How XMANNA is About to Change Sports, Entertainment, & Cryptocurrency FOREVER!

You see the whole idea of what we built Was as we see there's a growing gap Between the rich and the poor because People are not attached to the value They create so in essence having an Ownership economy and a business model That's attached to it allows us to Reward users for the value they create I Believe in X minor you know we've just Uh we've just signed a deal with the Whole Sports league and we're going to Be doing every single one of their games Live in X Mana you know go into And check out the x-meno rage look at The other races that are happening on on INX this is pre-vetted deal flow today I Interview Steve Stein CEO and co-founder Of X-Men huh a software technology Company with a focus on monetizing Engagement as well as their Mac reverse Slash metaverse excellentis now this is A fully SEC compliant company with a Focus on Sports entertainment and how Users can monetize their time actions And data all while driving The Fan Experience we'll also get some great Perspective from Bob of partner of the Channel INX as well as Douglas a blue Canary both working with X-Men but first Steve what's your background my Background happens to be Financial Um you know sales Commodities currencies All of those things um uh you know I got Into uh the web 3 area uh when we saw

The need for it as we were rolling out Applications and services Um and you saw where the metaverse was Going uh the direction it was taking and Felt like you just needed to introduce These services to have a more complete Offering for sports clubs and that's Really where it came about through the Process of you know working with them And trying to understand which Technologies to launch for them And in terms of working with these Sports clubs what makes you passionate About web3 what's that bringing to the Table Well I mean if you think about Engagement and I mean that's the essence Of our technology right it's the ability To connect ad spend to add return and in Order to do that you have to get Engagement and so on and when you look At you know different verticals Sports Gets the best engagement out there I Mean they can engage you know half the Planet uh you know with the right kind Of game so the idea is to introduce These technologies that are white Labeled for sports organizations and Then they can take that and introduce it To their fans And correct me if I'm wrong but the main Product what X-Men is it's a you call it A macroverse but it's it's a metaverse It's a game it's fan engagement could

You go over what is X Mana sure so X Monitor is a Cutting Edge SAS solution That is designed to empower users to be Able to create engagement uh monetize Those ecosystems better uh bringing Together you know Sports retail Entertainment gaming uh and spending and In essence the metaverse itself or our Excellentist in essence is a Um it's a world that's designed to be Owned by everyone powered by X mana and What that does is it gives companies the Ability to interact in a more unique and Experiential way you know we believe There's going to be millions of meta Verses out there and the question is how Do you connect them the future of the Internet We Believe will be experiential It's that next evolution of your website Where it is where is it going and when You can create a space where users can Jump between all of these different Experiences that these organizations Already have from Sports to retail Entertainment gaming and so on you Create a very immersive interactive Experiences that Bridges both the Digital and physical words And I definitely want to get you guys in Here as well but just another question For Steve like I can think of a handful Of cryptocurrency metaverses out there Today like what are what are some of the Differences with excellentis one of them

Being you guys are offering a security Token Um which is totally different than the Others could you go into some of those Differences Absolutely um well if you think about uh For example just ownership in general One of the reasons we're excited about This whole security token process you Know when you walk into a Nike store Nike does not know that you're an owner Right how do they interact or reward you For that ownership when you do walk in You're not exactly going to pull out Your stock certificates and hold it up For them right digital Securities give You the ability to do that and that that Changes the game completely when you Think about the interaction with sports Ecosystems and their users you know for A long time Sports has been synonymous In such that they're constantly taking From their fans they're looking to give Back now and you find that in a Significant way when you look at the Super league and other areas of sports What you find is that you can create Something you know really exciting when You bring in the aspects of digital Tokens and ownership and how that can Interact in a variety of different Spaces for their users for their Ecosystem and so on So I own the token does that mean I get

A dividend of profits That is correct So share the revenue that you would make From the club's ecosystem Nice and what uh what is the other Utility of the token I needed to buy the Land or I can I can use any currency the Main ones to Yes and the tokens will be for rewards Right to show ownership and to give out Rewards and utility for that in a Variety of different ways you can think Of like Ultimate Fan experiences VIP Access and a variety of things that can Be you know given out because of it in The same way that you know use you know Companies were thinking about using Utility before but now adding you know The ownership aspect of it doing it Licensed regulated way Um you know there's a whole like laundry List of utility functions that you can Add in once you have that I'm excited Douglas I want to bring you In here what are we missing what are you Excited about or what is your Involvement with this well you know I Like Steve's uh thought about the Nike Store I walked into a shopping mall the Other day with my kids And I own stock in a lot of different uh Equities that are associated with these Stores and it's true when I walk in There I don't get any special deal

