I Just interrupt that uh coinbase had all Their customer data subpoenaed by the IRS John Doe yeah and so so they had to Supply every customer was it over ten Thousand dollars or twenty thousand Twenty thousand twenty thousand over a Three month rolling period and they gave All the coinbase fought back because They wanted a few dollars is a bank this Is not a banking service Okay this is very different but but it's

What I'm saying is the IRS wanted that Information if so there is no Information for the IRS on this well you Do have X pubs but you had them before Too on Ledger live right I mean there is No real information for the IRS on this Etc and by the way like you know again This is There will be trade-offs in the future Yeah so like we're not saying that uh You know if you're uncomfortable with This you can keep your 24 words and you Know keep doing what you're doing today This doesn't change anything okay Doesn't change anything doesn't create a Back door we can come back on open Source and open source but in the end Like we are good actor like we don't Create backdoors in our users and by the Way if we did the business go sells very Quickly coinbase is moving forward with A mass National advertising campaign for Themselves and for all of crypto This Week DC will see a new TV campaign that Explains how crypto moves America Forward and why it's the most important Technology we have to create more Economic freedom it's time to update the System crypto can help the naive view of Crypto is that this is some speculative Asset that people are trading and They're going to lose their shirts That's missing the forest through the Trees fundamentally crypto is not a

Financial product it's it's a technology That can update all kinds of financial Products that can improve settlement Times it can make it cheaper to send Money to your family overseas in another Country it can be a new way for artists To get paid cryptocurrency regardless of What you think about it it's not going Anywhere it can't be uninvented most of The world is embracing this technology Now to update their financial system and What I fear is that we're going to be Sitting here in five or ten years and We're going to come back to crypto and Think about it like we did with 5G or Semiconductors and say wow now it's a Matter of National Security that we get It brought back on Shore we need to see What the potential of it is and where it Goes and we do that we need a clear rule Book in the United States In other news Representative Patrick McHenry said the house Financial Services committee and the agricultural Panel will meet jointly in May as they Work on crypto legislation U.S house Will have a crypto bill in two months on The other hand Joe Biden won't accept a Debt deal protecting crypto Traders United States President Joe Biden has Expressed opposition to a debt ceiling Deal that he says would benefit wealthy Tax cheats and crypto Traders while Putting food assistance programs at risk

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Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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