How To Waive Credit Card Annual Fees

Annual fees on credit cards can add up To thousands of dollars per year here Are three ways that you can avoid having To pay any of those Annual fees so Number one is going to be a retention Offer this is the easiest to get all you Have to do is phone Amex up or go into The chat function within the website and Let them know hey I'm actually thinking About downgrading or canceling my card Do you happen to have a retention offer On your screen you can either get a free Statement credit you can get a free cash Bonus or you can get a discount on the Next annual fee of the card that you Have to pay the second thing you can do Is actually apply for the American Express Financial relief program with This you could potentially have your Annual fee waived and receive additional Assistance such as lower monthly Payments or lower interest rates last But not least if you are an active Member in the military you can get your Credit card Annual fees completely Waived all for free


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