And then I thought you know I get a Special deal if I was on a website but That's not really immersive and I'm Seeing a lot and I was just a plug and Play in California last week and there There must have been 50 odd brands that Are all looking into the metaverse and And creating in the metaverse and the Reason is because there's one thing that Doesn't exist there's capacity Constraints Now capacity constraints are very Important you know Steve deals with Soccer teams right now that maybe fit 55 000 people in a stadium but have maybe 118 million followers that's a lot of Followers that you can't really give That game day experience but what if you Can give them other experiences what if You can create something in the Metaverse that may be 100 million of Them can show up to at any one time and Do something Well that's a heck of a lot of people I Don't know of any store in the world That has a hundred million people let's Say walking by it on over a 20 minute Period now why is that important well Um first of all that's a big number but Ariana Grande had 78 million people come To one of her concerts Travis Scott had 12 million people come To a concert that lasted 20 minutes six Million of them bought a toy for seventy

Dollars What we're saying is if Steve can create Something and he is creating this for All of these sports teams and they have Tremendous huge numbers of people 180 Million people that's about half the United States if he can get just a small Percentage of those into that stadium in The metaverse and they can do things Associated with that club well there's Going to be a lot of money generated Even if one percent came in and bought a Couple of things at a hundred dollars That comes out to about one uh one Dollar per follower that you can Generate in terms of profit and I think That you know the token that Steve's Giving out gives out 15 of whatever the Share is that X Mana gets you know that That could be potentially considerable And I think that that's what makes it Really exciting now I believe in ex Mana You know we've just uh we've just signed A deal with the whole Sports league and We're doing every single one of their Games live in X Mana now we haven't Announced what the name of that league Is yet but I think we will be by the end Of this week okay so we're also going to Be doing live concerts there we've got a Live concert coming in September with uh Someone that's very significant actually Was the first ever person that was that Sang on live television and he'll be the

First person singing live in the Metaverse now why would we do it there Again I found Ariana Grande can fit 35 000 people in a stadium but 78 million In the metaverse then why wouldn't you Do all concerts in the metaverse and I've been talking to a lot of stars a Lot of pop stars since I you know we Moved away from my neck since the blue Canary and these pop stars all they Don't want to do these Global tours Anymore they will But in one night they could make more Money than they would on two or three Global tours and so the Market's moving Towards this metaverse experience and You may not think of it right now Austin But at some point you can sit there at Home on your Wednesday or Thursday night And say look maybe I'll watch Apple Television Netflix or maybe I'll go into The metaverse but Steve's metaverse is Different in that you don't need the Fancy goggles you don't have to be rich To get the goggles to what to go into it You can go in on your phone on an iPad You could do it on your computer Because as you gamify these experiences You'll find that a lot more people use It I know where my kids are for five Hours a day every single day in the Weekend they're in an imaginary world as An avatar You know with this whole imaginary life

That they live playing Call of Duty or Some game or Roblox or something And they're spending money like water And I think that adults will probably Move into that I mean my kids are adults Now too I've got everything from 11 year Olds up to 21 year olds and they're out There in in their worlds that are either Computer games or metaverses spending Money as if they were you know in life From that side they do their social Experiences And so these guys are now moving into Adulthood and they'll continue to have Their social experiences in the Metaverse I like Steve when I first met Him because I thought about Scotland Playing rugby against France now I'm in America my French buddies in France and Neither of us are going to fly into Murrayfield to watch Scotland France Rugby but if I can sit next to my friend In the stadium in the metaverse while We're still lying on the couches at our Own homes quote babysitting drinking our Own wine this is fantastic for me and I Think there's a lot of people around the World that want to watch their teams or Participate with their teams with their Friends and their friends are scattered All around the world And I think that's where you know it's An incredible experience that can be Brought with the metaverse and I think

It's fantastic that Steve decided to go The security token route and I think You're going to find a lot more people Go that route because well there's Regulation there Well I was just gonna to Branch off to That All these artists or sports teams or Whoever Their look they can only I mean they Could license their stuff out to all Metaverses I guess but they're looking For the safer ones or the ones where the People are gonna be at do you feel they Can license it to anyone I'll tell you Why because because they want control Over the metaverse that's created for Them if you go into Roblox or fortnite It's Roblox or fortnite and Everywhere You Walk throughout that process it's Roblox and fortnite marketing Whereas if you do something in Steve's Metaverse in excellentis all of it's Just about that team now there's an exit Where you could leave that and you could Go into another team or you could go Into another teamwork you could watch a Live concert or you could go shopping or You could play some games But all of the space that's there is for That specific team So I can see why the artists or the Athletes or the people with the IP would Benefit they would feel better in a

Metaverse like this Um for the users and you kind of touched On this already could you just like go Into specifically like how users are Able to monetize their time actions and Data on something like this versus web2 Sure it'd be my pleasure um you see the Whole idea of what we built was as we See there's a growing gap between the Rich and the poor because people are not Attached to the value they create so in Essence having an ownership economy and A business model that's attached to it Allows us to reward users for the value They create sent it around Sports gaming Retail entertainment spending you know And when you hear a lot of companies Talk about you know um you know we're Going to bring everyone on our chain Because you know you need to if you want To have your chain and then you know That's how you'll connect ad spend to ad Return or a variety of other things and You know for X mono we went to a Different route instead of trying to Connect the ad span like you have a Single chain we encourage the users to Partner with us and in the main parts of The value chain right of their value Chain in their Sports interactions the Ones they're already doing right the Retail gaming uh entertainment and so on And then around that our business model Puts 40 of the Net Daily profits back to

The users who are generating it in the First place now when we came to Market With a business model where we're only Keeping 25 percent of the revenue most People thought we were crazy but it Turns out you you have to give to get And when you have an ownership uh Ownership structure that allows you to You know reward the users for the value They created create something like a Snowball down the mountain if you would Web3 gaming as well awesome you know When my kids play Grand Theft Auto They spend a lot of money very very Quickly because they want the fancy Jets The secret lair all the nice cars you've Probably done the same thing yourself And then three weeks later they're sick Of the game the money's gone The toys are there but can't sell them I Don't get my money back with web 3 Gaming when you buy something you hold It and you can sell it to someone else And I think that that's going to be very Very important I'd like to be able to Buy a skin In Steve's game as an nft that I can Then wear when I'm playing Call of Duty Now it's going to be we're going to move To that sort of pace whereby you will be Able to have a wallet in Steve's Metaverse that that wallet's collecting The nfts that you're purchasing and then You can wear these into different games

Throughout all these different Metaverses that exist web3 gaming Certainly coming at a very strong stage But another thing that Steve can do is He could say you know what if in their Wallet you also have let's say INX Tokens guess what you don't have to pay For concerts or you don't have to pay For this and we'll give you discounts For that it doesn't have to be inex Tokens it could be just Avalanche tokens Or if you own polygon token whatever but Based upon just with someone holding Something in their wallets he can Provide all sorts of goodies and hand Stabilities to people throughout this Gaming ecosystem So Steve what does success look like for X-Men in five years like what will you Have achieved in five years if Everything goes perfectly Um well we would have uh some of the top Sports clubs in the world as partners Um and uh definitely would have ipo'd And you know I would say Um significant growth my my my uh Absolute focus is revenue so uh from the Loyalty application from the gaming from The nft side uh from the metaverse side And partnership so Um I would say you know uh um There you know I don't want to put an Exact uh Target on it but I think Success for us is is continued growth uh

Partnerships with companies Um and the ability to continue to be Able to give back without the within the Application so it's a long-term plan not Just uh five years And there's a security token offering Going on on in INX today can you go over The detail any of you go over the Details of that Absolutely Bob if you want to take it Away sure that's a rag d-rag s that Means open to accredited investors in The United States and anyone outside the United States Um that by purchasing this you get 15 of The revenue attributed to you know all The sports type activity they're going To use the capital there to secure these Rights from these sports teams so that They can create these loyalty apps and Do this metaverse activity for these Sports teams Um but when he talks about the Loyalty At loyalty perhaps it wasn't just an app When you sit in the stadium it's like Pokemon go if you've ever played that And you look through your screen you see Some balloons floating by when you're Sitting in your in your seat in the Stadium and you press the balloon you Get a television delivered to your home That's pretty exciting stuff it makes me Want to go to a sports game again Um apparently 35 of people during sports

Games are on their phones I didn't Realize this but that seems to be the Case and at the same time though in the Metaverse you've got activities going on There but you also have activities going On in the stadium that that attract People to go into a stadium you know It's not just a stadiums aren't going to Be about firing t-shirts into the air Anymore and to the audience it's going To be about people sitting there with Their phones capturing things as they're Going by them and having them delivered And and what Steve calls them is uh Mana Drops but I think that it's a very Interesting race now this is the first Of a two-stage process what he's selling Right now is a preferred security Preferred in that if you take one of These one of these is equal is Equivalent to five of the common tokens When a full prospectus offering comes Down the line and so we're going to Start working on a full prospectus Offering that these would convert into And obviously you right now a preferred Is equal to apparently four of these Common shares but then it would convert Into five of the common shares once that That prospectus comes through so the Prospectus is going to start getting Worked on soon you know we all we all Know it takes some time to get a Prospectus through but I think as Steve

Said you asked for in five years time And I think he's probably right in five Years time hopefully there'll be a Public company And there'll be a link for the website Down below for the audience to check out For themselves Um and just to reiterate I think you Said this already but any hardware right So you guys have all the software on any Hardware whether it's glasses or a phone Or whatever this can be used That's correct It's using pixel streaming so just a Couple of seconds you put on your phone And you're in uh it takes two seconds And and the interesting part about it is We believe that adoption and education Happens when you don't have to think About that right people do not have to Be taught how to use new technologies Um uh because that doesn't create Adoption like you don't know what Happens when you swipe your Visa right But you use it every day because it's Simple it's seamless and and that's Really the idea behind the technology That we build so users log in with Google Facebook apple and they get a Non-custodial wallet access to the Cryptoverse whether they know it or not And within that they can then access all Of the you know advantages that uh you Know that technology offers without

Having to understand it right in the First place and I think um you know that Is uh significant from the sports Perspective without having to go in and Educate all the fans on how web3 works Or how you know nfts work and everything Else it's just a simple seamless process That they understand And we talked about success I want to Talk about biggest challenges in the Next five years what are those Challenges the biggest ones for you Great question Um I would say right now it's going to Be you know uh creating the awareness With the users uh during the games with Uh the fans uh about the applications Um you know there'll be some education For the fans to know okay those Applications there's nfts there's drops There's rewards you can walk around your City and pick up you know these rewards From these companies using a Self-service portal and they're you know Giving you assets to claim in front of Their stores so there'll be some Processes along that and you know I Think there'll be some technology Challenges that are coming up with some Cool things we'd like to roll out as Well Um but you know technology is adopting So fast nowadays that it used to be that You would look around and you know two

Weeks later a month later you could talk About the technology again and say hey Look you know there's an advancement now It's like every couple of hours you look There's another advancement and it's Just moving it at Absolute you know Incredible pace I love it I'm excited it I want to as we Uh I like I really feel like this was a Great sort of jumping off point Beginner's guide for my audience and all The stuff you're offering is there Anything we didn't cover today Bob's been very quiet I was gonna say I I I Austin I was wondering when you were Going to Pivot this way Um So the beauty of this conversation is That everything INX did over the last You know six years and and I think You've been you've been very uh aware of Of the progress with INX is basically to Put this this framework in place so that You know companies like you know X-Men And and and and uh blue Canary here can Uh leverage this regulated platform this Regulated you know framework to Basically grow their businesses in Entirely new ways Um it literally is you know it's Heartwarming to kind of see that you Know INX has put this thing in place and Now all these ideas are flowing and all These uh business models can Thrive and

Grow on on what INX has put in place Um I mean for those who might be Watching this for the first time you Know INX is a fully regulated security Token uh offering platform uh licensed With multiple Regulators in the USA the SEC finra uh we're a transfer agent a Broker dealer we're on this ATS platform Where these security tokens can trade And when you look at everything that's Happened in crypto and digital Assets in The last you know year or so Um it's pretty clear you know this has To be a regulated space this has to be a Space where traditional we know what the Rules and the protections around Traditional Securities should apply here As well and that's exactly what INX has Put in place and when we did this It wasn't like we were looking at a Virtual world or a metaverse uh uh or Pharma or you know Logistics and Freight You know we're basically putting this Framework in place that is industry Agnostic it's you know vertical agnostic And we're now basically you know the Platform is there the licenses are there The know-how and the the Wyclef service That we have is in place and all these Various industry verticals are looking At this space and what tokenization can Do for them and they're getting Extremely creative so you know we've Talked about gaming and metaverse

Um in my role here as VP of capital Markets you know I speak to you know Dozens of companies Um On a weekly basis and they come from all You know different verticals whether It's real estate or or Pharma or trade Finance Um and quite a few from you know Virtual Worlds and and metaverse because Um the utility Opportunities of leveraging a token That's sitting in a wallet and being Able to use that to access all kinds of Other things is is really amazing and Specifically in the space of sports Um there's also stuff that I can't Disclose but we're having really Exciting conversations with sports clubs And entire leagues because again this is This is just a natural progression to Where fan engagement is going like the Fan engagement is going to be real and Virtual and it isn't like one or the Other like like Doug was saying you know Being in the stadium in the in the Person but having your mobile phone and Being able to somehow interact with a Virtual world that's sitting in parallel To reality this is all it's all around The corner you know and I think the Likes of Steve who have who have who Have you know designed this whole Ecosystem and this play it the the the

The the the system is already there it's Just to build and roll them out now and Basically uh Um accelerate that you know the traction And every new deal that comes to INX you Know every new capital raise every new Primary race an issuer that comes Specifically in the space is just gonna Accelerate you know this even more so Um I'm I'm totally excited about this Raise uh it's a space that I personally Have been in metaverse invested in a Couple of metaverse projects for a while Um my kid you know I get an invoice from Roblox once every month you know saying You know that the ten dollars is gonna You know and this is my kid who's just You know building worlds and playing and He's on his on the on on his uh headset With his friends and they're all his Friends are in London and and he's here In Cyprus and um they're just Interacting in this way that's really Natural to them now these are kids I Also have friends in my age group who Literally this weekend had this big Gaming Marathon whatever they called it You know and literally just got together At a friend's place and they played Non-stop so gaming is huge Um there's no doubt about that Sports The way you can do fan engagement and Loyalty you know is just second to none In the sports space and when you start

To put all of this around with the Metaverse offering the technology and Then the regulated framework that INX Offers I think it's a win-win I love it Win-win-win because there's three There's three of us there's a trifecta Here absolutely guys I'm going to be Following again the links are for all Everything are down below I want to go Around the horn and just give final Thoughts maybe starting with Steve final Thoughts for the altcoin daily audience Sure Um path to success is like walking down The beach uh and wet sand you can see it In front of you INX has already set out The path Um from the the Securities perspective We believe that we're you know uh Cutting the path for you know uh Metaverses and being the backbone of What we're doing in sports and so on and From Blue Canary side um absolutely Incredible Partners they've really Helped us to move this forward and uh Yeah Future's gonna be really exciting Awesome Douglas or Bob I'm happy to stitch Together two winning combinations Um you know when we started INX we Thought about No no I think people looked at this Self-custed wallet and thought that's a

Mistake and what I've realized now as I Get into web 3 is that it's probably the Smartest thing that INX does when you're Dealing with International audiences That are playing games that are in there Doing things in the metaverse they need Portability of their tokens any Portability of regulated tokens and I Don't know of any other company that Exists in this space that's open 24 Hours a day seven days a week 365 days a Year where you can take your tokens off Exchange and actually hold them in a Wallet and that wallet is portable and Can sink in with a metaverse or with Gaming and I think that that's going to Be key going forward and I've talked to Pretty much every gaming company that Exists in the last three months about The bigger ones and realize that this is Absolutely the future and INX is the Only one that's standing there in the Right place and Steve has done some of The other metaverse companies haven't Failed to do when you look at Meta Meta Creates an environment for you to swing Around a lightsaber so you can buy some Glasses see Steve says forget about the You know the goggles instead how do we Get an audience together whether you if You want audiences to go somewhere you Give them what they want and what they Demand and you go after very large Audiences

So yeah there's probably a lot of Written you know 50 000 rich people that want to play With a lightsaber for 10 minutes after They've bought the goggles and then They've given up but with Steve's model You've got 180 million people just for One sports team that wants to come in And do something and can access it on Their phone and I think it's a much Better model I think Steve's got a very Strong model I look forward to uh you Know to seeing how this goes and I think That INX has got a great model too it's Great to put two and two together And Bob I regret saving you to the end You're dropping such by your perspective But final thoughts yeah that's cool look Time and time again we've seen these Massive shifts in whether it's Technology or you know just the way the Human story has kind of evolved Um and and even within financial markets Right with you know electronic trading Coming in Um and replacing the the the manual Trader you know um security tokens are The the one of the most exciting things To come into financial markets you know In the last decade or so if if not more Um but they're only they're just Starting to have their time like when You look at you know Citigroup and BlackRock JP Morgan Bank of America all

Of these and more have made very clear Positive statements this year about Security tokens you know securitization Um tokenization of you know real world Assets whether that's tangible like you Know real estate or less tangible like Fan engagement you know this is this is Going to be massive so to your fan base To your to your listeners you know look Into tokenization look at companies like INX look at what we've done to Facilitate the the the evolution of this Space Um and don't you know don't miss out Like those who are still in denial with The internet you know in the late 90s And going this is just a fad you know or Electric cars you know this is just a a Short-term thing you know this is real This is happening so um you know go on To and uh check out the X minor Rage look at the other races that are Happening on on INX this is pre-vetted Deal flow that you know investors can uh Can be confident and look at and look at Some of the other offerings we have like The security token trading platform and The crypto exchange I love it gentlemen Thank you all for taking the time Steve Thank you for sharing your time um links Are down below Thank you


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